The Rage Inside – Hollow Ichigo Kurosaki

The Rage Inside Hollow Ichigo by Rikishi88

This is how Ichigo Kurosaki’s journey all began, from the moment he talked to Zangetsu and Yhwach’s other form inside Ichigo’s soul, Ichigo connected with these powerful people to which a whole new world began. Ichigo’s innocence of being a Hollow, Shinigami, Quincy and a Human being were all an accident, from what we learnt about Isshin and Masaki’s past, it should have never happened.

Ichigo should have never been conceived in the first place, however due to Aizen’s part take in his experiments to see what would happen, he let it happen. This fantastic artwork was done by Rikishi88. If you liked their work here be sure to go ahead and check their profile, otherwise be sure to share the page with others.

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