Previous Hokage’s Edo Tensei! Kurama’s Chakra – Naruto Shippuden 365

Naruto Shippuden 365 enters a point when Naruto as well as everyone else has the upper hand against both Obito and Madara, while at the same time Orochimaru obtains control over his hands as well as uses his Edo Tensei to revive the people who know it all, Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen and Minato! The previous Hokage’s know it all. Kurama provides Naruto with the chakra he needs to which he’s then able to perfectly mold that specific chakra for it to be used by everyone else. 

Naruto Shippuden 365 begins with Sasuke as him, Orochimaru, Juugo and Suigetsu are in Konoha as they notice a certain type of chakra, to which it’s Naruto’s. Sasuke tries to hurry up to make his choice. Naruto gives some of his chakra to Hinata. They all notice Naruto’s chakra and how powerful it is. Kurama notices that Shikaku had made a good judgement on his part to use his chakra.

Naruto makes three clones to which they begin giving others chakra to help them fight against the enemy. They all gain Kurama’s chakra to which Madara is angered. Obito tries to attack however Hinata’s power is able to push it off so quickly. Obito tries to use more arms when Choji and others get large and use it.

We go back to what Shikaku and Inoichi said before they died. They talked about that this plan has to work and that HQ is about to get destroyed. They talk about their last few moments and that Shikamaru is proud of his father. On top of which Inoichi thinks that Ino has turned out to be an idol in their clan. They say their farewell just before the pass away.

Obito uses more power when both Ino and Shikamaru try to control them, to which other from the Nara clan also help out in disabling Obito’s movement. At this point Lee begins to cry while holding Neji’s body. They were part of the same squad. Obito shares that he was just like that, he wanted to connected and make bonds.

Kakashi reveals that he kept on saying the same thing over and over again, however he was never able to protect his comrades. He has been using those words for the rest of his life. Naruto begins to speak that he has Neji in his heart and that he will never let go of who his real friends are, he will keep Neji right in his heart.

We go to the past when Lee was no match for Neji to which he told him that he needs another partner. However after Naruto’s battle, it became true that he’d like to fight him one on one. Naruto then gives his chakra to Lee, to Tenten and Guy. Kakashi also notices that the chakra now is a lot more powerful. He has the one who told Shikaku about Kurama passing over chakra over to the user.

Kurama also notices that Naruto seems to have surpassed both Minato and Kushina. We learn that Naruto and Kurama’s chakra are locked on, to which when he needs chakra, he allows for this to happen. However Naruto uses this ability to give it to others. Kurama calls both of the pathetic that they were so weak compared to Naruto.

Madara gets uneasy and also provides Obito with some of his chakra as Ten Tails begins to move more and more. Everyone uses their attacks to push the extra arms coming at them. They are all surrounded by the arms. However Naruto gets ready with his Rasen Shuriken to which thy create a bird like object cutting two tails.

It’s headed right towards Obito and Madara. Rock Lee takes on Madara. Then Naruto launches his attack. Everyone jumps onto the head of the Ten tails pushed Obito and Madara back. He tells them that they have no chance.

Orochimaru takes them to Uzumaki’s clan building to which he finds his own mask and takes it. They then go on ahead to where all secrets are. We see Sasuke jump onto a building on look upon Konoha and how it’s changed. Orochimaru realises that it’s because he wants to question himself on his decision and resolve. To decide what his answer will be.

Suigetsu asks Orochimaru since everyone is out fighting, this is the best time for them to attack the village and take it for themselves. However Orochimaru doesn’t give a straight answer. Sasuke opens up Uchiha’s Nakano Shrine for them to enter to which they do.

Orochimaru places the mask on his face, to which a massive Shinigami appears, it cuts into his stomach to which 5 souls appears, from which the first join back into Orochimaru to which it gives Orochimaru control over his own hands again! The four others are ones that he thinks are worth bringing back.

Juugo then is told to give some of his chakra to Sasuke to which it means that the hidden Zetsu’s within Sasuke will come out which Obito had placed. They will come out, to which four will be used as sacrifice for the souls, he learnt this from Kabuto’s knowledge.

He places the Edo Tensei curse and enables the four Zetsu’s to go and bring back the souls. Orochimaru uses one of the Zetsu’s to his advantage. The four souls were the previous Hokage’s! Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen and Minato! The ones who know everything! Naruto Shippuden 365 ends here.

A great chapter with lots of amazing bits here and there. On top of which Naruto has truly been able to unite everyone using his chakra as well as to help them not die so quickly. They’re finally fighting back. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 366, titled “The All-Knowing”, when we see more awesomeness when we talk about the past of Hashirama and Madara and how it all went down.

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