Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura Pass! Team 7 Formed – Naruto Shippuden 361

Naruto Shippuden 361 shows Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura all pass their first training from Kakashi, to which they did so when they helped and fed Naruto while he was tied up. Hiruzen and Kakashi go around all their houses to see how it is first, with Naruto having the dirtiest house and Sasuke and Sakura having clean. Hiruzen also explains to Kakashi that Minato knew about his selfishness and wanted him to acknowledge both his comrades. 

Naruto Shippuden 361 begins as Hiruzen and Kakashi walk around the village talking about his next group, Hiruzen mentions that having apprentices will help him. Plus the next group will be of interest of him. Hiruzen goes to Naruto’s house to which we notice that he lives in a bad state and that he has expired milk, he doesn’t clean up or anything.

Hiruzen mentions that he’s a bit of a fool, however Kakashi can whip him into shape. Plus they have Sasuke in his group too. They walk when Sakura’s mom and dad show up asking them to come in and have some tea with them. Hiruzen mentions that he’s there unofficially and that other parents may frown on them.

After that they go to Sasuke’s house to notice that it’s a clean house, and that while Sasuke is the only Uchiha in the village, he and Kakashi will go good together as Kakashi will be the only one in the village that will allow him to develop his Sharingan if he ever does. He can help and guide him. Kakashi is asked as a parent to somewhat look after both.

Kakashi remembers when Obito had activated his Sharingan and his moment when he killed and developed his Mangekyou Sharingan. He tells Hiruzen that his eye has a lot of memories that he’d like to hold dear and holds his emotions, and using it he will use it to help others. Kakashi hasn’t changed his judging criteria.

They go to the park when Kakashi asks Hiruzen why he was put in charge of them.  He reveals that it’s a little like Minato’s old team. He has chosen all the of the members thinking about the current and future, balancing the team as well. Hiruzen has also worked out that the teams are balanced and usually specialize in specific things.

Naruto is the Jinchuuriki and Sasuke has the Sharingan, which ultimately could help save them later. Plus we know that Sasuke’s Sharingan can help save the Village if the Tailed Beast was to ever go out of control. Hiruzen remembers when he was training with Orochimaru, Jiraiya and Tsunade. While Jiraiya was the Naruto of the group.

He couldn’t do a lot and thus allowed for competition and for them to become better, plus having a girl in the group allowed for them to develop properly. Kakashi mentions that he doesn’t think he’s cut out to be a leader. Hiruzen reveals that Minato knew that Kakashi was a little selfish and that he was very skilled, and didn’t think of his group as proper comrades.

At that point, Kakashi realises that Minato knew and then remembers when Obito thought Kakashi as the leader, he thinks that it would have been good for him to realise Obito as a friend. Kakashi isn’t able to sleep properly, and keep on having those memories.

Asuma goes to the class where he calls for Shikamaru, Choji and Ino. Kurenai shows up to calls Hinata, Shino and Kiba. Kakashi is late, he talks to Yamato when he realises that Kakashi may have changed a little, from which Kakashi says that he’ll see him later, going to meet Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura late.

He goes there when Naruto has setup a silly prank, Kakashi tries to see if this prank was a result of teamwork but realises that it wasn’t. They go outside to test them, to which he tells them that they need to get the bells by noon to get food and to pass, otherwise they will fail. It seems that after a while, Naruto  fails to get the bell.

He’s tied up to which he gives them one more chance, they must eat their food and disallow from Naruto having any food. Kakashi watches from far where he remembers all his time with Minato and the others. Kakashi remembers his moments with Obito and Rin too. He quickly notices that both Sasuke and Sakura have given food to Naruto.

Kakashi is shocked to see this, they give him some food and he eats, he remembers them all. Kakashi see’s this then shows up right in front of all of them, he shouts at them and passes all of them. They’re all shocked. He mentions that he’s going to believe in all of them. They all pass, Naruto Shippuden 361 ends here.

A great episode, and a final one whereby we’ll be returning to the main story during next week’s Naruto Shippuden 362, titled “Kakashi’s Resolve”, whereby we’ll see both Kakashi and Obito go head to head fighting it out and asking questions on what happened to him.

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