Madara’s Rinnegan! Team 7 Together – Naruto 675

Naruto 675 rolls out to show that Madara has infiltrated Obito’s universe and thus lead Obito to push Sakura back, to which Madara holds Obito explaining that he had also controlled Rin to build Obito’s darkness. At the same time we prepare for Madara’s arrival as Team 7 rejoin each other while Kakashi is somehow given an eye by Naruto. 

Naruto 675 begins as Madara throws his rod towards Sakura to which Obito uses his Kamui in order to transport Sakura to where Kakashi and Sasuke are. She looks up to see Sasuke there to which he asks why she’s there so suddenly. Kakashi reveals that she was in the other dimension with Obito.

Sakura tends to Kakashi’s eye and mentions that Madara was there so Obito had to suddenly use his Kamui to get her out of there. We hear that Obito wanted Sakura to destroy the Rinnegan, to which he can’t move at this point and if he lets his guard down for one second, Zetsu will take over, if that happens he will give the eye to Madara.

If Madara has his eye, something terrible will happen, he also mentions that the force of one eye is so strong that he almost lost himself. He’s not even the original owner, and he could still do all this damage to everyone. If both eyes were together than the power would be unbelievable.

Sakura realises that they’re in big trouble, Obito couldn’t move and Madara will be taking the Rinnegan. We see Madara somehow standing up without any legs, with one of his hands in Obito’s chest. Madara reveals that the curse mark he put in his heart seems to have vanished.

Obito reveals that he had Kakashi remove it for him as he was trying to become the Ten tails. He could have died but he still didn’t want to follow Madara’s orders. Madara laughs and mentions that he actually wanted him to do exactly what he wanted. It was a curse seal for puppets, if someone tries to remove it will restrain their movement.

Madara mentions that thanks to the seal, he was able to use all of them, he also shouldn’t have been able to commit suicide, Obito asks him to explain what he means by all of them. Madara reveals that it’s funny because both of them removed it the same way. Obito clicks and realises that he also placed it on Rin.

Madara had made her a Jinchuuriki and let her go crazy in the village was something he came up with, she used the Chidori from Kakashi to stop her own life, he wanted to drag Obito to the dark side and make him work for Madara. Madara mentions that he took advantage of a time when Minato was not there and controlled the Mist Shinobi so that they’d take away Rin leaving Kakashi alone. It was also to have Obito release his true power to see how strong he really is.

Madara asks him if the White Zetsu coming to tell him was such a coincidence, at the same Obito didn’t realise that it could have been a trap. Madara mentions that the fact that Rin died by Kakashi’s hand is also perfect, either way he wanted the puppet to kill her. Madara mentions that to control people, he must use the darkness, if they had no darkness you can create it and thus this is how Madara did it.

Obito asks why he was chosen by Madara, to which Madara tells him that he was a kind to others and had a dream, he had strong feelings for Rin and his comrades, to become a Hokage too. If you fall once, that fall will become endless, thus Madara tells him that they still needed a little more, while throughout this time they had an arm in Obito’s chest.

Madara mentions that he’ll get his eye back. We see Naruto and a clone use a seal and block rods to stop the second part of Madara from moving around. He leaves a clone behind and goes to Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi. While Sakura is healing Kakashi he tells her that he’d like to do something, he should him and then tells him to open his eye.

Now we see that Kakashi seems to have a brand new eye, Naruto mentions that it’s hard to explain how he did it, it’s like he took a part of Kakashi and gave something more back, Sasuke tells him not to let his guard down. Kakashi begins to remember the first time they properly introduced themselves.

Naruto mentions that he likes Ramen and that he’d like to become a Hokage, Sasuke mentions that he has no solid dream but wants to restore his clan and kill Itachi. Sakura couldn’t talk much as she had liked Sasuke. We see that Kakashi thinks of all of them, Naruto being the Hero and the only thing that waits him now is being Hokage.

Sakura seems to have changed from then as she may not have the same feelings as before. And Sasuke seems to have killed his brother, and thus Kakashi doesn’t know what is left. Kakashi asks what his dream him to which he’s unable to answer, Sakura mentions that he’d like to become a Hokage.

Kakashi mentions that it might be destiny that Team 7 is back together, if Sasuke doesn’t want to tell Kakashi what he’s thinking now that’s okay too. However the fact that they’re Team 7 doesn’t change. Kakashi asks them if they remember his lesson about the bell, and thus teamwork. Someone seems to be coming out of the Kamui, could it be both Obito and Madara. Naruto 675 ends here.

A really good chapter with lots of crazy cool action. And the fact that Team 7 can finally fight as one is also really awesome. It should be awesome to see how they fight against Madara when he’s got both of his eyes. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 676 chapter.

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      1. Hanzo

        Yes it does chidori makes you move at very high speed which makes u unable to read your enemys counter attack bt with sharingane u can anticipate it. Only after kakashi gt the sharingane did it become a perfected jutsu.


        1. Sunite

          Yeah his Sharingan helped him know the techniques and where his enemies where going, to be able to read their steps and attack moves. I don’t think it helped Kakashi develop his Chidori in any way, he just trained hard to perfect it himself.


  1. mabritish

    If madara has both eyes, he would be hard to kill. But I don’t understand how madara is able to cut himself in half like that and still function well. And I don’t no why naruto just trap that another half instead of destroying it while its venerable.


    1. Sunite

      Lool He might be using his Rinnegan to somehow stay up right, I am surprised that he’s up right like that. I guess it’s one of those things that won’t be able to explained. Plus both of them are floating, so I guess he’s floating.
      Naruto cannot see the other Madara, thus won’t be able to effectively destroy him. I guess it’s one of those things that will come back somehow later on.


  2. Satouf

    Well well Madara planed it all from the start didn’t see that coming at all. Am upset the kakashi only has a normal eye now it’s boring. His power is like half now I guess but he might be able to fight longer but badly


  3. jasper williams

    mehn…really at first i underestimated naruto’s powers…this can really do anythinq…were is JASON UCHIHA…let him call me back when sasuke does somethinq like daht…i think we’re qonna see a part of sakura we’ve not seen b4…these quys are really ready 4 madara…nyc chapter…


  4. dreager1

    I sympathize with the Sakura fans. It was a bit of a low blow of Kishimoto to give Naruto such advanced healing abilities. Since he is also physically stronger than Sakura at this point…..she has been surpassed in all areas. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

    Aside from that, this was a decent chapter. Nothing really happened, but I guess we needed some set up. The real fight will begin soon and I can’t wait for the big team up. Naruto and Sasuke can show off all of their new abilities and I’m sure that Madara has some tricks up his sleeve


  5. Satouf

    Does anyone feel kakashi losing his eye is just worst then killing him?! All this power they have is great for naruto n sasuke n Sakura. But kakashi is a wicked character n the eye made him kakashi that we all grew to like.


  6. GARY69

    Kikashi most probably is dying Soon,,since his now weaker than Eno. I have a feeling Sasuke is going to do something Crazy,,like good crazy since we haven’t seen him doing much yet..don’t you see it that way as well??


  7. juryn

    i think , kakashi will not die as easy as that, i think he has something in his mouthcover like kenpachi’s eyepatch!!! lol!!! hoping he has some hidden technique from his clan ..


  8. jasper williams

    why is it daht sasuke hasnt made up his mind..i won’t be surprised if he turns on naruto after the fiqht…this quy’s indecision is qettinq on ma nerves…..and also since naruto can now replace a damaqed eye..does daht mean he can also brinq back the dead???


  9. LEO

    From the way its going Naruto may be able to use pure edo tensei to bring back all the dead if he could do this eye majic…i think if he can neji can come back.


  10. jasper williams

    Yo sunite…av been wantinq 2 ask somethinq…naruto has maintained saqe mode 4 a lonq time now…and without the saqe mode eye rinqs…does this mean he’s operatinq a whole new different type of saqe mode and can now use it 4 as lonq as he likes???


  11. dfdsdfssdasew

    Yeah it begins with team 7 from the first mission its going to end with team 7 in their final mission against madara naruto is ending Team 7 vs Madara the end is near.


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