Cosplay Monday: Virgo

Virgo, a Celestial Spirit from the Fairy Tail anime, belonging to Lucy Heartfilia. She is not one of the main characters, however is very strong compared to her size, she also has two forms. One of her massive and the other of her normal self. The cosplay done here is pretty impressive, it’s actually one of the best cosplays I’ve seen of Virgo. 

I personally find this cosplay well done, with the awesome way she has cosplayed it to the outfit. If you’d like to go ahead and check her out be sure to visit Shiroiaisu and explore her other awesome and fantastic work on her page. Nevertheless, be sure to comment down below, give us a like and share the page with other fans.

There are 11 comments

  1. mabritish

    not bad. I actually like it, it would have been little better though if she was in a ground hole or sand hole instead of water. after all digging hole is what Virgo is best at. nonetheless it’s still cool


          1. nick dunn

            Ah man sweet! It’s been my dream to go to a European or Asian Comic Con. I went to the last on here in Texas A while ago. I met a very attractive Captain America cosplayer 😉


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