Naruto Looses Kurama! Shukaku’s Past – Naruto 660

Naruto 660 explains Shukaku’s past to which his previous Jinchuuriki was an old man named Bunbuku, who told him that he was his friend and that Bunbuku reminded Shukaku of the Sage of Six Paths. On top of this, Naruto keeps on pulling, he can’t seem to put Kurama back in, to which after just a short time Madara pulls all of the Jinchuuriki’s really hard to which Naruto gets pulled out of Kurama and thus looses him. 

Naruto 660 begins as all the Beasts begin to be pulled really hard towards the Gedo Mazo. Naruto tries to disable Kurama Mode but doesn’t work. Madara mentions that once he’s grabbed them he won’t let go. Kurama falls onto the ground while Naruto is pulled towards the back of Kurama.

Zetsu tells Madara that he must insert the Bijuu starting with the first tail. In the mean time he should insert the other seven leaving Bee and Naruto to the end. Naruto mentions that he won’t let him have Kurama. Madara realizes that he’ll need some time. Shukaku is first to be pulled in to which Gaara quickly acts and forms hands on the chain trying to stop it from being pulled.

Shukaku looks at Gaara and remembers when a younger Gaara asked him why he hates human to which he mentions that he does, on top of this Gaara adds that shouldn’t he be protecting their village. Shukaku mentions that he won’t protect them as they’re worse than the beasts.

We go even back to see an old man who is given some food. The soldiers mentions that they must be strong guards in order to look after the Jinchuuriki. Shukaku talks to the priest telling him that they don’t even call him by his real name, he mentions that he doesn’t mind as long as Shukaku knows his name.

The old man mentions that it’s not necessary to separate beasts from humans in the first place as long as you have real friends you can find peace at heart. Shukaku mentions that he’s weird and that there would most likely be no one else like him. To which the man mentions the human heart is a reflection on the water’s surface, the mouth says things opposite to what the heart really feels.

In truth the hidden heart wants people to accept each other, even when someone is a beast. Shukaku mentions that he reminds him of the Sage of Six Paths to which the old man cries and thanks him as they’re the kindest words he’s said to him.

Shukaku mentions that there is really no one like him while the old man mentions that there are and there will definitely be someone that will save and guide you too. Once he accepts the person’s hidden heart he will understand. The man had the Kanji on his left and right hands are translated to Heart and Accept/Receive. When joint it creates the sign on Gaara’s head.

Naruto shouts for Gaara not to lose. He then remembered that he used to hate him, however when he met Naruto it was all thanks to him that they became friend. Madara launches a Susanoo Blade to which its quickly blocked using Shukaku’s absolute armor.

The sword comes out of Shukaku’s hand and breaks the current chains that are there, a few moments later it rejoins again at a different point to which Madara is able to quickly pull Shukaku. Gaara is hit by the Susanoo sword. Shukaku tells him not to overdo it. Gaara tells him that he’s not a Jinchuuriki and finally he can stay up as late as he wants as his equal.

Shukaku realizes that he’s just like Bunbuku, the old man who was his previous Jinchuuriki. Madara quickly pulls all the remaining Jinchuuriki. Naruto is about to get pulled out to which Kurama wants to tell Gaara something, we don’t hear anything about this, at this moment Naruto is left behind as Kurama’s power is quickly taken out of Naruto! Naruto 660 ends here.

What an awesome chapter, It’s awesome to see Shukaku’s back story and how it will ultimately help Gaara and Shukaku’s relationship. Furthermore it’s good to see that Naruto and Kurama have finally split, and if Madara does take all the complete powers of all Jinchuuriki, the full form of the Ten Tail’s will appear. Will Naruto let this happen? Can’t wait for the next Naruto 661 when we’ll see this fight continue!

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    1. Sunite

      I’m guessing he will haha xD (I see what you did there :P). Madara is a beast, he’s awesome! He was able to take Kurama from Naruto with such ease, let’s see if he can do the same with Bee!


  1. rise

    i predict that minato will give the other half of kurama power to naruto and then naruto will somehow get the other half of the power getting the full power of the nine tails


  2. Sean

    Meeting of a past life.

    Gaara: NARUTO!!!

    Naruto is falling to the ground but Gaara rushes his sand to catch him before he falls and brings him to his side.

    At the same Time as Naruto falls, an enraged Sasuke brings forth a fully formed Susanoo that slices the chains that are binding the tailed beasts with an amaterasu covered susanoo sword.

    Sasuke: Your short reprieve of living will come to an end NOW!!(I don’t sense any chakra from Naruto,)

    Madara: Are you Angry that I killed your friend !! HAHAHAHA, Good this will be fun. ( He is close to unlocking the rinnengan, just a bit more pushing and I will help him to realize his full power)

    YinKurama: my other half has been sealed, and Naruto has passed !!!!
    Minato:!!!!! I must go Kakashi, take care of Obito for me!

    Tsunade: NOOOOOO NARUTO!!!
    Sakura: This cant be!
    Raikage: NARUTO!!!!, I wont let this happen to Bee!!
    Shikamaru: Is he dead!!
    Hinata: Sobbing!!, Yes, I don’t see any chakra in him any longer!!!( my Naruto, WHY!!!! You cant die until you become Hokage!!)

    Random Shinobi: Is this the end!! We cannot win without Naruto!

    Tsuchikage:YES WE CAN WIN!!, For Naruto’s Sake, he gave his life for all of us, and now we must ensure his efforts are completed By US!!

    Tobirama: The old man is right, we must finish Madara at all costs, as a United force let us finish this for NARUTO!!!

    The entire alliance Gives a fierce Rallying war cry as they all shout out at the same time FOR NARUTO!!!!

    Meanwhile Gaara stands over Naruto with tears
    Gaara: how can this be!!

    Suddenly a Glowing light surrounds Naruto !,

    Gaara: (Stunned?) what is this light???

    In the afterlife Naruto is walking in a bright white endless landscape when suddenly a voice beckons to him:

    ?????: Naruto, you have done well!.

    Naruto: who in the hell are you , where am I ? I was on the battlefield, and now im here ??

    ?????: HAHAHA you truly are as dumbfounded as I was when I was younger !! Naruto, you are Dead !

    Naruto: WHATT!!!! NO I cant be dead, I haven’t become Hokage yet !! , by the way, WHO ARE YOU!!!

    ?????: I am your past life, I am what you know as the Sage of Six paths, and I wanted to thank you for fighting so hard for my Children .

    Naruto: But I failed, Im dead and now Madara is probably going to destroy everything!!

    Sage: Don’t worry, there are some perks at being the sage of six paths, I should be able to send you back !

    Naruto : WHAT!!, Really do it now I must help my friends and Kurama!!!

    Sage: don’t worry, we have some time to talk, and I will need to prepare you before you fight against This Madara you speak of.
    Naruto: Ok

    Sage: hehe, it feels weird talking to my new life, But let me start with my two sons, as you know I had two sons, one born with my life force, the other with my spiritual power.

    And I always knew that a new rinnengan user would be born through my eldest child, and I feared that the darkness in his heart would carry down through the generations to the one
    That would bring about the calamity of this world with the power of the Juubi.

    Naruto: You knew all this, but why didn’t you stop it!

    Sage: hatred is strong Naruto, I tried to give my sons all the love I could give them, but in the end, Darkness over ran my elder sons heart and he would not turn back from his path.

    So knowing that someone like Madara would come to be, I performed a jutsu to allow me to meet my reincarnated life so that I may pass on the truth of my children so that you may be able to save them!

    Naruto: What is the truth ???

    Sage: aren’t you curious why you are soo adept at controlling natural energy ? It is THE most powerful thing on this planet, which is why I was able to defeat the juubi.
    Your Yang energy is as large as mine Naruto, maybe even larger and that is why you can access Sage energy longer than most, But what you need to do is bring balance between your Yin and Yang energy!

    Naruto: balance ? yin ? yang ?! HUH!!?

    Sage: its easy, your spiritual self needs to flow in harmony with your Life energy and that will allow you to continually absorb natural energy from the planet! And now that you have died, your Knee deep in your spiritual self.

    Naruto: But I have to be perfectly still to absorb natural energy!

    Sage : True, and you will be still, your Spiritual energy will be perfectly still and you must allow that to gather all the natural energy you need to fight and defeat madara! As you focus your Spiritual energy into gathering the Natural energy, your entire being will be at peace with itself and you will gain a few new tricks that I will let you realize for yourself.

    Naruto: Amazing ! so how do I bring my spiritual self to be still so it can gather sage energy??

    Sage: you have already done it Naruto!! Hahaha, you are at peace with dying, you are at peace with what needs to be done, and you now know what your spiritual life feels like.! Its time I send you back, Save my children Naruto , Save the shinobis so you can show them the right path! And SAVE THE WORLD, go now and do what must be done!.

    Next on Naruto, the new Sage of Six paths has been born !!


    1. john doe

      Awesome theory but your missing one important fact Naruto won’t die from having a tailed beast extracted ,he will only be weakened because remember he’s from the Uzumaki clan.


      1. Steve

        naruto will die… if the kyuubi is extracted from them.. they will die.. but the uzumaki clan has a stronger life force which will prolong their death…


  3. Sean

    Ya, plus I want a crazy twist out of this , I thought having Naruto stay dead would be awesome, and what would be even crazier is if he met the sage of six paths ,

    anyways here is a bit of a continuation from my first post :


    Naruto stands as a new found strength is acquired.

    Gaara: UNBELIEVABLE YOU were dead Naruto I felt your pulse!!!!

    Naruto: don’t worry I met a friend, he sent me back, I have to try something now, give me some cover.

    From Far off, Hinata is seen with her Byakugan!

    Hinata: Amazing!! Its as if Naruto willed himself back to life, , but this makes no sense, He had no chakra left, I couldn’t even see his heart beating, but now he’s alive ????

    Shikamaru: !!!! Good ol Naruto, he wont even let death stop himself from being hokage !!

    Hinata: this feeling, Naruto is bringing in a lot of energy into his body!!! Its not stopping !!!! what in the world ????

    Naruto: I see now, being in touch with my spirit helps quite a lot!!

    Gaara: Naruto!! You are glowing Yellow ?? but Kurama was extracted from you, how is this possible??

    With a big smile and a thumbs up Naruto states: I have balance !, but don’t worry Im getting Kurama back !!!

    In the background we see Madara’s Perfect susanoo clashing with Sasuke
    Madara’s Susanoo is attempting to crush Sasuke’s Susanoo,
    But Sasuke has his Yata mirror holding off Madara for the time being!

    With Blinding Speed Naruto moves and destroys Madara’s perfect Susanoo with a single blow from his improved version of Frog Katas !! and completely annihilate the head of madara’s Susanoo!!

    Madara: WHAT WAS THAT!!!

    Sasuke: this cant be !!!! ( how is he emitting this much Chakra)

    Naruto: thanks Sasuke but I will finish it from here

    Madara: (what is this??? He was dead? But now his life force is stronger than ever!!,) How did you Survive Naruto!!!!

    Naruto: an old life of mine helped me , but that’s besides the point, I will give you one chance to free kurama and Give up!

    Madara: (his eyes!! This aura !! its as if he is apart of the land !! but only the Juubi had access to this !!! old life Does he mean!! ) Naruto tell me, were you visited by the sage of six paths !!!

    Naruto:!!!, last chance Madara, Give up, and I will let you live, Don’t, and you will leave me no choice!!

    Sasuke: ( he is not the same Naruto!! This Naruto is different, he has acquired a new power, not only is his life energy, but I sense a much stronger spiritual power being emitted by him) Naruto if you have the chance to kill madara, Just DO IT!! Stop him before he understands your power !!.

    Naruto: your right Sasuke, !

    Madara: not soo fast!! ( it’s a bad move for me to absorb only half of the kyuubi, but I have no choice, his power seems endless) Gedo COME TO ME! ( the gedo statue with Kurama gets absorbed into Madara !!

    Naruto : NO!!!!!! ( Naruto lands a devastating blow on Madara, but is too late, Kurama has now been absorbed by Madara !!!)

    Next on Naruto,

    Jinchuuriki Madara VS SAGE NARUTO


    1. Sunite

      And again, WOW! Such awesomeness in that story, I would be more than happy to see this happen!I like how Madara has taken Kurama, but wouldn’t that mean that he would only have Kurama, and on top of that for him to use Kurama’s powers he would need to fight Kurama for it? Plus do you think Madara will do the same thing as Obito with the Gedo Mazo?


  4. Sean

    I think Madara will gain control over Kurama easily, I mean he is madara after all, so I am running under the assumption that as soon as madara absorbs Kurama he will gain all of Kurama’s powers instantly since madara can just strip the tailed beasts from their power easily ! plus since Kurama was madara’s old pet , I think he knows how to control Kurama right away anways .

    But when Naruto has to fight Madara, he will be conflicted, because if Naruto Kills Madara, he will also kill Kurama, this is not good for naruto especially since he loves his new bond with Kurama,

    And this will give Madara an edge against naruto since Naruto will not be able to land a fatal blow on madara until he free’s Kurama from Madara.


    1. Sunite

      Hmm Madara is one hell of a badass, it’s hard for any other shinobi to beat him under normal circumstances. Nevertheless since Naruto to your logic is able to absorb Natural energy, wouldn’t you bet on Naruto somehow turning Kurama into Natural energy and then reabsorbing his energy and bringing him back. All this being done within Madara, outside Madara and inside Naruto.

      And if this was to be impossible, wouldn’t you think that Madara, now with Kurama’s power, to have the ability to get all the other tailed beasts reattached and pulled, this time successfully absorbing them into Gedo Mazo?

      Btw I really like the way in which you incorporated Sage of Six Paths (Hagoromo Otsutsuki) into the story and linking Naruto to being the reincarnation of him, seems legit to me.


  5. Sean

    keep in mind in my version Madara was stopped from absorbing all the other tailed beasts because Sasuke stops it from happening, instead I would like it if Only Kurama got absorbed by Madara, that way he would only be a jinchuuriki of the nine tails, not the Juubi.

    this I think is more feasible for Naruto’s next upcoming fight


  6. BlackStaMansh

    Again, i am very happy to read this awesome interpretation of chapters.
    i came back to read further.
    Author, I have some questions

    where is yamoto sensai?
    what sasuke, hokages, kages… (Other than jinjurikis) doing?
    From last many chapter, there were less of good battles. Even obito’s fights were too less.
    i really miss those fights like itachi performed.
    A bit disappointed by rushing of story.
    hope you don’t find this as stupid.
    thanks & regards


    1. Sunite

      Yamato I think is still in the place where all the Zetsu’s were made. Although he could have broken out from there.
      Hmm I can’t say what their doing because at this point even I don’t know, the mangaka hasn’t shown, although guessing I think they’re just taking a breather or they’re planning on what to do next.
      Not at all, I like to hear people’s thoughts on chapter too, it’s nice to have a second opinion like yourself! Do you mean that Obito vs Naruto was too quick, because with all the power Obito had he could have done anything but Naruto and the others acted quickly to disable his powers as soon as he could 😀


  7. God Of Anime

    Hmmm Epic I Can’t Realy Predict What would Happen Next Cause Kishimito Always Finds A Way To Surprise Us u’ll Never Know What He Would Do Next But Anyway Nice Prediction sean but I think the Opposite would Happen Sasuke Can’t Really Do Any Good Now And Madara Could Easily Absolve All The Tailed Beast So is Likely we Would See Jubi-Madara Vs Riku-naruto-senin at the End


    1. Sunite

      Hello, it’s very hard to say when the actual issue will get released. I understand that it’s been a very long time since we all had our weekly manga but it’s best to stay patient and it’ll come. This wait is usually a yearly thing as it happens every year. The magazine had released their January released on the 15th of January last year, so personally I think it’ll be released week 3 of January, possibly 14th of January 2014! However it could be earlier or later then that.


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