My Resolve – Ichigo Kurosaki (Ichigo’s New Bankai Fan Art)

bleach___resolve_colored__by_ifragmentix-d6klr0dIchigo Kurosaki does it once again, he becomes the hope of all Mankind as well as all Shinigami’s within Soul Society. As Ichigo gets ready for a great war between the Shinigami and Quincy, everyone if putting their lives on the line to protect what they have and love. The Quincy are ruthless and take whatever they want, as they have a lead on the Shinigami’s they are much stronger than previously. What can the Shinigami do with Ichigo’s help, will he be able to defeat Juha Bach?

bleach___resolve_by_ifragmentix-d6k111uThis image is part of a grander image to which a great artist, IFrAgMenTIx has created a wonderful fan manga page to which it describes the above image as Ichigo’s Bankai! Just click on the image to the right of this to see the awesome fan manga page. It consists of Ichigo shouting Bankai, to which both Renji and Rukia, who are injured are shocked. Juha Bach stares at them to which Ichigo’s Bankai is fully engaged. We can see the awesome possibilities of this new Bankai. Do you like it? The fantastic image above was a collaborations of both IFrAgMenTIx and i-azu, they’ve been featured here multiple times due to their awesomeness and work! If you like the above above and want to tell me your opinion, don’t forget that you can do so by using the comment section below, that’s why it’s there!

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  1. janinne

    The drawing is really good but i hate to think that maybe ichigo’s new or finishing bankai may not be like that. Now its evolution is a double black sword and it seems more powerful than the previous ones since he found out he was a half blooded quincy and shinigami. And also he has the hollowfication as his main power. Would like to have a hint also that when he will transform again that his hollowfication might be part of his bankai but that would be cool and interesting as well. like when he was clashing up in a battle totally gone berserk while fighting Ulquiorra in his full hollowfication while still in bankai form. I particularly love that form.It was very interesting and it could be in the FINAL ARC if he can do it while having total control of it. Combining his hollowfication ang bankai together, might be one of the most powerful half-blood shinigami/quincy related. Anyway this is my opinion… Thanks


  2. Mike

    he had better be able to use his bankai in full hollow form, ive been waiting forever.
    his bankai better be a lil more then whats on that page


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