Free Spirit – Jiraiya

free_spirit_by_nivalis70-d5kdibzJiraiya was first thought to be the child of the prophecy, but that quickly changed into Minato. However when Minato died, the prophecy changed once more into one which made Naruto the person in the prophecy. Jiraiya was very confident that he was training the child and thus told him everything he knew, even told him about his fathers techniques such as the Rasengan. From this Naruto believed that he had to train really hard in order to prove it true.

The fantastic anime artwork of one of the best characters in Naruto was drawn by Nivalis70 who has a ton of other fantastic artwork from different animes, especially Naruto. Therefore you should definitely go and check her out.

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  1. You're Wrong

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. No one ever thought Jiraiya was the child of the prophecy. Jiraiya never even knew of the prophecy until he was an adult. Nagato was thought to be the child of prophecy, then Jiraiya thought he died, so he thought Minato was supposed to. When Minato died, he knew it HAD to be Naruto


    1. Sunite

      Hmm i might have gotten that wrong, I guess he was given the task to find the child of the prophecy which could have been Nagato, Naruto or Minato… currently its know to be Naruto… thanks for the feedback 😀


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