The Red Raging Bankai – Renji Abarai

bleach_renji_abarai_bankai_request_by_inconcabille_by_mr123goku123-d64a2usRenji Abarai has been known to have a Bankai which can surpass many other captains and vice-captain level people. His Bankai Hihiō Zabimaru was able to keep him company a number of times, even though it’s injured and may not fully be able to get repaired, unless he can get the help of the Zanpakuto master, Nimaiya Ouetsu.

Hopefully you’ve liked this awesome and fantastic artwork that you’ll be enticed into having a lot at what the artist, Mr123GOKU123, has a large number of other fan art, based on many different anime’s and manga’s to which I’m sure you’ll love them. So go and check their work out.

What do you think?

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