The Princess and the Devil – Orihime and Ulquiorra

__the_princess_and_the_devil___by_luleiya-d6140jyUlquiorra Cifer and Orihime Inoue have been a couple to which they will always suffer a great loss. From the very moment they met, they talked and one fell for the other, it was a somewhat doomed relationship to which they both were never unable to see or spend any real-time together. Even this interesting artwork shows Ulquiorra’s demise as he bleeds from his long-lost heart.

The fantastic image of Ulquiorra and Orihime was drawn by luleiya. She’s done a fantastic job of creating this amazing piece of artwork to which it even inspires me to create something lovely as this, however I’m not as good as her. Nevertheless, I think you should go and check her work out, she’s amazing!

What do you think?

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