New Fairy Tail Team! Nichiya The Blue Rabbit – Fairy Tail 172

New Fairy Tail Team Arrives Fairy Tail team ready to kick ass Ichiya's face lol Ichiya and Nichiya Bunny Ichiya against Rocker and Bacchus Lyon and Yuka Kagura and Millianna Ichiya is hugeFairy Tail 172 shows an exciting match up between the 6 remaining teams! The new Fairy Tail team containing, Natsu, Gray, Erza, Gajeel and Laxus will go up against Sabertooth. With Mermaid Heel against Lamia Scales and Quatro Puppy against Blue Pegasus. Fairy Tail is fired up for their match against Sabertooth as they want to kick their heads off, plus Ichiya’s bunny friend is revealed to be Nichiya!

Fairy Tail 172 begins as Minerva let’s go of Lucy from the previous match while Gray and Natsu catch her, they notice that Minerva’s one evil bitch. Minerva comes out of the water and Erza faces her, everyone tries to help  Lucy by healing her, with Chelia and Wendy’s power. Sabertooth’s team shows up just in case, Erza stops Natsu and the others from attacking her.

There could be a fight right now, everyone starts to shout for them to fight but there doesn’t seem to be one there. Erza tells  them that they’ve chosen the wrong team to anger, but they’re going to thrash them! Every gets into Lucy’s infirmary to see if she’s okay, they mention that Chelia and Wendy’s magic has saved her. Lucy wakes up and she mentions that she’s messed up, but others tell her that she got second place, she asks for her keys and goes back to sleep.

They all mention that they don’t like Sabertooth, Makarov comes in, he mentions that there is some news, he tells them that they need to combine both of their team into one, due to the Raven Tail incident, it will be bad to have an odd number of teams. They need to choose 5 members for the official team. Natsu mentions that he wants to get to be in that team as he wants to destroy them!

Everyone gets ready to come into the stage. It’s going to be two against two from each team. The first match up is Blue Pegasus vs Quatro Puppy, Lamia Scale vs Mermaid and finally Sabertooth vs Fairy Tail! The new Fairy Tail teams consists of Natsu, Gray, Erza, Gajeel and Laxus! They are the strongest members of Fairy Tail to walk in. They do so and get blessing from Mavis to show what a true bond really is!

They walk into seeing Sabertooth, they’re already fired up. Datong and Arcadios mention that it’s not going to be a problem obtaining a Celestial Spirit for their Eclipse Plan. Datong walks along to describe that this Grand Magic Games is nothing to what used to happen, which was a festival and matches between Dragons, Demons and Mages!

The first is between Ichiya and the Rabbit against Bacchus and Rocker. They first shake their hands. Firstly the rabbit takes off his head gear to reveal that it’s the one and only Nichiya from Edolas! It’s the cat version of Ichiya, he explains that he had found him when he smelt something wonderful in the forest. He meets him there.

They start fighting, Bacchus takes the first attack when Nichiya flies off and is a one hit knockout. Ichiya is then pushed around by both Bacchus and Rocker. They get their chance to push him around until he’s nearly out. He mentions that Nichiya lied to him to be with him, therefore he won’t let his efforts go to waste.

He wakes up and quickly activates his awesome manly perfume. He starts to grow larger and larger, he starts to get more ripped, he grows muscles in seconds, he dedicates his victory to Nichiya. When Rocker and Bacchus go for the attack, Ichiya gives them the face which freaks them both out, he then uses this advantage to strike them out. He wins and uses this to help Nichiya and everyone seems to cheer for him.

The next match up begins with Kagura and Millianna from Mermaid Heel against Lyon and Yuka from Lamia Scale. Their fight is likely to be pretty awesome, Natsu notices Rogue and Sting looking at him when he looks back with anger at both of them. When Fairy Tail 172 ends here.

Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 173, titled “Battle of the Dragon Slayers”, when Kagura and Millianna play against Lyon and Yuka for the win, they seem to get it when the next awesome match begins with Sting and Rogue against Gajeel and Natsu to begins, who is likely to win?

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