Hashirama’s Reveals History – Madara vs Hashirama – Naruto 620

naruto_620_behind_the_last_by_iitheyahikodarkii-d5v3r3k naruto_manga_620_by_rechever3-d5uu2sz naruto_620_tobirama_by_robcv-d5utu3b naruto_620___page_3_by_onebill-d5v8xpp naruto_620__you_did_it_naruto_by_kyubii9-d5usmjlMadara vs Hashirama Kurama against Hashirama's snake Minato feels Naruto and Kurama's Chakra Hashirama's Wood Style against Madara's Susanoo Hashirama warns TobimaruNaruto 620 brings forth an impressive beginning for the revealing of the past! Hashirama doesn’t hesitate in telling Sasuke the truth as he could turn out to the be the Madara and destroying the village. Tobirama gets a little hesitant as he wants to teach Orochimaru a lesson for using his own jutsu on the creator of the Edo Tensei.

Naruto 620 begins by explaining his question to Madara, he mentions that his brother was used by the village who even risked his life to protect it, who then died proud of being a shinobi, he also killed his comrades to which he then tried to protect the village, Sasuke asks what it really means.

He asks Hashirama to tell him the truth before making his decision of whether he will take revenge on the leaf or not. Sasuke remembers the past when he was talking to Orochimaru, he mentions that Orochimaru once tried to destroy the Leaf village, in the beginning he believe that it was just on a whim, but he now knows that’s not the truth! He even asks Orochimaru what his real reason was.

Tobirama gets pissed that Sasuke wants to take revenge on the village. He mentions that he’s possessed by the Uchiha’s evil. Tobirama starts to power up, moving just a finger  raises such power that it frightens Hiruzen and Minato. Hashirama quickly tells Tobirama to stop this, Jugo tries to cover Sasuke to help him. Suigetsu notices his presence.

Hashirama tells Tobirama to lower his fingers which he does, Hashirama tells him that he doesn’t have to raise his finger so much. Laughingly, Hashirama says sorry to them. Hashirama tells Sasuke that he had a really great brother, he mentions that he’s a better Shinobi than Hashirama!

Hashirama mentions that he can talk about the village but it’ll be a long story, Orochimaru tells them that you should tell him what he wants to know as they don’t have time, there is currently a war going on, Madara has been revived and is planning to erase all the Shinobi.

Tobirama fells a really strong chakra in his 2 O’clock direction, Minato quickly feels that this is Naruto and Kurama’s chakra! He quickly notices that Naruto has done it! and they’re fighting together! Tobirama mentions that he can feel Madara’s chakra, Hiruzen mentions that they should also be at the battlefield, Orochimaru mentions that he’s being controlled by his Edo Tensei, he can limit his movement if he wants. If he wants to go there, they should talk to Sasuke first.

Hiruzen mentions that they don’t understand how serious the situation is if Madara is back! Orochimaru mentions that he’s on Sasuke’s side, if Sasuke isn’t satisfied, then he might crush the leaf too. Tobirama steps in to tell Orochimaru that he’s misunderstanding. He may have improved the accuracy and efficiency but he makes the mistake bringing them back at full power!

He mentions that he will not let him restrain him using his Edo Tensei, he mentions that he’s going. At this point he stop moving when Hashirama mentions that Hiruzen raised a skilled Shinobi! He stops moving! Orochimaru mentions that it’s an honor to be praised by the God of Shinobi! He also mentions that he’s increased his restraining power using his cells.

Tobirama senses that Orochimaru’s body is completely made of Hashirama’s cells, Orochimaru senses that Hashirama is different and cannot be restrained, he must be careful! Hashirama mentions not to be worried because he will free Sasuke from his feelings and tell him the whole story because he doesn’t want him to become a new Madara!

In this case, even if they win the war, it will not mean anything after their victory. Hashirama sits down and begins by telling his story about Hashirama vs Madara! The clash that has not yet been fully told! Both of them clash in the air, while Madara control Kurama. Hashirama brings forth his Wood Dragon, at this point both of the clash, Kurama tries to launch his Bijuu Dama.

However it’s stopped by another Wood Dragon who seems to have held the Bijuu Dama, Madara quickly changes into his Perfect Susanoo Form! the Wood Dragon gets closer and closer to Madara with the Bijuu Dama. It seems the history is going to start from this point on! Naruto 620 ends here!

What a fantastic chapter, we finally get to see what actually went on during the fight between Madara and Hashirama! This is going to be epic! Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 621, when we see the continuation of what happened this week with Madara vs Hashirama clashing hard!

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  1. Zeus

    Nice Summary though can’t wait for the next chapter hope its going to be a nice story….still waiting when they are going to go….to the battlefield


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