Please Stay – Gin and Matsumoto

bleach__please_stay____by_omega131-d5tdm8lRangiku Matsumoto and Gin Ichimaru have been seen to have some kind of spark in which determines that both of them were once in lust and continue on to love each other. However the disappearance of Ichimaru could prove that he may still be alive somewhere and Rangiku knows very well where he is. Could Matsumoto and Gin still have their relationship while we think he’s dead but really alive?

Gin’s death for that matter seems to be very suspicious to myself and many others. He was seen by many to die while looking upon Ichigo’s eyes in a way he never had seen, Ichigo’s eyes previously showed his weakness but now shows his tremendous power. He closed his eyes and it was possibly the end of Gin, but could there be a possibility that he was somehow still saved while we saw Ichigo going up against Aizen?

The incredible artwork above was done by none other than Omega131 who’s done a fantastic job of drawing this image. So I suggest you check her work out since she’s got a lot of different fan art!


What do you think?

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