Kakashi vs Obito – The Final Confrontation To Death!

final_confrontation__kakashi_vs_obito__original__by_prydzanimation-d5rxftiThe great battle between Kakashi Hatake and Obito Uchiha is nowhere near at the end. Kakashi’s abilities to strive and get back to the top even with low powers can help him win battles, but Obito’s abilities to pin down and evaluate the battlefield helps him to take down most strong opponents. Both have been friends since the beginning but that all changed when Rin died by the hands of Kakashi. Obito swore to get his revenge as well as bring Rin back. A battle between Obito and Kakashi would be catastrophic! Nevertheless, who do you think would win if they went a head each other? Tell me using the comments below!

kakashi_by_yaichino-d2e6cg0Kakashi Hatake is a very strong and independent Shinobi. He’s been trained by Naruto’s father himself, Minato as well as received blessings from the White Fangs himself. Although his track record shows that he’s somewhat bad at keeping his comrade’s alive, he’s not a bad person. He was the partner of his opponent, Obito as well as Rin who he killed in the middle of a war. He keeps his mask on at all times, from the first time we’ve seen him to the moments he’s had when he was a child. He has a large number of jutsu due to his possession of the Sharingan from Obito, with it, he is able to perform his famous Kamui. He also has a large number of technique such as the Rasengan as well as it’s opponent the Chidori. The numerous number of techniques could be due to Kakashi having the Sharingan which helps him to perfectly copy his opponents as well as use their techniques. He’s also able to perform a perfect Mangekyou Sharingan to which he could even develop and bring forth his own Susanoo.

identidad_by_itachiulquiorra-d5cau93Obito Uchiha is probably the best opponent for Kakashi as they’re both like brothers from the very start, until the point Rin died of course  Obito’s appreciation as well as his rivalry grew to a point which he sacrificed himself in order to save Kakashi and Rin. Luckily, he was saved by the ruthless Madara and made to follow his plan, after gaining much control over his body, he agrees with Madara’s plan by becoming Tobi. He faces many opponents, he deceives many as well uses Kabuto for his Edo Tensei. Obito didn’t seem to have parents, so was never able to learn what true love was. His hatred overtook him until he showed himself to Kakashi. His powers cover the scene as being unique and unbelievably efficient until it’s found that Obito uses his Kamui techniques, which may have helped to save himself from the rock, to pass through everything and anything. He has the ability to control the Gedo Mazo as well as the insane Izanagi. He can also use his Kamui as well as the Six Paths Technique. His powers also mirror Hashirama’s as his body has been infused with his DNA.

So after summarizing their powers, who is most likely to win such an epic battle? Could it be the epic and cool Kakashi or his rival, the awesome and fierce, Obito? Tell me what you think by commenting using the comments section below! Don’t forget to tell me why, because both of them are evenly matched up!

The fantastic images above were created and drawn by Prydzanimationyaichino and itachiulquiorra. They’ve done an amazing job of creating those art that they deserve your eyes on their other work!

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    1. Kafele

      however, so far, for all intents and purposes obito has a more limited knowledge of jutsu than Kakashi in that obito’s knowledge could only mostly be what madara has thought him of sharingan and mokuton as well as his kamui and not much influence outside of that because of his limited experience fighting less opponents . as well as lacking kakashi’s true talent which is Shikamaru like intelligence of the white fang. This would allow kakashi to be an extremely adaptable and difficult shinobi to win against. especially with 9 tails chakra.
      Which would now allow him to use his vast knowledge of jutsu, his intelligence and his sharingan its fullest capacity.

      Kakashi’s only flaw is his limited fitness and chakra. Therefore i think with the nine tails chakra he can get from naruto he can more than even out d playing field against obito’s Uchiha advantage. and i think his intelligence should be more than a match for the rinnegan, Like Itachi.

      Therefore my winner would be Kakashi


  1. Obito Uzumaki

    I’d say Obito Uchiha he’s been through a lot and knows far more techniques then Kakashi. Uchiha’s are strong and powerful! Kakashi isn’t even an uchiha he doesnt really know how to control his eye so well. He always gets exhausted from it…


  2. Scott Zhukh

    Kakashi is a very strong ninja. But get real guys Obito was trained by Madara, is an uchiha, and has control of the gedo statue. Kakashi is a fierce ninja, that has the mangekyou, but does not have uchiha ancestry so it depletes his chakra faster then obito. Obito is the 2nd sage of the six paths for godsakes. Kakashi would not go down without a fight. Because kakashi is at least mid kage level. But obito is on a league of his own. Now I’m not saying that kakashi would lose because he clearly is the smarter one. But who would most likely win? Obito.


  3. Sasuke Hatake

    Kakashi loses to Obito. They both were extremely tired, but neither gave in. In the final moments of the battle, Kakashi throws a demon wind shurikun at Obito, then Obito cuts it then shoves a piece of it in Kakashi’s back. Obito was almost killed though, so Kakashi died fighting. Im sad that Kakashi died, but at least he was killed by an honerable opponent, like Obito Uchiha. Kakashi Hatake will be missed.


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