Marvis’s Battle Strategy – The Eclipse ‘2’ Plan – Fairy Tail 304

Fairy Tail 304 reveals another great mystery to why this special arc will be on to which we will remember. The Final Battle goes underway after every team is scattered throughout the village, if they meet, they will need to battle each other. Marvis tells the Fairy Tail team to follow her instructions, the Princess of Fiore restarts the Eclipse Plan.

Fairy Tail 304 starts off as Natsu and the others notice that they need to keep going so they can save Lucy. Wendy asks how they’re going to get into the castle without getting detected, Happy comes up with an idea to which they all wear costumes to get in.

The Teams are ready with their weapons, their magic and the bonds they hold is strong between all the members. Fireworks go up in the sky to commemorate the Final Day. The battlefield will be the entire town of Crocus, every guild has already spread out and on standby. The rules are that if they are met with another member of another guild, they must fight.

If they defeat the member of the team they will gain 1 point, but if they defeat a leader of the team then the opposing team will gain 5 points. The maximum points a team can get here is 45 thus all guild have a chance of winning, each member can work together while others can split up.

Fairy Tail team says that this fight isn’t just to get Lucy back, it’s also for those in the guild who spent 7 years suffering because the strongest members had vanished, they need to show everyone that they are the real deal. The Finals Starts now. Many members go on their own, others in trios while others in pairs.

However the suspicious thing here is that the Fairy Tail members are not even moving an inch. Makarov gets really pissed off because he wants to win. Other members of other guilds start to quickly attain points. Bacchus is also defeated by Sting, he’s faced by Kagura but at this point he disperses himself so he doesn’t have to fight Kagura.

Sabertooth are now first and Fairy Tail Second, Lamia Scale just trailing by 3 points to overtake Fairy Tail. Makarov is running around the place trying to get them to move. Marvis explains to him that they need to keep calm because she’s been analysing the enemies magical power and movement patterns everything from the past 4 days she’s got in her head. With this she was able to come up with a unique way to win.

Everything else has gone as she calculated, she’s always conveyed the plan to them. At this point she says that she wants to  lead her comrades to victory without fail therefore this being her battle. She then screams out to the members to activate and make a move.

Somewhere else in the castle, Wendy and Natsu seems to have been captured, the man capturing them asks where the cells are to another soldiers, he gets an answer and heads towards it, we then find out that this person is actually Mirajane. Somewhere else the Princess of the Fiore Empire, Hisui E. Fiore proposes to begin with the Eclipse ‘2’ Plan! Fairy Tail 304 ends here.

What a great buildup to such a great and unique fight, hopefully Marvis’s plan will go smoothly without any hitches. I’m also hoping that the Princess Hisui turns out to be a good and ally towards Natsu and the others. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 305, titled Fairy Tactician”.

There are 4 comments

  1. Linus135

    When Baccus got hit by Sting…..I felt bad for the guy hahaha XD this was a pretty sweet chapter, I just want to see FT fuck some people up!! lol Especially Laxus!!


      1. Linus135

        When you first saw FT not moving, it was soo good because it really felt like they were saying, “Come to us”. Obviously the plan is revealed later and I love how much a cheater Mavis is XD, but the statement that is made by not doing anything is so good!!!


        1. Sunite

          I was like wow FT are going to stick around and wait for then to come like you mentioned but… Marvis is a boss!! her sweet attitude which I had of her was like wow… the expression on her face was like wow… she’s serious about this….


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