Sai’s Crouched Tiger Bullet Sealing Jutsu – Naruto Shippuden 284

Naruto Shippuden 284 does it again as we see some more fantastic action by Kakashi, Rock Lee and even lay our eyes upon Sai’s Crouched Tiger Bullet Sealing Jutsu. Also, one more member from the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist has also been captured and sealed using Sai’s technique.

Naruto Shippuden 284 starts out as most people in the battlefield are dead, a member runs to find Kakashi hiding, he reveals that there are no signs of life out in the battlefield. Kakashi reveals the key to such a war would be that of a psychological warfare. By this it means to scare the enemy until they have no hope. Kakashi tells everyone to rest and recover their chakra, but always keeping a look out.

Kakashi is told that the items he requested from HQ have arrived. We move onto where Sai is thinking about what Kakashi had previously said. Kakashi says hello to Sai and tells him that his items to be used for his Sealing Jutsu are ready.

Lee is sleeping nearby, he’s told by Kakashi to be Sai’s body guard when he’s casting the seal. Sai takes the items, Kakashi moves on. At this point, Lee is told to leave Sai for a little while so he could recover as well as think of ways for him to do the seal. Lee goes forth to ask Kakashi about the Sealing Jutsu.

Kakashi explains that Sai had to learn this because of the fact that the Third gave up his live to seal the First and Second Hokage’s. This was a way to seal anyone without actually risking their life. Danzo tells Sai in the flash back that he can seal anyone, even Orochimaru. He has to let those feelings in his heart out in order to do the seal, however the bad thing about this is that negative feelings could also come out and disturb the seal.

After some time, it’s time to change shifts for the looks outs, one of them is attacked  and all around the Shinobi’s there are explosions. They have arrived, they are all being attacked by all the members of the remaining Edo Tensei Swordsmen of the Mist.

Kakashi reveals that the enemy are strategically fighting the ninjas. They want them to pursue their targets thus splitting them, this being the best time for the swordsmen to attack. Kakashi purposes a plan for all of them to regroup at once, Guy tells the members around him about this plan and so they follow.

Sai and Lee arrive, Kakashi tells them to follow him, somewhere else, Somewhere else, some members are easily being killed by Jinin Akebino, they are being killed one by one until Kakashi throws his sword to warn Jinin. Kakashi then lands upon the sword to which he tells Jinin that he’s going to be his opponent.

Sai gets ready and prepares for the Sealing Jutsu. Kakashi starts fighting Jinin, it seems like they are both matched but Kakashi notices that Jinin’s defense is wide open, Kakashi strikes and cuts Jinin open from the waist. Ensui is told to use his Shadow Technique to keep Jinin at bay.

Kakashi and some others head towards another enemy. Ensui hopes that Sai will be able to use his technique as quickly as possible. At this point, Sai remembers the moment he was fighting his brother Shin, he remembers the hatred and negative feelings he had at that point.

Lee notices the suffering in which he’s currently in. Ensui notices that someone is coming, he attacks and Lee defends. At this point, Lee promises that he will do his best to help both Ensui and Sai in order to defeat both of them. Sai notices that Lee is angered but it’s not from negative feelings, he realizes that it’s from his friends and the will to protect.

After another explosion, a rock hits Ensui’s head undoing the Shadow Technique holding Jinin. Jinin starts to being made back, Sai keeps on getting more and more confident, the fact that he has friends now helps him to realize that he has positive feelings, he gets from ink onto his brush. Jinin stands up.

Sai says that after the way he’s going to give Lee a nick name. He then draws a large tiger on the paper then releases his Crouched Tiger Bullet Sealing Jutsu, it captures Jinin, he tries to stop it from sucking in but it ultimately fails as the technique is just to powerful. The other swordsmen escapes from this incident. Lee gives Sai a thumbs up, Sai does the same. Naruto Shippuden 284 ends here.

A cool episode into which we finally see Sai’s Sealing Technique, hopefully he can use it to seal a few more Swordsmen. During next week’s Naruto Shippuden 285, titled “User of the Scorch Style: Pakura of the Sand!”, we go into more detail on one member, Pakura of the sand and her past meets some members of the ninja force which she knows.

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