Tell Me Your Secrets – Gaara

Here’s a wonderfully drawn image of a character in which we know too well. It’s Gaara, the Fifth and current Kazekage. As you may know, he was once an enemy to Naruto as well as the Leaf due to the fact that he was also a Jinchuuriki, just like Naruto. We can also conclude that he’s turned out to be an awesome and fantastic character.

I do have to mention that the vibrant colours on the image coming out from Gaara’s face could mean a large number of things, one which I think the author may have gone for is the fact that Gaara went from being a dark and mysterious character to a wonderful, colourful in this matter, and friendly Kazekage.

The awesome image above was drawn by the epic chu00master, it’s unbelievable how someone who’s so young can have some great and fantastic work. Go check them out, it’s worth it.

What do you think?

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