Naruto Goes to War – 6 Jinchuuriki’s are Back! – Naruto Shippuden 283

Naruto Shippuden 283 gets touching after that fact that Bee finally proves that both him and Naruto are worthy of going into the battlefield and defeating Tobi and the others. Naruto finally reveals to Tsunade and the others that both Kushina and Minato came up to him to help him as well as reveal what had happened to both of them during Naruto’s birth.

Naruto Shippuden 283 starts out as Naruto tries to escape from that point once more, but it was once again stopped by Raikage, even after many attempts it still doesn’t work, even Bee tries his Lariat, but doesn’t work, he gets a tentacle out and gets Raikage, it doesn’t work as the Raikage just uses Bee as a swing to stop Naruto.

Raikage asks Tsunade to help, at this point she can’t do anything, she remembers the moment when Naruto helped when Kabuto had tried to attack her. Tsunade decides to help both Bee and Naruto, Naruto says that this is how she acts usually.  Tsunade tells Raikage that even if they kill Naruto, Tobi could still get his hand on Kurama.

At this quick moment, Bee tries to use his Lariat on Raikage once more, it doesn’t work even at his strength, they both do their fist pumps once more, Bee says that he once again underestimates his power. We go into a past memory where the Third Raikage had died, Bee goes to try to help the Fourth Raikage, he says some touching words.

Both Raikage and Bee back off, Raikage says that no matter how powerful they are, they will not lose because they aren’t going to give up until the end. Bee goes for his Lariat attack, Raikage also goes for an attack using his top speed. After their bash, they both keep increasing their strength.

Bee increases his strength way too much that it blows away the Raikage, Bee explains that both of them are not just Jinchuuriki’s before he was friends with the Beast, he had something to live for, Bee had to live for the Raikage as well as watch his back and protect him from every angle. His words kept Bee calm and thus Bee lived enjoying his life.

Back at the HQ, they can’t seem to find anything to help them. They keep on looking though. Raikage tells Bee that he’s very important to him and that they will fight right to the very end, they both suffered very much but because they had something else in their lives, they were able to live, it acted like a Sun.

The Raikage asks what Naruto’s Sun is. He explains that they are both his Mother and Father. The Raikage says that they had both died after his birth, Naruto explains that Minato had sealed some chakra from Kushina and some from himself within the seal, during his training to control Kurama, Kushina had appeared and told him everything about the past. He says that Tobi will be back to destroy the future as well as the only one to stop him would be Naruto.

Minato had entrusted everything to Naruto. After some more explanations, he explains that they both gave him some belief and confidence. Tsunade steps in to tell Raikage to stop the fighting because Naruto is the only one to stop him. After Bee tries to explain to Raikage, he gets all fired up to his top speed, Naruto seems like he has no chance.

Naruto tries to escape one more time, but now he’s also going to go using his top speed, as the Raikage get closer, the speed of both of them increase dramatically, the Raikage literally breaks a side of the cliff, the positive thing is that Naruto has clearly escaped, with his increased speed, he’s the second person to escape from Raikage’s punch.

The Raikage is satisfied by the fact that he was the second person to dodge it, the Raikage then tells him to go. Back at the HQ, they have a plan, which is what is currently going, they worry as Raikage wouldn’t let Naruto out, the summoned creature reveals that Naruto has already got out.

We now see Tobi on top of the Gedo Mazo standing with 6 different Jinchuuriki’s who all have the Rinnegan and Sharingan on both of their eyes. This includes Roshi, Yagura, Fu, Yugito, Utakata and Han. Naruto Shippuden 283 ends here.

That was a fantastic episode, although it’s just building up to the point where Naruto will finally get fighting the big and powerful people, I presume the next person he fights will be Itachi and Nagato. However we’ll see some awesome action during next week’s Naruto Shippuden 284, titled, “The Helmet Splitter: Jinin Akebino”,  Kakashi himself will fight using the sword which Zabuza had.

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