Be My Apprentice – Madara & Obito Uchiha

Do you think Madara could have saved Obito Uchiha from the terrible injuries he received? Could have Madara thought Obito everything he knows as well as told him all the secrets about the World Wars? A lot of people think so too. A large number of fans are putting the story together and coming up with epic scenarios of what would have happened.

From the point where Madara mentioned that he knows whats going on and who’s behind everything, this is not Kabuto because Madara doesn’t know who cast the Edo Tensei, we could have guessed that both Tobi and Madara have a certain connection to each other. We also know that whilst Madara said this he wasn’t too happy, possibly Obito (Tobi) had killed his own master.

What do you think could have happened? Do you believe there is connection between these two Uchiha members? Would you like to guess what could have happened in the past? Use the comments box and tell me what you think!

The incredible image was made by Axcell1ben. They’ve got some awesome fan art, you should definitely check them out!

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  1. Sakura

    Well what I think is very similar to your theory.I to do believe that obito was saved by madara but I don’t believe that obit could kill his master by master I am referring to madara. What I think is that during that time where minato and kushina died I believe that they died because Madara killed kushina and minato. And that obit was so overcome with hate he decided that he would kill madara for doing so then take his identity. Al though it is said that madara died I believe that he did die but not from the fight he hade with hashirama I believe it was because he tought obito so much that obito became even more stronger than madara for a lot of people that would seem impossible but for me I believe that madara pulled obito in even more darkness. Over that I believe that Madara was after obitos eye because you can see that he has a lot of the Sharingan eyes in his possession but when he found obito a live he most like was using him as a vessel like orochimaru did to sasuke but when obito passed madara in a strength contest most likely obito won and so he took Madaras identity.


    1. Sunite

      Hmm, I think that Obito isn’t as powerful as Madara… Madara has had several lifetimes to learn everything he needs too, but Obito isn’t as powerful as Madara, not yet thought…


      1. Sunite

        The way Madara said Your having fun, was something a father would say to his son, it could be possible…. but Madara would have to be very old for this to be even possible…


        1. dhitzunako

          I’ve seen once in the net, Kagami Uchiha (Tobirama’s student, the one in Danzo’s team) is Obito’s Dad. Is this true?
          It it is true, well you know, Tobi = Tobirama = Obito…. A play on names…


          1. Sunite

            Hmm “During the First Shinobi World War, he was part of a team consisting of Tobirama Senju, Hiruzen Sarutobi, Koharu Utatane, Homura Mitokado, Danzō Shimura, and Torifu Akimichi.” source:
            Well I’m not sure if he was student…. yeah agree that there are play in names, even with Obito and Tobi.. it is one of those easy guessing names with Tobi and Obito.. so it was easy to guess that it was Obito…



    How did Madara fixed Obito’s right side? Wasn’t it smashed? And how is it going to end up? I think Sasuke teaming up with Obito and Madara, Sasuke killed Obito to the end, Kakashi cries (maybe, or after all what Obito did?) Madara dont care, Kakashi gives everything but died, Kakashi talks with Obito in deaths, Naruto cries, gai cries,everybody cries, Sasuke: HPMH Naruto turns to nine tails and blast off Madara. In the end Itachi stopped Sasuke and Naruto killed Madara. Then sasuke get back to leaf village


    1. Sunite

      Well the rock landed on the whole right side of his body… And I think Obito has similar properties to that of Zetsu, like his hand melting after a large attack, so his whole body might have been replaced and only his head left… His head wasn’t crushed, the rock just make the imprint on the face and body…

      Hmm If Madara is the father of Uchiha then maybe he does care…
      And Itachi has already gone so he can’t stop anyone… and maybe yeah Sasuke could go back to the village…


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