Orochimaru is Back! – Sasuke’s Own Will – Naruto 593

Naruto 593 is a little early this week with its must read chapter! Sasuke calls up on to Orochimaru, after getting some DNA from Kabuto, Sasuke was able to revive Orochimaru. Orochimaru then absorbs his own chakra which was lent to Kabuto for the time being. Sasuke tells Orochimaru that he must do a few things for him.

Naruto 593 starts off as Suigetsu is shocked at Sasuke as he mentions that he will have to meet Orochimaru. Then he asks who this “Human who knows Everything” person is. It seems that Sasuke is not referring to Orochimaru as the person who knows everything. Sasuke dismisses his questions because he doesn’t want to waste time explaining it to him.

Suigetsu suggests that Sasuke will use Orochimaru to use the power in the scroll, or even that Orochimaru is will teach Sasuke to use this power. Suigetsu then suggests that he doesn’t need to do such a thing because Sasuke can easily learn this within a few tries. Sasuke then again dismisses Suigetsu in order to revive Orochimaru.

Sasuke asks Suigetsu if he underestimates Orochimaru, Suigetsu gets angry and reverses the question to Sasuke because he doesn’t seem to know the extent to which Orochimaru powers can go up to. He then tells Sasuke that the only reason Sasuke was able to defeat Orochimaru was because Orochimaru did not have the use of his arms because of the Shiki Fuujin! Thus Sasuke is underestimating him.

Suigetsu keeps on babbling and tells Sasuke that he’s probably take part in the war because he also wants to destroy Konoha! Suigetsu keeps on going when he says that no one wants to see Orochimaru again, nor do they need him screwing with their plans.

Sasuke asks Suigetsu to be quite because he’s talking too much. Sasuke tells Suigetsu to get a piece of Kabuto’s body, Suigetsu tells him that he won’t do such a thing because he doesn’t want to revive Orochimaru. Juugo offers to help Sasuke because Sasuke’s Will is Kimimaro’s Will too so he will obey him. Juugo gets a piece of Kabuto and places it on  the  seal of Anko.

Sasuke then taps the cells which Juugo obtained from Kabuto. This grows a piece of scale and into a snakes face. It grows more and more until Orochimaru’s body appears! Suigetsu stands behind Kabuto’s body scared. Orochimaru faces Sasuke to tell him that he would not have guessed that Sasuke would revive him! Orochimaru gets up to notice Suigetsu and Kabuto.

Sasuke confronts Orochimaru as quickly as he can because he wants something. Sasuke tells that he wants to ask him something. Orochimaru tells him that there is no need because he’s keep listening about all of this. Orochimaru explains that his Senjutsu chakra was poured into Anko’s seal, when he was released, his consciousness was also released and he was revived. Sasuke asks if he wants to take part in the war? Orochimaru tells him that he has no interest in this war.

He tells him that it was started by someone else and that he is only interested is Sasuke’s body. Orochimaru tells him that he has no power to steal it because he was just recently revived. Sasuke hands over the scroll, Orochimaru asks why Sasuke wants to meet “them” for, unclear who them are. Sasuke tells Orochimaru that he currently knows nothing about it, he wants to hear everything from them.

Sasuke wants to learn from the beginning about everything, he is also in need of knowledge. He asks himself what was the beginning, how should I be, what actions should I take? He currently doesn’t know anything about himself. Orochimaru asks Sasuke if he’s not sure about taking revenge. Sasuke replies that he’s not doting on the revenge itself. Reuniting with his brother added to his hatred, but what he did was that he became a betrayer and died, was all to protect the village.

Sasuke wants to know everything! Think about it on his own and make his own answer. So he can state at what must be done with his eyes and his own will! Orochimaru quickly comes with the answer that he was manipulated by Itachi, because he’s far different from when he and Tobi were using him.

As Orochimaru walks towards Kabuto, Suigetsu moves and suggests that he’s going to take Kabuto’s powers and kill him. Suigetsu suggests that he may take his head as well as he’ll become stronger. Orochimaru puts his hands on Kabuto’s shoulder and slowly takes his powers. Juugo tells him that Orochimaru took his own powers and left Kabuto’s Chakra untouched.

Orochimaru agrees and tells Sasuke that he’ll assist Sasuke with his journey. Sasuke asks where they are going, Orochimaru tells him that it’s a place where Sasuke knows very well. At this point, Sasuke faces Orochimaru and Orochimaru does the same to Sasuke! It seems that they are going to be transported somewhere! Naruto 593 ends here!

What a crazy episode! That was a lot of talking and to make it all make sense was hard! But Sasuke has a good will and hopefully he will get the answer he is looking for where ever he may go! Hopefully Orochimaru doesn’t double cross him! Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 594, commemorating the soon to be released movie, there will be lead color pages in the next two chapters!

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    1. Sunite

      Hmm, I think like Orochimaru said, he wants Sasuke’s body for his taking. He’s got no other choice but to help him because he’s currently very weak, therefore he has to let time pass a bit so he can get stronger… And he may get Sasuke’s back when Sasuke is not prepared and bamm! Sasuke’s captured..


  1. Zla

    Oro-sama is truely immortal. With him back it will be more then interesting and will keep Naruto going maybe even after this arc ends. I am also sorry for Kabs. His role is over and the only thing left for him is to return to his orphanage. 😦

    Also there is no chance Oro will take Sasukes body. He is far too powerful for him and Taka is alos there.

    I believe the ones who now everything are:

    1. Sasukes parents (if you think about it they know everything about the village, Uchiha…)

    2. Hashirama Senju (not likely but it depends how he will return them. If he intends to control the Shinigami aka Death Reaper “the ones” might be the former kages. Using again Edo Tensei would be too predictable and there is the scroll…)

    3. Konha elders (old geezzers but have knowledge)

    They might be heading to:

    1. Oros lab (could be in Konoha or not…)

    2. Konoha (most likely, i feel they will reunite with Karin somewhere on the way there)


    1. Sunite

      Agree, Orochimaru had a shitty death, but now he’s back in action I’m sure that he’s going to cause a lot of trouble for everyone! It’s good that Kabuto’s past was explained, it seemed to me that it would be a waste, but its nice that he’s got somewhere to go after this…

      1. Very likely, although Danzou also knows something so maybes there something

      2. Hashirama Senju will not return, his soul was taken by the technique developed by the Fourth where their souls are taken away using that demon thing, 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4rth will not return because of this…

      3. Unlikely because Sasuke wants to know more about Uchiha, but still could be

      Hmm, Orochimaru and Sasuke could be mostly heading to Orochimaru’s Lab, like you said, or maybe to the Uchiha village, the place where most of the Uchiha’s used to live…, maybe?


    1. Sunite

      I was also very surprised that Sasuke had thought of the moment where Itachi said that he would be able to change his father and mother. It could be so that Orochimaru may revive them, his father was also a high class personnel so it’s possible.


    1. Sunite

      Hmm, I think all he wants to do is to learn more about his clan and see if there were actually going to form an alliance against the Leaf, he wants to know the information for himself and learn if he should destroy the Leaf or keep them. It’s likely that it may be his parents, but could also be some elders from the Uchiha


    1. Sunite

      Loool, I think Sasuke knows what he’s doing. He heard what Itachi said and is taking all of that on board, and may want to decide for himself… Hopefully Orochimaru has another chance to get Sasuke’s body…


      1. iulian

        Orochimaru was completely crippled when fighting naruto due to the ilness his body had, and the fact that his arms and all of his ninjutsu were sealed by 5th Hokage with the Death Reaper Seal! So Orochimaru now is at his peak or however you want to call it, with a fresh body and all of his powers back


        1. Sunite

          Hmm, I don’t think he’s arms are back, his soul doesn’t have arms, therefore he won’t be able to use them, plus he isn’t using a fresh body, it’s just the snakes have been given another purpose which is to act as Orochimaru’s body… still might not have any use for his hands….


  2. Emerson

    What if Orochimaru’s scroll Had secrets on how to Get souls back out of Death Reaper Seal, He can get his arms back and the Previous hokages including part of 9 tails and Naruto’s mom. I can imagine Them being like THE SHIT to take down Basically anything, also the scroll has been given way to much hype for it to be something crappy or just another power up for sasuke. (Which we all know he’s going to get if he wants to stand a chance against naruto)


  3. boyka

    woww…! Wooww..! I cud’nt believe it when i heard sasuke said hes bringing back orochimaru-sama im so excited to c my star return. Wow cant wait for next wk. Omg. Im still shaking.lol.


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