Call Ichigo Kurosaki – Shunsui Fights Quincy – Bleach 497

Bleach 497 explodes into action as Soul Society is quickly being destroyed by the Quincies. The Quincies have already gained their Bankai and now they play with them. Renji becomes under pressure to release his Bankai but is stopped by Byakuya. Shunsui starts a fight with one of the Sternritter, he receives a quick injury to the eye as the Quincies are lightning fast. Mayuri calls the other Captains Idiot for not listening to him.

Bleach 497 starts as the Sternritter facing Captains have quickly obtained their Bankai’s! Soi Fong is in shock as her Bankai has been taken away from her. Matsumoto stands still as she doesn’t know what to do or even know what’s just happened here. Toshiro, Renji and Komamura are surprised at what had just happened. Komamura realizes that they’ve stolen their Bankai’s. Toshiro can’t feel anything coming from his sword. He asks for his sword to say something but Hyorinmaru doesn’t respond!

Toshiro yells at Matsumoto to quickly use the Tenteikura. This informs all the other captains that they should not use their Bankai’s when fighting with the Quincies as they are likely to just steal it. Matsumoto does this and all the other captains find out! Unohana finds out that the 10th, 2nd, 6th and 7th Division Captains have had their Bankai’s lost!

Mayuri runs in to tell them that he had warn them to wait until Mayuri had finished his analysis, he then calls them idiots because they had not listened to him with such a serious case. Yamamoto steps in front of Mayuri, it’s as thought he’s all ready to go and fight with the Quincies.

During Shunsui’s fight with a Sternritter, he tells him that he is thankful, as Mayuri usually gets to a conclusion with a day or so as long as he has enough information, but as he didn’t have enough information about this stolen bankai’s and Quincy situation it’s going to be hard for them to be able to explain their abilities. Shunsui tells the Sternritter that they are not the enemies that can be beaten by a Bankai, sooner or later someone had to be sacrificed.

The Sternritter quickly approaches Shunsui and goes for a shot in the face, Shunsui moves his head and lifts his feet to push him back as well as get a hit. He does this but just after a few moments, the Quincy moves at lightning fast speed to behind Shunsui after saying “Grimaniel”. Shunsui turns his face and the Sternritter quickly shoots one of his arrows right at Shunsui’s Eye!

The Sternritter seems to have absorbed some Reishi from Soul Society, he now has wing like structure behind him. Shunsui tells him that he may act cool, but he’s nervous too because these Quincies can pull anything out. Shunsui with a smile tells the Quincy that he’s in a bad situation as he can only see with one eye.

Somewhere else, Yuki and Shino see Kajoumaru being slaughtered by one of the Quincies. The Vandenreich Leader stands behind him, the Quincy asks what he should do  because this team looks like they already lost the will to fight. The Vandenreich Leader tells him that if he things they’ll be happier alive then leave them free, if they deserve to die then he should kill them. The Quincy agrees.

Angered Renji see’s what happened to Byakuya, his Bankai has just been lost. Renji Impatiently tries to bring out his Bankai but is stopped by Byakuya as they may also take his Bankai from him! Byakuya explains that they will take his Bankai if he doesn’t be careful! Renji shouts at Byakuya asking him for a way to defeat him because he’s just too powerful!

At the Research HQ, Akon is seriously worried about the Shinigami’s as there is literally an exponential number of Shinigami’s being killed at this moment. Akon asks one of the members there to link him to Ichigo Kurosaki. The member tells Akon that the Captain will not permit of this. Akon tells the member that he will take responsibility for what is currently happening here. Bleach 497 ends here!

What an incredible chapter! The way Bleach is turning out is incredible! The war is astonishing! The number of Shinigami’s dying is just incredible! Akon is worried so he calls for the help of Ichigo as he’s Bankai cannot be stolen! Bleach 498 is going to incredible! Hopefully we’ll continue with the fight of Kirge vs Ichigo next week!

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  1. T-BO

    I’m kinda disappointed at how much they rely on their Bankai’s. I know they are fighting a strong opponent but you don’t bring out your trump card at the beginning of a fight. Whatever happened to fighting with just your sword, then using some hado (sp), calling your swords name and when all else fails (plus your enemy is kinda worn down) then you use your bankai? They aren’t even that far into the fight and they are already calling up Ichigo. The captains and vice captains have gotten soft over the years. I know i’m complaining but don’t take that as me not liking Bleach, i’m just a critical fan. Can’t wait til next week!!!


    1. Sunite

      I was also surprised at this, it’s as though they can’t fight with their Shikai, and yeah I agree. Plus Byakuya lost his sword because it went down the ground to get his Bankai. This chapter went so damn fast that it was kind of hard to determine whats actually happening even if its all a fight. Hopefully Kubo does get things mixed up and hopefully he can time everything perfectly. It’s as though Ichigo itself is there Trump Card and not their Bankai… I seriously think that the Quincies are going to win this war. They’ve only got around 7 people in the battle field and those seven Sternritter are on the level of Yamamoto or even higher!! It’s incredible how fast they are.. specially when Shunsui is at a disadvantage atm… Next week’s going to be epic!


  2. Zla

    They seem to have lost shikai as well. Hyorinmarus spirit is gone and with that its just an ordinary katana now. As it seems only Yama-ji, Kenpachi, Ikkaku, Ichigo and Aizen are a match for them.

    Also Shunsui loosing an eye is a bit shocking but at least he is the only one calm right now. Only thing i could complain that he is again fighting an gunslinger. Seems familiar no? 😛


    1. Sunite

      Hahah xD I wasn’t too surprised when i saw the gun. Reminded me of Starkk, good times! lol

      And Ikkaku isn’t too powerful when it comes to Bankai’s…. Also I’ve heard that Renji has gotten a brand new Bankai, so possibly he’s gotten more powerful as with it… Hopefully he’s not as stupid lol. Good think that Kenpachi can go for a long fight with these Quincies because he’s got no Bankai 😀


      1. Zla

        I think Renji mastered it but nothing too new. The ones i mentioned above are capable of fighting them. Not 100% sure about Ikkaku but as i know his Bankai isnt reiatsu based which makes it harder for them to steal.


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