Lucy is Targeted! – Fairy Tail 130

Fairy Tail 130 continues from last week’s episode. The three familiar people literally have fun attacking the Fairy Tail Guild. Every Fairy Tail member are set straight as they are unable to do anything because a green goo saps their energy. Sugerboy, Hughes, Coco and Byro are back, but this time they are from Earthland. They are there to capture and take Lucy away from Fairy Tail.

We begins with Fairy Tail 130 with the three people asking Happy, Lily and Carla where Lucy is. Lily notices that Coco is there. They notice that they have no memories of the Exceeds because these three are originally from the Earth and not Edolas.

As the whole Fairy Tail Guild arrives to their headquarters, they notice them three. They remember them from and ask what they’re doing there. They say that they’ve only got one demand. Which is for Fairy Tail to had over Lucy Heartfilia.

They for a little while and ask again. This time, Sugerboy attacks with his green goo. It goes every that it sucks in Elfman, Mirajane and Lisanna. Everyone tries to run away while others are fighting. They start fighting but ultimately get captured by the green goo. Natsu is currently too tired from his fight with Laxus.

Natsu gets up and receives some energy from Romeo. He then fights sends some fire to them but doesn’t work because it’s just redirected to other members. They keep fighting but it doesn’t work at all because all the magic used is just redirected to another members due to the power of Hughes.

As the real Lucy goes to tell them that she’s the one they are looking for, Michelle gets there before Lucy and tells them that she’s the real one. She covers Lucy’s back. At this point, every Fairy Tail girl joins in to say that they are Lucy to cover Lucy, and to confuse them.

Lucy and Michelle run for it when Natsu tries to attack them. Fairy Tail keep attacking. After some time, Lucy and Michelle are caught by Coco. She asks which one is Lucy, but then they put the act up, so Coco is once again tricked by them. They escape once again.

Hughes uses Natsu’s magic as a flash so they could get away from there. They use it as a way to flash every member of Fairy Tail and thus they could get away and possibly come back at another time. Jet and Droy notice the explosion and go to help.

After some time, Natsu, Happy, Carla, Wendy and Lily have gone out to get Lucy and Michelle back. Wendy, Lily and Carla are met by Coco as she lost Lucy and Michelle from back then, they tell them that they don’t know.

Natsu and Happy are met by Sugerboy with his green goo’s. Out of nowhere. A large octopus looking thing is seen which lands where Natsu is located. Natsu notices that the man on top of the Octopus is actually Byro, who was a little man when in Edolas, but now seems to be much stronger.

Lucy and Michelle are hidden somewhere talking about Celestial Spirits. They are found by Hughes. Michelle is being controlled by Hughes powers. She is going towards a cliff. It seems as though that she’s going to fall off, in a few moments she does fall of because they had notice revealed who Lucy was. Fairy Tail 130 ends here.

That was a pretty good episode. We saw who the Earth versions of Coco, Hughes, Sugerboy and Byro are. During next week’s Fairy Tail 131, we’ll see Gildarts enter the scene and fight against Byro. They’ll have an impressive fight.


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