Lucy’s Memento – Michelle Lobster Arrives – Fairy Tail 128

Fairy Tail 128 is the start of another adventurous arc (Key of the Starry Sky Arc) Lucy being the center of it all. We are joined by a distant relative of Lucy’s, Michelle Lobster. There is also a package which needs to be delivered to Lucy which holds great power. Michelle joins Lucy, Natsu, Erza and Gray on a job to find out how a real job with them could be, it’s usually noise but never boring!

We start the episode by finding out that a large number of churches being burnt down for no reason. While a girl with a large packaged box holds it while sitting down on a train going somewhere.

Natsu and the he’s friends talk about what they should do to Lisanna’s grave, due to it being back, Mirajane says to leave it but change the inscription. Lisanna agrees when she went to the church, she also finds out that the archbishop is also going to come out to see every, this means that a huge number of people from different countries are going to make their way to the church.

At the Magic Council, Lahar gives a report to Guran Doma that there was a huge fiery explosion at the Akaza district church, he also mentions that there have been more than 30 cases like these. They still have no clue to point to the suspect even after analyzing the details. Guran Doma tells Lahar to discovered who the menace is and arrest them no matter what.

The girl from the train approaches the Fairy Tail Guild in search for Lucy, Romeo guides her to Lucy and she introduces herself as Michelle Lobster. She mentions that Lucy is her “Nee-san”, meaning sister. Happy, being happy, shouts that Lucy’s dad had an illegitimate daughter. Michelle tells every that she’s from a distant family related to Lucy, meaning they are relatives.

As she tries to give Lucy a big ol’ hug, the package she holds falls onto her toe. Moments later she reveals that the package was sent by her father as a memento. She also states that she was there when Jude had passed away. She was told to find Lucy no matter what and deliver this package.

They open the package with a mysterious key-shaped object covered with bandages, Carla at the sight of the unraveled, mysterious, key-liked object is somehow terror-stricken. Everyone asks what it could be, but Michelle avoids the questions and tells everyone that she hasn’t ate a three days.

Lucy and Michelle go back to Lucy’s apartment, Lucy offers to make tea, while Michelle falls into tears after reading her novel because she doesn’t know what had happened to Iris. Michelle tells Lucy that she has a dream for her future, she’s a wizard who is fulfilling life. Saddened Michelle has no where else to go, so Lucy tells her that she could stay with her and do small jobs to share the rent.

Natsu has been looking for Lucy to do a job to catch some bandits. Michelle states that she wants to go with them, everyone else agrees because it’ll help her gain experience. They go to a large forest. Erza pulls ups with a carriage to tells her plan to everyone. She tells everyone that she and Lucy will entice everyone with their bikini show on the front, while Gray and Natsu attack everyone at the back.

Natsu disagrees as he’s unable to ride in a carriage. Michelle takes part in the plan by replacing Erza from her spot to act as the decoy. They agree and go on ahead. Lucy and carriage are surrounded by bandits, Lucy then initiates the plan as she strips to her bikini. The bandits are in shock that she did such a thing, they dislike her and go straight for the cargo.

They find Gray and Erza there to bust their ass up, Lucy tries to fight but fails because the weapon she uses had run out of energy. Natsu falls by and helps Lucy and the others by using he’s Dazzling Blaze of the Fire Dragon. The bandits are defeated in a snap and captured by the soldiers.

Back as the guild, Michelle trips while holding the memento for Lucy , somehow the memento starts to float randomly while some ancient language start to glow on it. Lucy asks if they Levy or Fried are there but both have gone on a quest. Michelle mentions that it may be trying to tell us something. Makarov states that Lucy must not get involved with this, at each point Lucy mentions her father. She also tells herself that she is going to solve this riddle no matter what. Fairy Tail 128 ends here.

What a great start to a fantastic arc. Unfortunately, this arc is somewhat a filler because it hasn’t been written in the manga, so what happens in this arc will unfold as we see more and more within next week’s Fairy Tail 129 episode.


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