Invincible Lucy – Fairy Tail 127

Today’s Fairy Tail 127 episode is unfortunately a Filler, but its one which is somewhat interesting. Lucy becomes invincible and tries to scare everyone. But everything goes wrong and she becomes permanently invincible as well as her presence vanishing until Natsu remembers her name. She reappears and by accident the potion slips from Lucy’s hands and everyone else is sprayed with it.

Natsu comes to ask if Lucy wants to go on a job, but when he asks for food he is kicked out from her flat for always asking for things. Lucy finds a potion which she made around 7 years ago to make her skin luscious. She uses it during her bath.

Once she gets out she notices that she’s completely invincible! She gets shocked and notices that the potion is to blame because the effects of it may have changed. She thinks of what to do and decides to go to Fairy Tail guild.

She notices that she must go outside naked because it may freak everyone else. One her way she is met by a dog which licks her and a couple of kids which touch her inappropriately. She runs away from them until she gets to the guild.

She notices that Natsu and everyone else are talking about her for chucking Natsu out. They also mention that it’s going to be hard for her to get a boyfriend because she seems to always be angry and for her to be nicer to Natsu and Happy.

She starts a riot in the Guild hall by throwing beer on people and pinching people’s ears. Natsu and Gray start to fight, everyone start to join in, at this point Erza is sat out until a table hits her face. She gets mad and kicks everyone’s ass.

Natsu’s nose notices Lucy and she’s caught. She explains everything to everyone that she’s invincible and she’s unable to revert to her normal form. Freed and Levy come up with a way, but after using their technique, they mention that it’ll take 7 years to revert back.

Out of nowhere, her presence start to disappear and everything she bought and had disappeared. Everyone else forgets about who Lucy was and wonder what their doing there. As Natsu drinks, he mentions that they should go do a job, he speaks out the words Lucy and quickly remembers who she was. Everyone else does the same and she appears with a smile on her face. Fairy Tail 127 ends here.

That was an interesting episode. At the end everyone became invincible. During next week’s Fairy Tail 128, I think that the real story starts as the girl who is shown in the beginning and ending of each episode will start in next week’s Fairy Tail 128. Although it’s not been written in the manga, so it’s still a filler. Long Filler? Presumably.


What do you think?

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