Tobi’s Izanagi Saves Him – Naruto Shippuden 253

What a crazy episode Naruto Shippuden 253 was! We saw the awesome fight between Konan and Tobi end, we also dive into the past of the Akatsuki, as it shows their bonds growing even stronger.

We start the fantastic episode with Tobi falling into Konan’s hole which was specially made for him. As he tries to transport away, Konan blocks his transportation jutsu by sticking the paper bombs on him.

As he falls down, he notices that everything around him are just paper bombs, to be exact, there are 600 Billion Paper Bombs! She wishes to kill him using this technique which would take around 10 minutes to fully explode. Before they all go off, Tobi cracks the other half of his mask to reveal that he has an eye which could be crucial to this.

As they all go off, one by one, Konan remembers all the times in which she and her friends were together. As the Sacred Paper Emissary Jutsu comes to an end, she realizes that she has nearly run out of chakra.

As she goes to say that Madara, or Tobi is dead. She notices that Tobi himself ends the sentence. She becomes shocked and realizes that she has not been able to kill him. She gets stabbed and asks how, after multiple simulations, he was able to defeat her.

He explains that the Izanagi helped him. In exchange for losing sight in that eye, he can tie the illusion and reality together. It’s a Forbidden Jutsu of the Uchiha, as it can only be used once his left eye closes after the use.

Konan escapes from him and is still able to use her chakra. She uses it to make a circular weapon which allowed her to quickly attack Tobi from the back. She sends two of them which pushes Tobi to the air, only to fall near to Konan, which then allowed him to push her into the air and strangle.

Tobi then finds the place in which both Yahiko and Nagato rest, he then uses his Transportation Jutsu to take Nagato to the world inside his eyes. At this point Konan then has a flash back to when Jiraiya was still with them. She remembers how he left them at a point and how they formed a team which was recognized by Hanzo.

At another point, Tobi’s look has completely changed, in which he now has a completely different mask and a new massive weapon. They receive the report which was originally done by the late Kisame. They understand the situation with Naruto and Killer Bee. The episode ends here.

What an incredible episode! Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 254, when the Kage’s talk about the future of the Jinchuuriki’s, and some crucial information about Tobi and Kabuto is revealed. Stay Tuned and Follow Us!

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