Ichigo gets his Shinigami Powers – Bleach 361

Bleach 361 is one fantastic episode! Ichigo finds out that Ginjo has been the enemy all along, as form Uryu, he knew all along. Rukia shows up with Urahara and Isshin, while Renji, Byakuya, Toshiro, Zaraki and Ikkaku show up to help them with the Xcution.

We start the episode as both Ichigo and Uryu are pinned down by Tsukishima and Ginjo. Ichigo hasn’t been able to do anything as Ginjo’s Fullbring Sword is inside of him. We flash back a little to find out that before Uryu was stabbed, Tsukishima was the suspect, but Ishida realizes that it was in fact Ginjo as his sword caused a lot more damage.

It is then revealed to us that Tsukishima has also cut other of Ichigo’s friends and families, such as Orihime, Tatsuki, Keigo, Mizuiro, Chad and his sisters, Karin and Yuzu. Uryu said that he had a hunch that something was going on with them since they  had something different about them. Ginjo then states that they have been following the same routine from the beginning, meaning that they have done this more than once before.

At this point, Ichigo keeps listening to what they have all to say about their plans. Ginjo continuous to tells Ichigo that Ichigo had to pushed in order to join Xcution so he could work together with Ginjo himself, so he could gain the power himself.

When Ichigo’s powers start to be absorbed, Ichigo realizes that he has no way to stop it. As it completes, Ginjo starts to walk off with Tsukishima, while Ginjo starts to raise his voice while demanding that Ginjo gives back his Fullbring Powers.

As Ichigo shouts to get Ginjo’s attention, while a sword stabs Ichigo from the back. Ichigo turns his head and sees Isshin and Urahara. Isshin tells him that he wasn’t the one who stabbed him. He looks at the base of the sword and notices that Rukia has materialized in front of him.

At this point, Ichigo transforms into his New Shinigami Form, found here. Now as Ichigo has gained his Shinigami powers, he realizes that Ichigo is able to fight Ginjo with all of his new Shinigami powers.

As Ginjo and Ichigo start to fight, Ichigo sends out a wave of a throw which Ginjo mistakenly thinks it as a Getsuga Tenshou, but a few seconds later he realizes that it’s not a Getsuga Tenshou because when Ichigo had sent it, he didn’t say the words.

As Ichigo builds his power for a Getsuga Tenshou, Ginjo becomes shocked by the amount of pressure Ichigo is able to give out when he is doing this move. At this point Ichigo launches his Getsuga Tenshou, but unfortunately it had missed Ginjo completely and hit the house behind him. Ginjo is shocked by the amount of power Ichigo has.

Damn, that was seriously an amazing episode! Ichigo has gained his powers again after Aizen’s battle. Can’t wait for next week’s episode where this battle carries on! Also something amazing is coming soon for this arc as Ichigo becomes even more powerful (Hint).

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    1. Sunite

      The moment Zaraki, Renji, Toshiro, Byakuya and Ikkaku came out of the thing, was epic!! really boosted the story, and showed how something amazing can occur from this!! FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!! xD


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