Your Fullbring Is Mine – Bleach 360

A very shocking episode as Ichigo realizes that Ishida is in his side, while Tsukishima and Ginjo are both on the opposing start, the performance Ginjo gave was both convincing as well as dark, since it brought the whole plan together.

We start this fantastic episode with Moe Shishigawara entering the scene to fight Ginjo. Surprisingly, Ginjo could not detect the type of power that Moe has, although Ginjo was somewhat afraid of his power as he wasn’t able to see anything on this hands that would do such a thing.

At this point, Ichigo if fighting Tsukishima, but every blow Ichigo goes to hit Tsukishima with, both Inoue and Chad come and stop him. This allows Tsukishima to get an advantage both in numbers as well as mentally because Ichigo doesn’t fully understand what is going on here.

Tsukishima explains his powers to Ichigo, Book of the End, splits the past. Tsukishima’s Fullbring powers doesn’t manipulate time and memories, but in fact it has the ability to insert Tsukishima’s ‘presence’ into a person’s past, when Tsukishima slices someone like he did with Orihime and Chad.

Tsukishima then taunts Ichigo that he and he only has the only memory which is fake, Ichigo then looses it and attacks him right on, and is stopped Orihime’s shield. Chad then attacks Ichigo, which is stopped by only one hand from Ichigo, showing how powerful Ichigo has gotten just within this form. Chad starts to complain to Ichigo that he didn’t become strong to fight him, but in fact became strong to fight Tsukishima which has currently got Chad under his control.

Ichigo is punched out of the room by Chad’s Brazo Izquieda Del Diablo. Here, Ichigo now has the ability to fight Tsukishima properly, as Orihime and Chad are not going to get in the middle due to them fighting in the air.

We return back to Ginjo’s fight, Jackie Tristan releases her Dirty Boots Fullbring, Giriko Kutsuzawa does the same by releasing his Time Tells No Lies Fullbring. Riruka also releases her Dollhouse Fullbring, which is in the form of a Gun.

Moe then comes behind Ginjo and hits the guard which broke off. His Fullbring Jackpot Knuckle has the ability to control the odds and draw out the jackpot right from the start. Depending on the odds, the higher the odds the more powerful the attack while the lower the odds the less powerful the attack.

Outside, Tsukishima realizes that Ichigo has grown a lot more powerful as he is now able to release the Getsuga Tensho even in Fullbring mode. His powers have reawakened as well as the speed of his attacks are way faster than Tsukishima had anticipated.

Moe is then left to make sure that Ginjo is pushed outwards outside where Ichigo and Tsukishima are. As Tsukishima is going to be hit, Ginjo puts himself in the middle which causes him to be stabbed by Tsukishima.

Ginjo thinks that the effects of his Fullbring will take effect at a point, but in fact he then realizes that his original memories come back, this was due to him being stabbed a second time. This was all a plan for Ginjo to get stabbed once more at a specific time where Ichigo will feel as though Ginjo is his ally.

At this moment, Uryu Ishida appears, Ichigo thinks that, as Ishida was stabbed by Tsukishima, he is on the opposing side. Ishida tells Ichigo to come to Ishida’s side while he has his Ginrei Kojaku. He aims at what seems Ichigo, but as Ginjo gets up, Ishida yells “The guy who cut me, is the guy standing behind you!”, and sends a shot at Ginjo.

At this exciting moment, Ichigo then is cut horridly but Ginjo. He then explains that a second stab from Tsukishima neutralizes the effects from the sword. Ginjo’s Substitute Badge appears and places it over his sword, this changes the guard of it, giving it a skull on the guard. Ginjo ends this episode by saying “Your Fullbring Is Mine” and then stabbing Ichigo with his sword.

What a cruel episode, Ichigo must be going through a bunch of emotions right now, although I’m sure next week’s Bleach 361 episode, he’s going to kick everyone’s ass, since something BIG is coming up! And also don’t forget to tell me what you guys thought about today’s episode.

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    1. Sunite

      Thats very true, I also think the same thing since when he had his black/red flowing Fullbring was awesome…
      It’s just little similar to Naruto’s Chakra Mode/Bijuu Mode


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