Jackie Tristan’s Loneliness – Bleach 478

Within the latest Bleach 478 chapter, we see Jackie Tristan grieving over what she’s going to do to in the future. She’s lost both her Fullbring powers Dirty Boots and her friends within the Xcution.

During the pocket dimension fight with Renji, she was said to be dead but that was in fact a lie since we can see her alive and walking in this chapter.

We Yukio and Jackie meet in this chapter, they both start out quite surprised since they have both lost their Fullbring. Yukio states that Jackie was the only one who actually hated their Fullbring abilities. After losing her powers she feels a little jealous since Giriko was the only one who died with his Fullbring.

She feels unhappy because of the fact that their abilities were the only thing linking the members of Xcution together, and now since they have all lost their abilities, they don’t need to be a part of a team. Jackie grief comes because she may not like her abilities, but the Xcution members are probably the closest thing she’s has to a family.

As Yukio starts to walk, she requests for both of them to stay together for a while since she is afraid of being alone. Yukio replies to “Give me three years”. Yukio also states that they can come and work for him as he will make the company 3 times as large.

“You’re all a bunch of misfits who can’t survive without my money anyway.” says Yukio. Jackie surprised agrees with Yukio’s decision and says “we’ll be waiting”. She mention We for a reason, she tells herself that she will rejoin with other members for a happy ever after, which may or may not happen. It’s truly an emotional journey for Jackie Tristan.

That part of the chapter was a great start, maybe it says what will happen to the members of the Xcution. Bleach 479 will be an amazing chapter! Can’t wait!

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