Son Goku and Kurama – The Fourth and Nine-Tailed Beasts – Naruto 568

After a late entry for last chapter this week, due to the holidays. Naruto 568 has just been released and translated. Naruto is swollen whole by the Four-Tails, named Son. Son mocks Naruto for his philosophy about treating Tailed Beasts as friends because no one has ever treated the Beasts as they should.

When Naruto is swollen fully by Son, Naruto opens his eyes and appears in front of the Fourth Tailed, he is chained up. Son suspects that Naruto is there to steal his powers, but Naruto doesn’t even know what he’s doing there.

Naruto surprisingly makes sure if what is in front of him is the Four-Tails. Son replies with anger and says that he has Honorable Name. “I am Son, Beautiful Ape King of the Suiren Caves! I am the Sage King of the Apes, My Name Bestowed Upon me by the Sage of the Six Paths himself! You address his Holiness of all the Heavens, Son Goku!” His full name being Son Goku.

Naruto being Naruto, doesn’t know a word Son Goku just said and just annoys Son even more. After a little more arguing between both, Naruto apologies to Son. “You’re an honest one, for a human at least. I ain’t never seen a human apologize to a tailed beast before.” After a little more chatter, Son mentions that Kurama trained Naruto well. Kurama being the 9th Tailed-Beast.

Naruto not knowing Kurama’s name, Naruto is surprised. Son keeps on complaining about Humans as they steal their powers for their own selfish needs, by sealing them away and denying their existence. This leaving Naruto in the spotlight as he flashes back to when he was a child, being left alone with no friends. He tells Son that he used to get into trouble to get attention just so people would scold him.

Naruto being all inspired and hyped up with the situation, he mentions that his a Jinchuuriki and his name is Naruto, left by his parents and master. Naruto can’t stand the thought of the tailed-beasts being controlled by someone like him, who doesn’t even care who he is.

After seeing how Killer Bee and the Eight-Tails treat each other, “joke around, have fights, encourage each other…” Naruto becomes inspired by that relationship and wants for Kumara and Naruto to have a similar relationship as “I’m just so incredibly Jealous!”

Son bursts out laughing and mocks Naruto for what he requests. “A human like you, wanting to be friends with the tailed beasts”. This relationship has never existed before but seeing as Killer B and Eight-Tails have something there, Naruto wants to also have this. As Son laughs, Naruto’s face stays straight with no emotion except that Naruto’s serious about this.

Naruto asks for Son’s help. Son’s opinion of Naruto exists as Naruto is a lot better than that masked one. Son asks for Naruto to undo the chains so he can become free and have control over him own body.

Could this be a setup, Son being released from his chains could be a bad idea, as we saw with Naruto and Kumara. But I’m sure that Naruto and Son trust each other to work together to bring the masked one, or Tobi, down. This is the last chapter of 2011. But we can expect for Naruto 569 to blow us away in 2012!

What do you think?

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