Ichigo’s New Bankai Overview + Fanart

So, It’s been over a week since Ichigo released his new Bankai form and there are more than amazing fan art images out there.

Within this blog post I want to do a little overview of how Ichigo’s Bankai looks like. There have been many fan art images of the new Bankai look everywhere, but they keep missing one thing. This one thing is that Ichigo’s blade is not as they think it is. As seen here, Ichigo’s Bankai doesn’t seem to have the space within the sword.

But In fact, it does. It does have the rectangular space within his Zanpakuto. Hence, the images have the incorrect sword. To explain more about Ichigo’s New Look, here is a list of the changes:

  • The Bankai black jacket makes a come back with some minor changes.
  • The greaves on his new form makes a return, but are larger and appears to be white.
  • The jacket is now open with three black cross-bands.
  • The collar has also been altered slightly. This is similar to his Fullbring look.
  • Aside from the black bands across his chest, Ichigo is wearing a white open shirt under his jacket.
  • The sleeves we saw during his first Bankai returns, which spans from his shoulders to his wrists.
  • Ichigo now has black gloves on both of his hands.
  • On his left and right arms he has white cross bands which complement to the black cross-bands on his chest.
  • Regarding his Zanpakuto, Tensa Zangetsu has gotten a lot longer from his older Bankai.
  • The sword has a rectangular hole spanning from the guard to the middle of the sword.
  • There are three jagged points starting at the middle of the sword pointing towards its slightly curved end.
  • The guard of this sword is now much more jagged.

Thanks to cmcwiki on posting a brief description of Ichigo’s New Bankai Look.

There are 2 comments

  1. Evan lees bleached

    What is it’s name is it different fron tends zangetsu or is it still tensa zangetsu with a different look .I thought that the reatsu in the sword had reatsu Fromm 13 captains.


    1. Sunite

      I presume that Ichigo is still able to use all his skills, and hopefully it’s still Tensa Zangetsu… Seeing Old Man Zangetsu again would be a treat!
      Yes some captains did give him some power to restart his reiatsu, afterwards Ichigo will be able to make his own because he already had a small amount before…. It’s like when Ichigo first got his power, he already had some power but only needed a start to get his reiatsu flowing… 🙂


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