Ichigo saved by Kugo Ginjo, Ichigo accepts help from Xcution – Bleach 347

Ichigo finally accepts help from Kugo Ginjo and Xcution. Bleach 347 features Ichigo and his sister Yuzu Kurosaki get involved in fight with a Hollow.

During today’s episode, we see the Xcution members offer Ichigo to return his Soul Reaper powers. But Ichigo’s original question was, what is happening to his friends around him. Ichigo refused to turn up to the Xcution Safe house to give Kugo Ginjo an answer.

This set of a couple of thing especially the Hollow. Shukuro Tsukishima had stabbed a dead soul which was on the process of being sent to Soul Society. He stabbed him in his heart and turned into a Hollow. This hollow attacked Ichigo and Yuzu Kurosaki.

We saw when Ichigo stabbed the Hollow, that he was able to actually sense the presence and somewhat see the Hollow’s structure and figure, this could have meant that his power is still there, he hasn’t lost it but is could be in a hibernating state.

If you guys have noticed yet, all of this was an obvious setup by Kugo Ginjo, if you read the manga, you would have already predicted. But since you haven’t, ill briefly explain. Kugo Ginjo is the bad guy! Xcution want to train Ichigo to get his power, only to steal all of his powers for their personal use. Tsukishima has the power to insert himself into any personal memory, as a good or bad guy, by just touching his sword with that person or object. Tsukishima made himself an enemy to Kugo Ginjo so he could make Ichigo train and get his power. Therefore Kugo Ginjo is the good guy and Tsukishima the bad. So Tsukishima can push Ichigo to the good, Kugo Ginjo, side.

Keep watching the episodes, don’t forget to watch next weeks Bleach 348. In addition to the manga which may release tomorrow, Bleach 472.

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