Ultimate Tag Team of Raikage and Bee – Naruto Shippuden 282

Naruto Shippuden 282 explains how the Ultimate Tag Team of the Raikage and Killer Bee were created. He was adopted when he was small and was told to comply with the Eight Tails. We also get some Minato action as he fights both Bee and Raikage on his own, he is clearly at a higher level to both of them.

Naruto Shippuden 282 starts as Naruto and Bee are going towards where the battlefield is in order to help everyone from the fight when both Tsunade and Raikage appear. Bee in enticed by Tsunade’s breasts, Raikage tells both of them that they are not going to go pass.

Naruto and Bee both want to get passed, even Bee tells the Raikage to let them through, the Raikage tells them that they cannot go through because the battle is to protect both of them, if they can’t do this they will fail. Naruto get’s ready to run away as quickly as he can, at this point he’s faced by Raikage’s quick speed, he realizes that he also has immense speed which is able to keep up.

Naruto is punched and pushed back. Naruto asks for Tsunade to do something, she refuses as she cannot make a choice without consulting the Allied Shinobi Force, Naruto understands and wants to quickly get away even if it means to force him out. Naruto moves as fast as he to realize that the Raikage is as fast as him.

Raikage says that there is no faster Shinobi except the Fourth Hokage. He says that he was called the Child of Prophecy, the savior of the world, he then says that he failed because he isn’t here. Naruto gets angry and shuts Raikage up that tells him that he did not fail, and that he shouldn’t talk about his dad like that.

We see some memories from the moments during that night. Naruto says that he did not fail, the Raikage then gets even angry and starts to build more of his chakra. Naruto responds with a hand sign when Raikage goes for an attack. Bee comes in the middle and stops his attack. He tells the Raikage that if he wants to kill Naruto, he should also die.

Bee reminds the Raikage of some old memories of how it was like with both of them. The Raikage remembers the old times when A was trying to pick a partner for his body-guard as well as perform a perfect Double Lariat. The kids keep on going, one of the other they all fail and just roll over.

When it’s Bee’s turn he does it and successfully gets to fist bump the Raikage. They move onto an enemy base where they easily attack and get to eat as much food as they want, he also starts to accomplish missions with A’s supervision. A’s cousin tells him that to become a Jinchuuriki, the person will have to have this something in order to live, or else the person will die. He also explains the bad points of being the Jinchuuriki.

We then see a moment where the Raikage’s cousin dies, the people talk how the next Jinchuuriki will be Bee. We then go to a fight where Bee took out Ninja’s from the Sand all on his own, they also do the Double Lariat on the only one left. Raikage tells Bee that he needs to grow stronger in order to match the proper strength.

Bee calls the Raikage a fool because he’s going to surpass him very soon. We move onto the waterfall we saw Naruto in, Raikage tells Bee tells that from this point on nothing will be the same anymore, they both then fist bump and he tells him that he is special to him, he should also tell him everything.

We now go to where Minato faced both A and Bee. Minato spreads out his Kunai to most placed, A gets ready and quickly goes for an attack, he quickly teleports to on another Kunai, then quickly back to the one he threw, this gives Minato the advantage as he can quickly attack the Raikage from the back.

At this point, Bee quickly uses one of his tentacles to push both of them back, at this point the retreat signal is sound. Minato tells Bee that he’s got something very powerful and special, not that he’s talented or a Jinchuuriki but that he’s special, he says that he’s got a good family. A notices all the Kunai and attacks once more, at this point Minato appears behind Bee!

We notice that the teleportation jutsu was placed on the tentacle. Bee was also ready to attack Minato as he had noticed. Both Bee and Raikage remember these moments which could allow the passage for Naruto to go through. Naruto Shippuden 282 ends here.

The fillers are gone and we’re back to the War! It’s going to be awesome, plus we’ve got awesome new Opening and Ending for the episode. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 283, titled “Two Suns”, when all this carries on, Naruto gets one step closer to leaving, we also see that Tobi has brought back most of the other Jinchuuriki’s!

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Naruto’s Chakra Mode – Naruto Shippuden 247

Naruto has finally gained Kurama’s Chakra with the help of his mother, Kushina Uzumaki. Naruto’s hard work has paid off as Naruto has now been able to pull out Kurama’s (Nine-Tails) chakra and absorb it within himself. This produced Naruto’s latest anime form, Chakra Mode, or Kyuubi Mode.

Naruto was finally able to gain his power as Kushina was able to hold Kurama in place using her chakra to act like chains, this helped Naruto to do Shadow Clone Jutsu within his Sage Mode which in turn used the Sage Art: Massive Rasengan Barrage to blow Kurama away.

As Kurama’s Chakra wasn’t fully pulled off, Naruto had to use his Rasen Shuriken which then stopped Kurama and pushed him slightly back which helped the Shadow Clones to pull Kurama’s chakra and then Naruto had to chance to absorb all that chakra.

At this silent moment, Naruto had turned into his new form Chakra Mode, or if you prefer Kyuubi Mode. Kurama got very angry because his chakra had been stolen, which he then made a massive Bijuu Dama which was cancelled as Naruto had again imprisoned him.

Naruto Chakra Mode (Ultimate Mode Update)

This is an update to the Naruto Chakra Mode posted before! This one gives more new images of Naruto’s Chakra Mode.

Naruto’s Bijuu Mode is here: Bijuu Mode – Naruto’s New Power

Naruto Chakra Mode (Ultimate Mode)