Natsu vs Gray! Invading Avatar HQ – Fairy Tail 427

Fairy Tail 427 see’s Natsu and Gray finally meeting when they invade in the headquarters belonging to Avatar. Natsu, Lucy and Happy all try to quickly jump into action when Lucy tries her best to sneak in without alerting anyone, however Natsu just shouts Gray’s name whilst inside to get his attention.

Fairy Tail 427 begins as Natsu tries to quickly attack without any warning, however Lucy holds him and stops him and Lucy before they can go in. She tells them not to barge in, and that they should plan before going in. She summons Virgo, to which when she does, she’s all tied up as she was punishing herself.

Virgo gets up, when Lucy uses her Star Dress: Virgo Form to get some power from Virgo and gain extra abilities from her summoning. They go on ahead and dig all the way to the basement. They get up when Natsu shouts Gray’s name, telling him to come out from wherever he is.

Everyone notices intruders are near, Gray does too. Lucy quickly stops Natsu from speaking, when he tells her that he is there and that he can smell him. Abel appears as he notices that they’re intruders who want to have fun. Abel shows them the doll he holds when it reminds them of Noro when they fought him.

Abel was given the doll by someone in Grimoire Heart, he mentions that the world is full of really interesting black magic. Virgo mentions to be careful as he’s strong despite his looks. Natsu stands above him and quickly smacks him to the ground, quickly knocking him out!

Gray mentions that he has no problem with him, only Gray. Goumon appears angry and mentions that he’s in trouble as he begins throwing things at Natsu, while he jumps and spins everywhere to escape the attacks. Natsu stops the wooden dragon in its tracks, however it turns out to be an iron maiden.

Natsu is trapped by the maiden and stuck inside. However, moments later we see Natsu appear smiling as he melts the metal making up the maiden. Natsu jumps into action and punches Goumon out of there! D-6 appears which then tries to take down Natsu, but Natsu’s sweeps his leg and smashes into his face!

Taking down three enemies within such a short time. Goumon mentions that it’s impossible for him to beat all three of them so quickly. Gray quickly appears and mentions that he isn’t someone that can be defeated by them. Gray mentions that he’ll deal with them himself. Natsu asks if he’s doing well as Fairy Tail 427 ends here.

A fantastic chapter, we’ll we finally see a Gray vs Natsu match? Possible if Gray has gone to the dark side. Nevertheless, it would be fantastic battle, I really can’t wait to see what happens in next week’s Fairy Tail 428, titled “If The Road Taken Was Wrong…”, it’ll be really good!

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  1. grayfullbuster622

    Well all i gotta say here is I hope Gray atleast has gotten Just as strong as Natsu but those one-shots were to rediculouse…….I’m sorry i know Mashima was trying to show how more powerfu natsu is But with Gray Nuh-Uhh aint gonna happen I’m atleast hoping Gray can kick atleast 50% of natsu’s ass …….in this next chapter and show Him who’s the big bad dog around this place……so yeah all in all thats what i think about this chapter most likely Gajeel and lily might interfere and natsu and grays fight will be prolonged …thats atleast what I’m hoping All those Natsu fans and they’re Bullshit…………….acting like natsu s some god made powerful beast “whatever” thats all i gotta say about this chapter.


  2. Deepaksingh

    I’m pretty sure gray is atleast 85% strong as natsu as he was also training with juvia and later on his own… Interference by gajeel yup tat i agree with you we ain’t gonna see them fight much and even if we do there’s gonna be much talk and less fight..


  3. Deepaksingh

    Gray has always been a strong opponent for natsu as we have seen in previous arc’s/chapter’s.. Thats an another thing that natsu steals the fame in the end though ??


  4. Deepaksingh

    In the end i don’t want neither of them to lose grays a cool guy where as for natsu he is a steal head when it comes to fighting ??


  5. Deepaksingh

    Has any1 noticed that wendy is not when them where did she go?? Can any1 tell me?? Was she left at sabertooth by natsu and lucy so that she does not have to face Avatar guild (gray)??


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