Naruto Shippuden 270 [SPOILERS]

Naruto Shippuden 270 was postponed to next week and a lot of your must be unhappy because of this. Well, since this Arc has a lot of fights and is turning out to be pretty nice, I’m going to run through some things which will occur during the Naruto Shippuden 270 episode.

Naruto Shippuden 270 continues on from last week’s episode when Kinkaku gets really pissed off because his brother Ginkaku was sucked into the gourd. As Kinkaku gets more and more angry, he starts to destroy everything around him, even the rocks and hills he’s faced with.

As Darui is seen to be shocked and really out of energy, we see Kakuzu mention that he hasn’t seen Kinkaku in such an angry state, he guesses that something may have happened to Kinkaku.

Somewhere else, as Naruto keep on training to obtain the Bijuu Dama, he senses a disturbance within his chakra, this is due to the fact that Kinkaku has released his Nine Tailed Chakra. As he’s trying to perform his Bijuu Dama, he looses control during the compression stage and it blows up in his face. Killer Bee tells him that he nearly had it then, Naruto notices the disturbance.

Kinkaku keeps on getting stronger as he transforms more and more, Darui calls it ridicules and then says sorry, Kinkaku tells Darui that it’s too late for him when he attacks and Darui escapes it. Choza notices that he looks very familiar to a Jinchuuriki, one of the older Shinobi’s tells them that long before Uchiha Madara was in control of Kurama, the Hidden Cloud tried to capture Kurama. At this point, Kinkaku and Ginkaku were swallowed, after two weeks they came out looking like that.

One of the other shinobi realizes that they both were crapped out of Kurama, they notice this and quickly contact HQ for a plan. Shikaku shouts to ask where the back is and what Darui’s division is doing. Someone tells him that they’ve captured Ginkaku while Kinkaku is wrapped up in Kurama’s Chakra Cloak who is going crazy.

Tsunade asks the Raikage how they can have the Demon Fox’s Chakra Cloak as well as having their chakra, how are they able to have his form as well? Raikage tells her that they spend two weeks inside Kurama’s gut and only survived by eating the meat of its stomach! Someone tried to copy by eating a tentacle from the Eight-Tails but died, they are both special as they maybe distantly related to the Sage of Six Paths!

Tsunade asks how they are going to stop them. The Raikage tells her that Kinkaku may have monstrous power and chakra, but they do not posses the Fifth Treasure, with it they can seal and capture him!

Darui receives word from HQ that they are going to send the Amber Purifying Pot, he realizes that they’ll be able to capture him like this in a much easier and comfortable way. At HQ, the Raikage explains that the Amber Purifying Put is one of the Five Ultimate Treasures! It was used to seal the Eight-Tail. It works as the pots wielder calls out the targets name, the target responds which records the voice and seals him inside.

The Raikage’s secretary, Mabui allows her to transfer any physical object anywhere at the speed of light. Tsunade asks Raikage how they’re going to get Kinkaku to answer to the call, Shikaku Tsunade that he’s got an idea on a way to capture them.

Darui sees the pot, Shikaku uses the communication technique to talk to Ino, Shikamaru and Choji. As Darui keeps on running with the Pot he notices that Kinkaku is right behind his back, he’s not letting go. Kinkaku realizes that they’re going to try to use the Amber Purifying Pot on him.

As Kinkaku tries to get the pot, Kitsuchi arrives and smashes Kinkaku on the side. He apologizes to Darui for taking so long. Shikaku gets in contact with Darui also. The Ino-Shika-Cho team are currently loosing hope because of monstrous strength of Kinkaku, but then Shikaku tells that they have to believe in each other to defeat them him.

Every shinobi starts to launch their Kunai’s up at the air, Kinkaku blocks them with his tail when Choji uses his technique Meat Tank to push Kinkaku back a little, Shikamaru then quickly uses his Shadow Mimic technique which is successful for only a moment when it breaks!

Within that moment, Ino quickly uses her Mind-Body switch! Within that moment, Darui calls out Kinkaku’s name, Ino answers by saying yes within  Kinkaku’s body. Ino quickly gets out and Kinkaku is sent to the Amber Purifying Pot. He is angered as he realizes how he could get beat by a bunch of no-names!

Darui tells him that Silver and Gold may shine more bright than copper, but when you gather enough copper, its worth more than one gold coin. Kinkaku acted as though he was solid gold, but if fact it was all painted on. Darui then apologizes to them by saying sorry they he strip of that gold plating! This could be the end of episode Naruto Shippuden 270!

Hopefully now you don’t have to wait eagerly for Naruto Shippuden 270 because now you know what is going to during that episode! I’ve summarized what I think will be shown within this episode, it’s likely that more or less will be shown within the Naruto Shippuden 270 episode.

What do you think?

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