Rukia in Red Kimono – Bleach 355 New Year Special

In the second part of today’s Bleach 355, Rukia and Renji both go on a tour of Soul Society, both visiting Zaraki and Matsumoto. The first part of episode Bleach 355 can be viewed here.

Rukia has been quite stressed due to her upcoming Celebration Dance which will be in front of everyone. The Celebration Dance was usually performed by Hisane, who was Rukia’s Sister and Byakuya’s Wife. You might have realized that’s a bit unusual for Rukia to be the sister of Byakuya and Hisane, but in fact if you remember, Rukia was adopted by the Kuchiki Clan.

Okay so carrying on, accidentally Renji spills black color on the light pink kimono. The kimono is a Japanese traditional garment worn by men, women and children. The word “kimono”, which literally means a “thing to wear”. Rukia then has a dream where Sir Kaien comes to tell her that everything is going to be A-Oh-Kay. And fortunately, the Kimono was replaced by Byakuya. The image above is of Rukia Kuchiki wearing the replaced red Kimono.

Both the first and the second story were amazing! Hopefully you liked them. I absolutely cannot wait for next week’s Bleach 356. Hopefully we’ll get to see Ichigo’s Full Fullbring Form.

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