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The Strongest One – Zaraki and Unohana

the_strongest_one_by_nanfe-d5w3dvxUnohana’s death from Zaraki’s Zanpakuto shocked us all, it even went further to show Zaraki’s Zanpakuto speak to Zaraki himself, he was fully shocked while we excitedly wonder what its name is! Her death was imminent as she wanted to pass on the Kenpachi name to someone who she deemed worthy. She decided this during her first battle with Zaraki when he was much smaller.

The incredible image above was drawn by the one and only NanFe. She’s got a fantastic style of creating her fan art, therefore if you like what she created, I suggest that you check her work out.

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Unohana’s Minazuki Bankai! – Zaraki Kills Unohana – Bleach 526

zaraki_kenpachi_by_riky_wrc-d5v6s4g thank_you_for_making_me_truly_happy_by_nanfe-d5ux9k9 unohana___bleach_526_by_rechever3-d5v1msh unohana_yachiru_526_by_aconst-d5usx1a bleach_526_pag_color_by_pollo1567-d5uyo8eUnohana's Minazuki Bankai Zaraki kills Unohana Unohana Minazuki Bankai Zaraki vs Unohana Fighting! Zaraki and Unohana fight!Bleach 526 roars through another fantastic chapter as it finally displays the affectionate of Unohana as even after Unohana’s Minazuki Bankai is enables, she is finally stabbed properly where she had obtained her first injury from Zaraki! She goes on to enable her bloody Minazuki Bankai then to mention that Zaraki was the only one to satisfy her needs!

Bleach 526 carries on from last week’s chapter as Zaraki has gotten an impressive hit on Unohana! She steps back and at the same time, she gets a strike at Zaraki’s face making another mark! Zaraki asks if she even though that he was dead, she mentions that it’s too kind of her to mention so. Unohana quickly uses her magic to try to heal her current injury, she mentions that he can’t possibly know why she mastered her Kaido (Literally Meaning Healing Kido).

She quickly goes on to surprise us even more as she finally enables her Bankai! Blood spills from the skies, as though it was rain, she enables it caller her Minazuki Bankai out! Zaraki notices all the blood that’s dropping! Unohana’s sword is straightened and changes into a sword with never-ending blood oozing from it. She mentions that the play is over!

Both of them go crazy and quickly go on their attacks! They keep on clashing, Zaraki can feel that the sword Unohana currently has melts her, it starts to degrade his face from skin to flesh and to bone! He mentions that it’s fun! He notices his hands and cloths degrade away from his bony hands. He asks himself what that is, he mentions that everything seems to be different, at the same time, he sees Unohana with no face except bones!

Zaraki mentions that everything is so different, he’s been asleep, he’s  just been dreaming about their contacts over and over again, he calls this exchange to have no name, but thanks to her, she now realizes that this can be called, Fighting! They keep on clashing swords and spilling blood! Unohana mentions that she likes fighting! Zaraki likes it so much that he can’t help it, Zaraki is back to seeing flesh and blood again.

Unohana mentions that Zaraki was able to find a way in which he could restrain himself, so that he could enjoy fighting forever, while she found a way to heal herself so that she could also enjoy fighting herself! However, all the powers she obtained was for this day, it was for this fight she mentions. There is only one Kenpachi in every era. This is a rule and an unavoidable destiny!

This is due to the fact that when a strong person find another strong opponent, they stop using the sword just for themselves, and either use it to either kill or raise the other strong person! Unohana’s sword was used to raise Zaraki! We notice during their first fight a long time ago, Zaraki’s been defeated! While leaving Unohana is some injuries. She mentions that this boy is suited to take the Kenpachi name!

Zaraki looks at Unohana while Unohana stares right at Zaraki, she seems to be floating back while Zaraki standing in his attack position. She quickly whispers the word farewell, she then has the though that he’s the only man in the world that could make her happy. At this point, Zaraki lunges his sword through the original stab he was going for all those years ago! They both are pretty close here. This is the end of Bleach 526!

What a fantastic chapter, it’s such an emotional moment for Unohana to see Zaraki grow up to take the name Kenpachi, while at the same time, she also takes the attack she clearly wanted to help Zaraki to improve. Hopefully she can heal herself from this but it’ll obviously be hard for her at this point! Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 527!

Zaraki Surpasses Unohana – Zaraki’s Extreme Level Reiatsu! – Bleach 525

zaraki_kenpachi___bleach_525_by_rechever3-d5td2fk bleach___zaraki_kenpachi_by_minatosama207-d5tcqr8 come__with_your_body_and_soul_by_nanfe-d5t9fls unohana_by_eliska_olsanska-d5tcpef dat_sm_relationship_on_bleach_525_by_nanfe-d5tdowwZaraki's back! Young Zaraki to Fight Unohana Zaraki Strikes Unohana Zaraki to Surpass Unohana! Unohana was weaker then ZarakiBleach 525 shows us why Zaraki is truly the strongest Shinigami within the Gotei 13! He keeps on going unconscious and coming back, it seems like he’s quick death brings him back even stronger than before! Unohana’s thirst to fight a stronger is met as Younger Zaraki shows why she’s weaker than him! Zaraki comes back alive with a larger force after Unohana keeps healing him when he’s unconscious!

Bleach 525 begins as Zaraki comes back once again after he was unconscious, he mentions that it keeps on happening over and over again in the middle of his fight, then comes back! It feels nostalgic for him, he mentions that fighting is fun, but he never happens to lose control or consciousness of himself. It only happened once before, only that time when he fought against her.

We move onto the past where a man talks to her captain mentions that they’ve searched Rukongai, and were unable to find someone strong enough to satisfy him, Unohana realizes that he’s clear to her intentions! He then goes on to mention that the mission was to find someone strong to which she could go up against in a fight against her. He then mentions that he will consider the mountain of dead people killed by her as representing how displeased she is.

She notices the number of people, shes surprised that she didn’t create it for herself, he asks if she didn’t create it herself! A younger Zaraki appears with a massive sword compared to the size of his body! The man asks who that kid is, Unohana mentions that at this point she had lost control! Zaraki jumps at Unohana, he comes at unbelievable speeds from the sky, she mentions that she goes around in order to find someone who she can compete with!

Both their sword clash and from out of nowhere! Unohana is stabbed with just one shot! The origins of the scar below her neck can be traced to this moment. Unohana mentions that she didn’t think that she would find such pleasure in fighting against a child. Zaraki once again goes unconscious and comes back, after he’s come back he’s finally able to cut Unohana on the arm!

Zaraki cheers for himself as he’s finally able to get a hit on her, he then mentions that until earlier he was only reacting to Unohana’s sword, but if he only concentrates on his reflex, then he’s going to be able to get a hit on Unohana! He notices that every time he loses consciousness and comes back, he feels as though he’s reborn even more powerful!

Unohana mentions that he probably doesn’t realize it, but unconsciously he was restraining himself, this affected his fighting power as it was restraining that also. Unohana remembers the moments he barely lost against Ichigo and also nearly won against Nnoitra! To an outsider, it may seem like the opponent was strong, but Unohana knew that it was because Zaraki has sealed his own power to an extreme level!

During their first ever fight, they both felt a joy in which they never had experienced before! She goes on to explain that Zaraki had felt joy by fighting to his limits, she mentions that this is her sin that she had made him decrease his abilities. To Zaraki, everyone around him was nothing, it was nothing for him, at that point, for him Unohana was the first enemy he met in which he could compete with his power!

She mentions that at that point, she was weaker than Zaraki! It was someone Zaraki could call enemy as if he lost her, he would completely lose the opportunity to enjoy a fight ever again! Unohana’s weakness was what brought Zaraki’s powers down, as for him to not kill her, he adjusted to her weakness.

He unconsciously and gradually restrained and sealed his own reiatsu, she was desperate, therefore he had sealed his own power because of her worthlessness! She mentions that every time he fights and goes to the verge of dead, he little by little broke his shackles and was able to open some of the restrained reiatsu!

Unohana mentions that she’s stronger than anyone except for Zaraki! That is why she’s going to kill Zaraki a hundred thousand times, at the same time she will heal him over and over again until he returns to be his old self in which he’s powers are fully open! Unohana keeps stabbing him, while at the same time, she heals him. She mentions that she was for him to keep on goes higher and higher until she is once again surpassed!

Zaraki seems to be coming back from death with a smile! Unohana tells Zaraki to come and get her, he swings his massive sword and it seems like it could be a crucial hit on Unohana, but with her healing skills, she could easily heal herself! This is the point in which Bleach 525 ends.

One word can describe this chapter! WOW, Unohana has quickly acted and found out a way for Zaraki to bring forth his great powers! Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 526 when we’re likely to see Zaraki and Unohana’s battle possibly ends with a high, I presume that Zaraki may defeat Unohana, and maybe even kill her!

Zaraki Respects Unohana – Fight Continues – Bleach 524

zaraki_kenpachi_524_by_dflesh-d5sjozt i_used_to_look_up_to_you_by_nanfe-d5skfzo zaraki_kenpachi___bleach_524_by_rechever3-d5sisqq unohana_524_by_uchiha_itasuke-d5ssejy need_for_power_zaraki_kenpachi_bleach_524_by_simodluffy-d5sl2rcZaraki cut by Unohana!! Zaraki death approaches never defeated Unohana Zaraki respected Unohana Zaraki vs Unohana Zaraki hurt by spikeBleach 524 continues with the Zaraki Kenpachi vs Yachiru “Kenpachi” Unohana battle! Both their Vice Captains find out that they’re gone somewhere, not knowing where. Zaraki seems to have slowed down and became weaker in Unohana’s eyes after she’s able to use cheap tricks to slow him down. Zaraki says that he’s always respected her, Zaraki starts to act weird after as he’s even goes unconscious against Unohana!

Bleach 524 begins with Isane and Yachiru going into their captains quarters. Isane finds a letter for her while Yachiru finds the tag which protected as well as sucked and prevented Zaraki’s reiatsu from killing everyone, they are both seem worried. Kakashi and Unohana keep on going as Zaraki’s hits are quickly dodged by Unohana!

Zaraki tries to attack Unohana when she guides it against her, she places her sword on his neck and gets a quick hit! Zaraki backs off and quickly tries to attack once more, but after no time, Unohana moves away and goes to the side of Zaraki. Zaraki tries to attack her but it’s too slow and misses her. She kicks Zaraki which pushes both of them back.

Zaraki tries to increase his reiatsu while Unohana keeps on watching. They both meet with their sword in the middle, unfortunately it seems like they’re evenly matched. Unohana tells Zaraki that he was smart enough to remove his eye patch before coming there, but this also means that the current power Zaraki has is to his full, and thus it’s not enough. Zaraki is once again sliced.

Zaraki tries to counter attack but Unohana blocks and pushes her back. Unohana calls Zaraki pathetic for not being able to dodge the attack he currently received to his shoulder which was a smaller blade. Unohana tells Zaraki that swinging his blade with one arm while the other sits idly by wouldn’t bring any enjoyment to his fight. Zaraki removed the blade on his shoulder, saying that she’s relying on smaller blades to damage her. It’s nothing like the person he fought previously.

Zaraki shouts that he once respected her, Unohana quickly tells him that one does not use the word respect when addressing their enemy! Especially during a fight to the death! Zaraki’s sword is misplaced when Unohana places her sword on Zaraki’s neck! Unohana mentions that she hasn’t changed, it’s just that the old Zaraki never gave her an opening to use her current tactics. Zaraki asks if she means that he’s gotten weaker!

Zaraki tells her that he worshiped her, no matter what he cut, it was all the same to him, everything was boring to him. It wasn’t much different from swinging his sword alone in the dark. But fighting her made him feel fear for the first time, it was the battle that gave him pleasure. From that moment, he wanted to fight just as she did from back then.

Zaraki looks at Unohana, saying that he’s not about to die a miserable death! Never having known what it’s like to defeat her! Unohana quickly plunges her sword within Zaraki’s neck!  It seems like these could be his last moments! He spews blood from his mouth onto Unohana’s face, he’s eyes start to shut!

He comes back with his sword, he then blocks any more attacks from Unohana. She mentions that he seemed like he lost consciousness for a moment. Zaraki quickly gets back to his old self no caring about anything! Zaraki notices that when the sword went through him, he felt something. It’s not known what!

Zaraki tells himself that it’s not the time to use his brain, in fact it’s back to basic instinct when it comes to attack her. Unohana mentions that Zaraki will not die, every time he crosses the border of death, he will return even stronger than before, it’s the oversight he’s imposed on himself, as well as the sin in which Unohana has placed on Zaraki. Bleach 524 ends here!

What a crazy chapter, Zaraki vs Unohana is going great, plus it seems like something could be going on with Zaraki at this point that his Shikai or even Zanpakutou could appear in front of him! I can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 525 when we’re likely to see a lot more action from these two! It’s going to be epic!