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Zaraki Kenpachi New Look – Bleach 463 [COLOURED]

Zaraki Kenpachi’s New Look! It looks extraordinary! The biggest change I can see would be that his special eye-patch, which the Shinigami Research and Development Institute created, has changed! On his last eye patch, it had 3 straps on the corners of the patch which connected behind his head. This eye patch is a strap from his right ear, to his right eye, it could suggest Zaraki has gained a lot more power and needs a better, stronger eye patch.

I have also noticed that Kenpachi has lost his bells at the tips of his hair. Furthermore his hair has lost the spike bits and has gained more of a flowing hair style.

In the image above, Giriko Kutsuzawa in half as Zaraki Kenpachi has obliterated him! It seems Zaraki has become stronger, and maybe now knows the name of his Zanpakuto and maybe Zaraki’s Bankai?

UPDATE: Coloured Images of Zaraki’s New Look have been added.

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