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There Can Only Be One Kenpachi – Yachiru Kenpachi Unohana

There Can Only Be One Kenpachi Unohana Bleach by Creative2Bit

Yachiru “Kenpachi” Unohana or more commonly known as Retsu Unohana was the first person to hold the Kenpachi name, those that usually hold this are very strong individuals who love to fight! She is also known to be one of the most diabolical criminals to ever exist with Soul Society but was then recruited by Yamamoto to create the Gotei 13. The artist wanted to show Unohana’s released Bankai as well as the red blood below her.  Continue reading There Can Only Be One Kenpachi – Yachiru Kenpachi Unohana

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Unohana’s Minazuki Bankai! – Zaraki Kills Unohana – Bleach 526

zaraki_kenpachi_by_riky_wrc-d5v6s4g thank_you_for_making_me_truly_happy_by_nanfe-d5ux9k9 unohana___bleach_526_by_rechever3-d5v1msh unohana_yachiru_526_by_aconst-d5usx1a bleach_526_pag_color_by_pollo1567-d5uyo8eUnohana's Minazuki Bankai Zaraki kills Unohana Unohana Minazuki Bankai Zaraki vs Unohana Fighting! Zaraki and Unohana fight!Bleach 526 roars through another fantastic chapter as it finally displays the affectionate of Unohana as even after Unohana’s Minazuki Bankai is enables, she is finally stabbed properly where she had obtained her first injury from Zaraki! She goes on to enable her bloody Minazuki Bankai then to mention that Zaraki was the only one to satisfy her needs!

Bleach 526 carries on from last week’s chapter as Zaraki has gotten an impressive hit on Unohana! She steps back and at the same time, she gets a strike at Zaraki’s face making another mark! Zaraki asks if she even though that he was dead, she mentions that it’s too kind of her to mention so. Unohana quickly uses her magic to try to heal her current injury, she mentions that he can’t possibly know why she mastered her Kaido (Literally Meaning Healing Kido).

She quickly goes on to surprise us even more as she finally enables her Bankai! Blood spills from the skies, as though it was rain, she enables it caller her Minazuki Bankai out! Zaraki notices all the blood that’s dropping! Unohana’s sword is straightened and changes into a sword with never-ending blood oozing from it. She mentions that the play is over!

Both of them go crazy and quickly go on their attacks! They keep on clashing, Zaraki can feel that the sword Unohana currently has melts her, it starts to degrade his face from skin to flesh and to bone! He mentions that it’s fun! He notices his hands and cloths degrade away from his bony hands. He asks himself what that is, he mentions that everything seems to be different, at the same time, he sees Unohana with no face except bones!

Zaraki mentions that everything is so different, he’s been asleep, he’s  just been dreaming about their contacts over and over again, he calls this exchange to have no name, but thanks to her, she now realizes that this can be called, Fighting! They keep on clashing swords and spilling blood! Unohana mentions that she likes fighting! Zaraki likes it so much that he can’t help it, Zaraki is back to seeing flesh and blood again.

Unohana mentions that Zaraki was able to find a way in which he could restrain himself, so that he could enjoy fighting forever, while she found a way to heal herself so that she could also enjoy fighting herself! However, all the powers she obtained was for this day, it was for this fight she mentions. There is only one Kenpachi in every era. This is a rule and an unavoidable destiny!

This is due to the fact that when a strong person find another strong opponent, they stop using the sword just for themselves, and either use it to either kill or raise the other strong person! Unohana’s sword was used to raise Zaraki! We notice during their first fight a long time ago, Zaraki’s been defeated! While leaving Unohana is some injuries. She mentions that this boy is suited to take the Kenpachi name!

Zaraki looks at Unohana while Unohana stares right at Zaraki, she seems to be floating back while Zaraki standing in his attack position. She quickly whispers the word farewell, she then has the though that he’s the only man in the world that could make her happy. At this point, Zaraki lunges his sword through the original stab he was going for all those years ago! They both are pretty close here. This is the end of Bleach 526!

What a fantastic chapter, it’s such an emotional moment for Unohana to see Zaraki grow up to take the name Kenpachi, while at the same time, she also takes the attack she clearly wanted to help Zaraki to improve. Hopefully she can heal herself from this but it’ll obviously be hard for her at this point! Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 527!