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A Funny Summary of Bleach’s Final Arc

Bleach Final Arc Funny SummaryBleach and its final arc, “Thousand Year Blood War” has come a long way, its start with the invasion and declaration of the war to the point where we currently set our eyes on the latest battle including Giselle, it even includes Kubo Tite too. This summary is both funny and pretty accurate when it shows the reactions beside it. Please view it in its max size by clicking it.  Continue reading A Funny Summary of Bleach’s Final Arc

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Bleach Manga Returns in Issue 41 (September 9th)

Ichigo on front page Shonen Jump

Bleach Manga took a slight break as author, Kubo Tite, took a bit of a break to recharge himself for the upcoming fights. The break was taken from Shonen Jump Issue 35 through to Issue 40. Kubo has prepared for a great return during Issue 41 which will release on the 9th of September (Most likely get translated on the 4th of September). The latest Bleach 547 will launch into the “Sennen Kessen-Hen – Ketsubetsu-tan” final battle, furthermore there will be an amazing colour opening page.

So what do you think about this awesome news, just a few more days till Bleach is back. Can I also mention that when Kubo mentioned that he’s ready to draw the fight scenes, by this I presumes that it means that he’s a lot further than when it comes to the chapters we read, we still have many other stories and journeys to follow before the final fights begins, which may have already been written. So what do you think about this, tell me by commenting below, let’s talk!

Ichigo front back page ShoJumpSource: CR

Bleach Manga on 6-Weeks Break Before Finale

bleach___tatakai__by_ifragmentix-d6d0yvzKubo Tite’s Bleach Manga gets some very disappointing news as the manga is going on a hiatus for 6 weeks. Bleach 546 from Jump Magazine 34 was released this week, from Jump Magazine 35 to 40, there will be no Bleach Manga chapters until Jump 41, which is said to release on the 9th of September!Kubo Tite's message on Hiatus

Kubo Tite writes a message to all fans telling them that Bleach is going on a hiatus from Jump 35 to 40, and beginning again on Jump 41. The reason for this he mentions is that before the last battles and finale, he wants to approach the final battle fully charged to give the final battles his absolute all. He tells all fans to prepares themselves for the final arc, “Thousand Year Blood War” to end with a big bang during the finale.

A small mention to other news sources who are mentioning 5 weeks, Jump 35 to 40 is 6 weeks. I understand that Jump is released weekly and that Bleach will be back on the 41st . I could be wrong, if I am, please do comment telling me.

So what do you think about this horrendous news? Do you guys think it’s a good idea for Kubo to prepare for Bleach’s final battle, or do you want Kubo to never stop. Personally I understand that there’s still many enemies left thus it’s most likely to be a large arc.

Source: MS/ANN Image: IFrAgMenTIx

Bleach back on the 22nd of March 2013?!

mask_2_by_touya101-d5pnmmyHas there already been news of Bleach’s come back? Well yes and no, Bleach Anime was cancelled after 366 episodes when Ichigo told Rukia they’ll meet again. At that point, many of the fans stated that due to the manga being too close to the anime it had to either play fillers or stop. Well, Bleach stopped but only after a few months, there’s already news that Bleach will be coming back on the 22nd of March 2013!bleach return 22 march 2013

There has been no confirmation of Bleach airing on the 22nd March 2013, except for a special tweet from Kubo Tite’s twitter account. As the image on the right shows, it’s been translated from Japanese to English, asking Bleach fans how excited they are for Bleach anime’s return on the 22nd of March. The translation or tweet has not been confirmed to be true or false, although it seems like a lot of fans are believing this. The TV-Tokyo schedules also doesn’t seem to go far enough to show this date, therefore it’s still unconfirmed if it is actually going to be back on this date.

So what do you guys think of this? Will Bleach 367 actually be back on the 22nd of March (22/03/2013) or is this just a hoax? Also this air date is the Friday, which isn’t the usual Tuesday weekly date for Bleach anime.

UPDATE (22/03/2013): There is no new Bleach Anime Episodes (yet), Tite Kubo confirmed the above tweet being fake. It was in fact a hoax!

The awesome artwork above was drawn by the one and only Touya101. She has a ton of other artwork which you should definitely check out relating to a lot of Bleach fan art.

Bleach Anime will be Back!

Final Arc The Thousand-Year Blood WarIt been a few weeks since the great Bleach Anime had been cancelled. Some say that Bleach will be back but others have lost hope on the anime and started reading the manga.

The last aired Bleach 366 episode featured an immense battle between the first and second substitute shinigami’s! They fought an amazing battle but ultimately Ichigo regained his Shinigami powers with the help of the captains and Rukia and beat Ginjo. Ichigo had mentions to Rukia that they’ll possibly see each other again at a different time.

The show that replaced Bleach, Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seichun Full-Power Ninden, seems to only have a few episode within it with a few manga chapters, which could hint at the fact that it’s going to end pretty soon. After its end, Bleach is likely to restart. Personally I want Tite Kubo to take as much time as he needs to use it to perfect all the story plots and fix the plot holes.

Bleach is possibly the second best Anime series, after Naruto, which is still being aired after its 10 year-long run. Therefore it has to come back with an even better story because this is now its Final Arc, The Thousand-Year Blood War!

Tell me what you guys think about this in the comments below,  also include when you think Bleach will be back. Here’s what happened.

The End of Bleach Anime? Bleach TV Series Cancelled!?

The rumors have been going around for a while now, and it was recently officially stated around a month ago. You may have watched the latest Bleach 366 episode and wondered why it ended the way it did. Well it seems as though the Bleach TV Series has been Cancelled.

None of us know what’ll happen after this since it’s not yet been confirmed what will happen next. It’s been confirmed in many blogs and even the Japanese TV Listings that Bleach is going to be replaced by Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seichun Full-Power Ninden. Bleach usually airs on TV Tokyo at 6:00 PM, but after Bleach is cancelled, this new show will replace it.

Keep in mind that Tite Kubo has tried his best to keep Bleach Anime going and will be going until the Final Arc (The Thousand-Year Blood War) is over. The manga side of Bleach is already being written but the anime has not yet reached the Final Arc. Bleach 366 was the last episode for The Lost Substitute Shinigami Arc and Bleach 367 is suppose to be the start for the Final Arc.

Although the Final Arc is being written in the Manga, I’m sure Tite Kubo will get some good luck and get the Anime back on the main stream. Tell me what you think about this using the comments below.

Ichigo Kurusaki Head

Lets get the Ball rolling with this Ichigo Kurusaki Head