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Real Nightmare – Fairy Tail 145

Fairy Tail 145 continues with the Chaos as it’s finally explained what will happen when the chaos descends. Natsu and the Jiggle Butt Gang are captured and put into the cell, they work together to get out. Lucy has also been captured and is being used by Brain to activate the Infinity Clock.

Fairy Tail 145 starts off with Natsu waking up in a cage where he tries to get out by bashing into the cage but doesn’t work because it just stops all magic. He finds himself with the Jiggle Butt Gang, as Natsu tries to use a more powerful technique they stop him and try to reason with him by coming up with a plan.

Natsu asks why they’re doing in the same cell as him, they tell him that they were captured by the guards and put into the cell, but before that they heard something very important, they heard Cardinal Rapowant discuss that the Archbishop has gone mad and that they should do nothing but suppress this as no one should find out.

Some moments later Natsu tells them that he needs to go and save Lucy because she’s in trouble, also he’s prepared to do anything to go and save her. But before that they need to break out, they all gather and come up with a plan that surely going to work.

At the Fairy Tail HQ Elfman returns and tells every one of what has occurred. He also reveals that Michelle Lobster was a fake and that they were all tricked into such a thing. Cana says that her cards didn’t for tell about Brain and also didn’t get the pairing right. Wendy quickly tells everyone to concentrate on bringing Natsu and Lucy back.

Some men appear, Happy recognizes them being someone from the boat they traveled in before. He reveals that he needs to talk to Lucy as soon as possible. They say that she’s been captured by Oracion Seis. Nevertheless, they start to talk and tell them that he’s Jean-Luc Neville, the great-grandson of Will Neville.

He reveals that the clock hand was first discovered in some ruins. and somehow got into the hands off Jude. He found Jude and told him what the clock hand is and what it could cause. After Jean-Luc helped him to seal it and put it in a very important place. After Jude’s death he had to set up so that Lucy would get the Clock Hand.

Erza asks how dangerous the Infinity Clock is, he replies that when the powerful magic activates there will be endless nightmare, Real Nightmare. He reveals that it controls the sense of time that humans posses. It doesn’t change or affect time in any way but only affects humans senses.

A person’s memories and consciousness are actually an accumulation of all of his or her experiences up to now, this powerful magic enables and disturbs the senses and the person would lose all sense they have, which translates into chaos descending.

Jean-Luc asks them to take the job of stopping the chaos to descend and stop the Infinity Clock from ever starting up. Fairy Tail accept and are ready to stop it as well as retrieve Natsu and Lucy.

Back at the Infinity Clock, Klodoa, Brain II and Imitatia have gathered to activate the infinity clock. Lucy starts talking to Imitatia calling her Michelle. Imitatia gets angry and tells her not to call her that because that not her real name.

Jean-Luc tells them that to stop the Infinity Clock from starting up, Celestial Spirit Wizards were utilizing a biological link, when this link is broken the Celestial Spirit Mage’s are cursed with 100 years of sleep. When the Anti-Link breaks that biological link the body becomes extremely slow and all the reaction are maintained at a very slow rate.

Lucy starts to tell Brain and Imitatia that it was hard enough to go to sleep for 7 years, sleeping for 100 years would just kill the person because it would mean that the person would be in an endless torment. Lucy continues on telling that they were still believed in.

Imitatia and Lucy still have a bit of a relationship which they share as Lucy and Michelle. After Imitatia gets pissed she jut stops chatting and tells Brain to activate the Infinity Clock already.

Back at the Fairy Tail HQ, Jean-Luc gives Erza a type of hammer which  she can master and use it to smash things. They also tell the Fairy Tail members that they will keep researching until they find some more useful information they can use. Cana calls for reinforcement.

At the council, Lahar sees some recorded footage where he sees Cardinal Rapowant who is the person that was the person who was talking to the members of the Oracion Seis, he could have also helped them escape from that place.

At the cage, The Jiggle Butt Gang try to get their butts on fire by shaking their ass on the wall. The reinforcement arrives, it seems that reinforcement seems to be Ichiya. They all leave when there is a large noise and crash in the aircraft. Mirajane and Elfman go for a look when Racer appears and hurts both of them.

Elfman is easily defeated while Mirajane turns into her Satan Soul and takes on Racer out. Elfman is told by Mirajane not to follow because she’s going to take on Racer for the time being. Gray tells Ichiya to turn around but he refuses, Elfman also says to keep going on.

While Mirajane fights in her Satan Soul she tries to block and attack but misses, then Racer speeds up and attacks her right in the torso. Mirajane then transforms into her most powerful form Demon Halphas and start fighting Racer.

Members of Fairy Tail also find out that Kinana has also escaped from her bed. We catch up to her when she tells herself that she can hear someone talking, this person is calling her. This could be Cobra calling for her.

We go to the cage where The Jiggle Butt Gang is trying to light up their asses. They do so, Natsu calls for some help, the help arrives and the cage is temporarily opened. Natsu quickly bunches these people. More guards are coming when the Jiggle Butt Gang use Gas-Butt Triple Ecstasy.

While they run away they notice that Coco has also been captured, she asks for Natsu to help her. Cardinal Rapowant finds out that Natsu has escaped, he says that he’s already too late. Lucy also seems to gone from this world as there is no life in her eyes. Fairy Tail 145 ends here.

That was a pretty cool episode. Natsu has escaped and the chaos has nearly started. Hopefully we’ll see a few more fights during next week’s episode. Can’t wait till next week’s Fairy Tail 146, titled “Spiral of Time”, when Mirajane and Racer keep on fighting, also other crazy things occur.

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Jiggle Butt Gang Return – Clock Parts Found – Fairy Tail 136

Fairy Tail 136 has both an awesome story line and some awesome fights. Although the story is shifting to Lucy from Natsu it’s still awesome. Lucy is found herself half-naked while Dan chases her. The Jiggle Butt Gang returns to fight Erza with their stinking farts. Two Clocks parts are found by each team. Gajeel and his team are found themselves with Samuel watching from above.

Fairy Tail 136 starts of when Lucy and the others are reading the book to find some more clues. They find themselves at a chapel type thing where they need to find some clues. Erza draws her sword to poke what looks like two circular shaped objects, when poked the Jiggle Butt Gang appear!

Erza mocks the Jiggle Butt Gang by the type of cloths and such they wear. Carla reveals that she gets nightmares from when Wendy wears this terrible outfit. The Jiggle Butt Gang reveal that they are proud of what they did as they’ve managed to scare a talking cat.

Wendy wears the outfit to teach the Jiggle Butt Gang that they were suppose to follow a peaceful path which was told by Wendy in the train. But the Jiggle Butt Gang decide that they wont do this but in fact follow a path which is more Evil. Erza is told to wear the Jiggle Butt Outfit, which she does! She says it’s surprisingly comfy.

Wendy tell Carla and Cana to get off to look for the clock part because Erza is going to try and distract them here. They go on a head to find the clock piece. They arrive at a place where it seems that Lucy had guessed where it might be, it’s were all the ancient books are located within the library.

Natsu and Dan are going on a head to head battle. Natsu is trying to break the large buildings which is likely to fall on Dan, so he could get a hit while Dan is trying to get away from the falling building. Natsu throws his Brilliant Blaze of the Fire Dragon! which hits Dan’s shield is deflected back at Natsu, he is hit.

Natsu falls where Lucy and Romeo are. Dan follows. As Natsu tries to go for a hit, Dan touches him with his magical spear which turns Natsu small. Happy once again coincidentally steps on Natsu. Michelle asks if it was accidental or purposely.

Erza asks if the Jiggle Butt Gang are really evil. She asks for the leader to do 100 Push Ups. He goes on a head to do it very quickly, it seems as though he will run out of steam after just a few push ups.

Lucy is being chased after Dan when Romeo lunges himself at Dan to stop him. Michelle tells Lucy that she needs to act as the decoy to attract Dan so Natsu could once again become big. Lucy dresses up in a half-naked wedding outfit. Dan loves it and chases after her.

Happy spots the spear and launches Natsu at it. Natsu becomes bit and proves himself to Dan that his fire and strong. He mixes his flames his Romeo’s and smashes his fist into Dan’s face. He goes on flying to hit the wall behind him.

The wall starts to light up, it seems some kind of thing has started. The wall starts to open up and they successfully find a clock piece there! They wonder how they are going to take it from there because it’s a huge thing.

The leader fails with the push ups and Erza mocks him for this. The Leader tells the lackeys to do the Gas-Butt Triple Ecstasy! Wendy moves Erza out of the way because this attack is possibly their most powerful attack. It hits the library and the stinks spreads everywhere.

Even Cana and Carla notice it. Cana accidentally leans over a book shelve and pushes it to open it. Carla notices that there is a secret passage way there which they go forth to find a large Clock Part! A call from Cana arrives to Wendy.

The Leader hears it and quickly starts his attack! He jumps into the air to direct hit ass at Erza’s face. He does this and Erza is unable to move from the shock! He quickly enables his Point Blank Ecstasy which blows Erza to sleep as she took too much of that stink in.

The Jiggle Butt Gang escape from there to go the where Cana is located. they use their attacks to stink Cana and Carla. They escape with the clock piece when they notice Erza waiting outside there with her changed form. She get’s so pissed that she swipes her sword to which it sends the Jiggle Butt Gang flying! They obtain the Clock Part there.

While Gajeel, Levy and the others start to dig to find the clock piece when he smells that there is someone there watching them. He looks up and finds that Samuel is watching them above. He asks what he’s looking for, Samuel responds that it’s the same thing they’re looking for. Fairy Tail 136 ends here.

What interesting episode! 2 more clock pieces have been found and there are a couple more clock parts left. Can’t wait to see next week’s Fairy Tail 137 episode when Lily and Samuel go on a head to head match. It’s titled “Something Beyond Reckoning”.

The Jiggle Butt Gang – Fairy Tail 126

It’s another Fairy Tail Filler. Episode 126 features a gang of thief’s called the The Jiggle Butt Gang who want to steal a whole bunch of gold from the train. Natsu, unable to do anything just lies there. Lucy, Wendy, Carla and Happy are the only ones who can help.

We start the episode in the train where Wendy’s magic is unable to work on Natsu has he’s built a resistance to it.  He just throws up and doesn’t even care where. The Jiggle Butt Gang were introduced when they go to find the gold, they first see Natsu throwing up.

They bring him back to the freight where Lucy and Wendy are. They threaten them to give them the gold but they refuse. They use their Gas-Butt Triple Ecstasy to throw Lucy, Carla and Happy out, they fall town on a river.

Wendy tries her best to convince these guys of what their doing is bad. Wendy uses the cuteness of Plue to make them forget about the real plan. Wendy asks them how they’re going to carry all the gold with nothing to carry it with.

As Wendy had helped them, they realize that they should help her back. Wendy proposes a plan to give some of the gold when it’s all delivered. The Jiggle Butt Gang decide to accept but at the end they’ll take all of it.

Wendy uses her powers to help them travel. Out of nowhere Lucy comes by and tells the Gang that they’ll get beaten up no matter what. Happy goes to tell Natsu everything. Natsu wakes up and see’s the gang. He had angered him and now they are going to pay. He hits them till they fly to the skies. The Gang promise to never give up. The Episode ends here.

Fillers are always somewhat funny, and this episode was somewhat funny. Hopefully the fillers will end quickly. Next week’s Fairy Tail 127 episode features another Filler. Lucy becomes invincible.