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Can Naruto defeat the Ten Tails?

ten_tails_by_zhangding-d5pbbrkDo you think Naruto Uzumaki with all his power can go up against the all-powerful Ten Tails and possibly have a chance to win? Naruto has a great deal of power, especially with Kurama being his ally, there is always a chance, but the Ten Tail has Madara and Obito controlling it, does that give it a chance to destroy everything and anything in its path, especially Naruto?

The current situation for Naruto has proven that as he’s lost almost all of his power as Kurama needs to charge his power back up. This being unfortunate for Naruto as Madara and Obito seem to be gaining more control of the Ten Tails. Furthermore, as stated by Madara, the Ten Tail’s will once again power up into a brand new form, this usually means that he’s going to even more powerful. So who do you think is going to win, and will Naruto be able to defeat the Ten Tails?

Tell me using the comment section below. The fantastic art work was done by ZhangDing, he’s done a great job on this, so go and check his other work. Don’t forget to tell me.

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Ten Tails vs Naruto, Kurama, Bee and Gyuki – Naruto 610

Naruto 610 explodes with a lot of action as the battle initiates with a completely different angle, we see the damned Ten Tails completely take control of the situation showing its powers in front of Bee and Kurama. Madara and Obito have both connected themselves to the Ten Tails. Kurama takes over telling everyone what they should do and how they should bring forth their plan to destroy the Ten Tail.

Naruto 610 continues from last week’s chapter as everyone notices that the Ten Tail has been brought back to life, Kurama confirms that it’s the form of the Ten Tails, it’s eye opens, it quickly screams towards everything surrounding it, it’s clearly alive at this point and it seems really pissed off. Both Madara and Obito long on top of it’s head and quickly connect themselves to it.

Kurama tells Naruto that the Ten Tails cannot be sensed as it doesn’t have any feelings or ideas. It’s the same as the energy circulating on the planet, it’s the same as what you feel from Earth and Water, as well as air. It’s a little from when Naruto goes into into Hermit Mode, Naruto goes and notices it’s Natural Energy, he tries to check how strong it is, Naruto cannot check it, Kurama reveals that he cannot measure something that cannot be measured.

Madara tells Obito that he wanted to revive the Ten Tails after Kurama and Gyuki were both captured, Obito rushes telling Madara to quickly do the Tsukuyomi Ritual as soon as possible, Madara tells Obito that it takes time to summon the moon with Ten Tail’s huge Genjutsu abilities, plus Naruto and the others will get in their way. First , they should get rid of Naruto and the others with the power of the Mazo.

Obito tells Madara that he just wants to play with the Ten Tail’s power, just like a kid, Madara reveals that a kid is someone who is too hasty and unable to wait, this obviously referring to Obito. Kurama tells Gyuki not to hit in his Octopus pot because the Ten Tail is scary, they should fight till the very end, Kurama tells Gyuki to give him Might Guy, he restores Guy’s powers, he even takes in Naruto and Kakashi to give them more power.

Kurama tells everyone to keep at a distance and see what it does, depending on what he does they’ll attack it from as close as possible where they see an opening. Kakashi tells Kurama that he sounds just like a captain, Kakashi is happy because of this, Kurama and Gyuki both go when out or nowhere, the Ten Tails comes out of nowhere pushing them out of the way, Naruto finds out that it’s really quick.

Kurama quickly builds a Bijuu Dama, Gyuki also builds a Bijuu Dama which he sends many towards the Ten Tails, Kurama does the same, Madara decides that they don’t need to dodge, Obito says that he wants to preserve as much of the Ten Tail’s chakra as possible. The Ten Tails quickly creates its own Bijuu Dama which it launches straight towards Gyuki and Kurama.

They quickly guard themselves using their tails, the smoke clears and some of Kurama’s tails have vanished, Gyuki’s tail has also been cut. Kurama’s tails start to restore themselves. Madara calls them stubborn for not dying, Naruto’s already under way with his new attack, his clone and Kakashi dive where Kakashi uses Kamui to take Gyuki’s leg.

Guy and Kurama smile as this is surely to be a fantastic plan, Kakashi uses his Kamui once more which brings Gyuki’s full form out, at this point, Gyuki is creating a large Bijuu Dama which is pointed right at Ten Tail’s eye! Gyuki decides that he’ll do this for the potential of killing it. Naruto 610 ends here!

What a great chapter, an awesome fight has just began and I presume that the attack by Bee and Gyuki will somehow be unsuccessful and they’ll be brought to the brink of death until they can fight and so some real damage! Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 611!