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Sui Feng’s Perfect Shunko! Bazz-B Alive – Bleach 549

Bleach 549 gets even more epic, Toshiro and others think that Bazz-B is taken out however he seems to be able to move. While Omaeda fights again BG9, the robot like personality of BG9 steps in to even go as far as to hurt Mareyo. While Omaeda gets angry, BG9 threatens him when out of nowhere, Sui Feng appears and disables his gun. She then shows him her Perfect Shunko, she also attacks him! Continue reading

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Komamura’s Family Secrets! Mayuri’s Secret Experiment – Bleach 539

Sajin's Grandfather will crush Sajin

Bleach 539 begins a long and strenuous adventure to which the captains are training as hard as they can in order to compensate for their lost Bankai’s. Akon arrives to notice that Mayuri is doing strange experiments on something unknown. Soi Fon is training by herself while Ichigo reaches another strange thing. At the same time, Komamura tells his Grandfather that he wants to learn the secrets of his family.

Bleach 539 begins as Akon arrives with a head wound in their research centre. He asks where Mayuri is, someone mentions that he’s been in his room with Nemu ever since the Quincy attack. Akon gets a little wary of what he could be doing. He notices strange things on the ceiling and of the corner that nothing is happening. He goes towards a computer and does a few things.

The captain has been in his room for more than 24 hours but the surveillance bugs have been switched off, which has never been done before. Akon mentions that it could be because Mayuri could be doing some kind of experiment that he doesn’t want anyone else to see. In this case, he mentions that he will need to confirm.

He mentions that he’s setup a camera in his room to which he may have needed for something. He turns it on and it starts to show something. They can see their shadows, Mayuri and Nemu stand above a table in which it seems that they are dealing with a body of something, possibly a Quincy. The words Kanane, and Akon asks if they can move. Akon wonders what that is and what Mayuri is making.

At the Omaeda house, we see Mareyo Omaeda who is the second daughter in which she asks Marechiyo to play ball with her, he mentions for her to be quite and that he’s doing some work. She begins to cry when Marechiyo tells her not to cry since he’s busy, a younger brother appears in which he mentions that they can do stuff together, he can tell her a story from a book of his.

Saburo’s books are mentioned to be icky by Mareyo, Saburo laughs that she can’t even understand the deepness of his literature. Mareyo mentions that she’ll just go for a walk to get rid of Saburo. Marechiyo stares up at the sky wondering how Soi Fon didn’t let him go with her. We go to Soi Fon where she’s training on the tip of a mountain in which he uses trains her hands.

We move onto Sajin, where the older and bigger dog asks what Komamura’s business is. He gets on his knees and tells him that he’s come to inherit the family secrets from his great grandfather. His grandfather gets pissed off by what he’s just said, he laughs greatly, he then tells him not to make him laugh. He follows up this by mentioning that he was ashamed of their appearance and therefore wore the hood and armor to pretend to be a human.

And now he comes lowering his head, while asking him to teach him. Komamura mentions that he no longer wears a hood nor does he wear any armor. The world has changed in these decades and he feels that the world has changed so that their family can live among them without hiding their families.

This world is on the verge of a crisis. The grandfather quickly stops him, telling him to hold his tongue. He’s getting it wrong, the world will fall into ruin, the world’s bearer will simply change he mentions. They won’t change no matter who holds the world. All they can do is lay low. Komamura mentions that he knows that they can change that, for themselves as well as their children and grandchildren.

However the grandfather mentions that nothing will change as what ever happens to this world is none of their concerns, Komamura shouts his name when he quickly gets up! He’s told that he is telling him not to disturb their peace, if he cannot then he will have to crush him. Komamura mentions that he can do whatever he wants.

In Nimaiya’s palace, they go down a tube where Ichigo brings his Asauchi, Ichigo bangs his face on something where he gets a little hurt. Nimaiya told him not to go face first.  He starts to gets pissed off when Nimaiya shows him something, It’s a water type thing which is much needed. He mentions that the Phoenix Palace must be located at a high place for this reason.

He goes on to mention that for a Bankai to be restored, there needs to be a lot of water, this is why. He goes on to mention that Ichigo needs to prepare himself as from this point on, Ichigo will have to say goodbye to his Zanpakuto Zangetsu! Bleach 539 ends here.

A great chapter, hopefully we’ll carry on with Ichigo’s training during next week’s Bleach 540, plus seeing Komamura’s and possibly Hisagi’s Bankai in action in a few chapters after that. It’s getting better and better! Can’t wait for the awesome and amazing chapters, bring ‘em on Kubo!

Ichigo Shoulders Emotion – Byakuya and Zaraki Alive!! – Bleach 515

Bleach 515 increases the intensity of the situation, even after they receive help from the medical team, they all mourn for the death of Yamamoto, they seem as though they no longer have any hope in them. Ichigo is seen to have shoulder what he heard from Juha Bach. We also find out that both Byakuya and Zaraki are alive, but could no longer be fit to fight.

Bleach 515 starts as Juha Bach and Haschwald as well as many of the other Quincy’s have all gone back to the Vandenreich HQ. Soul Society in an emergency in which they all try and get all the wounded back. Isane talks to Unohana that all finally all the wounded are being taken back. During the battle not even one person was carried here for help.

Isane asks Unohana if it was really right for them to stay in the 4th Division building during the battle, if they had gone to the battlefield, they could have had saved more people. Unohana quickly stops Isane and tells her that she must not talk based on her feelings, it’s easy to get anxious and leave this place but she must be strong and control what she does even in this situation.

Unohana notices that Isane cries, she tells her that there is no need because no matter what happens, they must not leave the building, that’s the last order in which Yamamoto had given Unohana gave to them.

Ichigo has returned and had been given some basic medical treatment. Ichigo is given a paper in which it states that Urahara had sent a message stating that Orihime and Chad are all safe. They were unable to get a vocal message but when they do, they’ll do their best to confirm it with Ichigo.

Madarame gets angry and tells them to quickly let him go, he shouts captain, as he has concerns with Zaraki. He keeps on going until someone get him in restrains. Ichigo notices him, Yamada notices Ichigo and tells him to come with him so he can heal him, Yamada tells Ichigo that he needs to be healed because anyone looking at his wounds would understand that they’re bad.

Shinji appears behind Ichigo, he tells Ichigo that he’s finished operating on Rukia and Renji. This time it was too late to heal with just reiatsu, so he had to operate them to suture the Reishi where it was necessary. Currently they’re out of danger, they’re conditions are stable, Ichigo tries to go when Rukia calls Ichigo’s name.

Ichigo notices Rukia and asks if she’s okay, she says that Shinji just mentioned that her condition is stable, she calls Ichigo a fool for not listening, Ichigo then tells her that she sounds healthy even in her condition. Rukia thanks Ichigo for coming to protect Soul Society. He mentions that or course he would come, but he couldn’t do anything this time.

Shinji corrects him by telling him that he chased away the enemy boss, Juha Bach. He hadn’t come, they would have gotten it worse, he should be more proud of himself. Ichigo notices what Shinji said. Someone calls for Ichigo, saying that Captain Kurotsuchi is looking for him, for the Zanpakutou thing.

Ichigo goes, Shinji notices that he’s always busy, he didn’t even heal his wounds, always thinking about others. Rukia asks why Ichigo had such a sorrowful face. He says that he seemed to have a hard time too, his Zanpakutou was broken in half and in the end he wasn’t even able to save anyone. He must be tired. Rukia is surprised.

Rukia feels as thought he might be shouldering something much more serious. At the first division HQ, the captains are surrounding Yamamoto’s sword, Zanka No Tachi, the say that the couldn’t find his body, it might have been destroyed by Juha Bach, which it was. The captains look down in grief for Yamamoto.

A reporter arrives stating that Byakuya and Zaraki have both escaped death! However it’s difficult to think that they’ll be able to resume their duties as Captains, also there is a chance that they might not even wake up. Soi Fon is angered, telling him to stay back.

She says that she doesn’t want to hear such a thing because Yamamoto has just passed away and they hear more about death, she’s angered by this fact and keeps on going until Kensei tells her to stop it, Soi Fon tells Kensei that he’s so calm and collected just because he disliked Yamamoto, he says How dare she say such a thing.

Komamura screams and tells Soi Fon to shut up. He mentions that she’s not the only one who wants to scream out aloud, she’s scared by this, everyone looks down, Shunsui appears and tells them to stop all this fighting. He reminds them that if Yamamoto was here, they would have all got a knuckle from Yamamoto. He would be shameful of them.

He mentions that the 13 Divisions weren’t created to mourn the dead or to feel sorry for a destroyed Soul Society, it was originally created to exist and protect Soul Society. He mentions that they should all look forward since they are all the 13 Division. Bleach 515 ends here.

A great and awesome chapter, Shunsui has tried to build up their morale, will this work and when will Soul Society strike back the Vandenreich? It’s going to be epic finding out all the awesome information, also what is Urahara hiding from Ichigo in Hueco Mundo? Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 516! It’s going to be awesome.

Soi Fon’s New Look – Bleach 479

During the latest Bleach 479 manga chapter, Soi Fon’s (Sui-Feng) appearance had somewhat changed. Her New Look seemed to be a proper development from her older look.

Currently he fringe still exists, but her hair isn’t as short as before, the sides of her hair don’t go spike to the left and right. On the left and right of her fringe, it seems to go inwards towards her cheeks. Hopefully you all like the change in her looks.

Kite Fight – Bleach 355 New Year Special

The latest Bleach 355 features Izuru Kira being the star of this episode. Kira was pointed to be the head of the New Year special episode special event which, as you guessed, went terrible.

This episode is a filler, but one thing about it is, that it’s actually funny for a filler. The story isn’t very important since it’s for the new year. So we start out with Shuhei Hisagi forcefully appointing Kira to be the person organizing the event, even if he doesn’t want to be part of it.

After planning and organizing, bringing it all together, Kira finds out that this is much more than a simple Kite Flight, but in fact it’s a Kite Fight. Both Madarame and Soi Fon have their own large kites as seen above, both of their mentors, Zaraki and Yoruichi.

They keep fighting until Kira himself launches so he could use Wabisuke on them to double their weight and send them straight to the ground. How ever this horribly fails and he falls. Unluckily he falls right beneath Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto’s house, this angers Yamamoto and sends his Shikai to aggressively warn everyone to stop messing around with him.

Keep in mind that this episode had two parts to it. Surprisingly this episode was actually a good one even for a Filler. I absolutely cannot wait for next week’s Bleach 356, when Ichigo’s Full Fullbring Form will come!