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Rukia turns into a Dog – Bleach 469

In this weeks Bleach 469 Manga Chapter Rukia is unexpectedly turned into a plush of a dog while fighting cute thing being sent by Riruka Dokugamine.

Rukia in this chapter isn’t able to hurt cute things which Riruka Dokugamine is sending out of her hang gun. When Riruka sends a Cabinet, Rukia was able to cut that in half, as seen in the first image above. All because it wasnt cute!

After some chatter between Rukia and Riruka,Riruka becomes angry and releases one of her techniques, this to shoot a heart to the opponent and transform the body into a desired object or animal. As we see above Rukia’s turned into a plush of a Dog.

Although Riruka seems like she would be able to take care of this Rukia Dog, we’ve seen how angry and impatience she gets if she doesn’t get what she wants. Riruka could now be able to kill or hurt Rukia by just messing around with the dog plush.

Keep watching and reading all the episodes and manga. Dont forget to read next weeks Bleach 470 Manga Chapter.

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