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Itachi's eyes

Uchiha Clan Assassination! Rogue Ninja – Naruto Shippuden 359

Naruto Shippuden 359 shows the depart of the now tagged Rogue Ninja Itachi Uchiha, as he joins the Akatsuki in order to keep on eye on Obito. Their mission of annihilating the Uchiha Clan was a success and to which the whole Uchiha Clan were killed off except for a few still left such as Sasuke and Itachi. Hiruzen also tells Kakashi that he’s being let go from the ANBU to become a Jonin Leader.  Continue reading

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Naruto 667 Kabuto Returns by Hikarinogiri

Guy’s Red Beast! Kabuto Saves Sasuke – Naruto 667

Naruto 667 see’s Kabuto saving Sasuke’s life by attaching the end of his cord into Sasuke and giving him life using Hashirama’s Cells. Orochimaru and others arrive to see whats going on as Kabuto realizes that he already has a home to which he can return to, he also realizes the good in himself. Guy’s arrival helps Kakashi and the others, he uses his 7th Gate of Wonder to attack Madara but fails when Rock Lee arrives to help him. He mentions that he has no other choice but to get ready to activate his final eight gate, releasing the Red Beast!  Continue reading

Friendship Naruto 666 Kakashi and Obito by robcv

Obito Saves Naruto! Guy Arrives – Naruto 666

Naruto 666 begins with the intention that Obito will now be on Naruto’s side, and it stays like this as Obito takes as much power from Madara as he can, which isn’t a lot, and quickly sends Naruto to his dimension, he arrives and quickly tries to help him by giving him a tailed beasts, but it’s not Kurama! Guy also arrives to deflect an attack from Madara saving Kakashi. Minato also thinks of a moment when Obito, Kakashi and Guy plus Rin were just all talking.  Continue reading

Obito I'm Not You Madara Naruto 665 by idaisan

Obito Uchiha, The Savior! – Naruto 665

Naruto 665 shows that the past Obito and Madara had been somewhat a lie, from what Obito has now learnt, he knows that he is not anyone else but himself. He goes on to mention that the savior of this world has failed as Naruto seems to be down, that is why he will go ahead and put his hand in Madara’s chest and seems to be taking Madara’s powers from him!  Continue reading

Kakashi's eyes

Kakashi Joins Danzo! Naruto’s Born – Naruto Shippuden 350

Naruto Shippuden 350 repeats some parts however shows a whole different point of view from Kakashi’s view. We primary follow Kakashi doing ANBU work by which he’s ordered to follow and keep Kushina safe from a distance for around 10 months. During this time he grows up, when the time is near we see Obito show up whilst Kakashi sets flowers for Rin. He throws them away, then causing chaos, at the end we see Kakashi turn to Danzo’s side by which he gets to see a wood user who we know as Yamato!  Continue reading

kakashi by glasspanda

Kakashi Joins ANBU! Hokage Minato – Naruto Shippuden 349

Naruto Shippuden 349 starts a new filler arc in which  the story of Kakashi is told while at the same time Obito is with the Akatsuki and chasing after Nagato. We quickly learn that Kakashi is still upset about Rin and Obito’s death. At the same time he learns that Minato has become Hokage while Orochimaru and Danzo oppose Hiruzen’s decision, now Minato asks Kakashi to join the ANBU.  Continue reading

Nagato by Warbaaz1411

Yahiko Dead! New Akatsuki – Naruto Shippuden 348

Naruto Shippuden 348 shows the death of Yahiko by which we see Hanzo try and take the village by taking out the leader of the Akatsuki, however he’s faced by something else in general. Before this, Akatsuki celebrate their partnership with Hanzo but fail to realize that it’s a trap and that Hanzo only wants the village. Yahiko’s death reveals Nagato’s real power as he quickly enables and shows the Gedo Mazo, he even brings back Yahiko, as one of the pains subjects.  Continue reading

Rin and Obito Cosplay Header

Cosplay Monday: Obito and Rin

Obito Uchiha and Rin Nohara are one of Naruto’s couple that was to be but after an incident which blew everything out of proportion, Obito set his mind on bringing her back while Rin escaped this Earth to a better one. As the amazing cosplay shows, they would have been tremendously happy and crazy in love if only Obito had admitted he liked her, however it didn’t go the way he expected and quickly had to pick a path which changed his whole future.  Continue reading

Scroll of Memories – Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Scroll of Memories by UzucakeNaruto Uzumaki has gone through a great journey, from being the demon child with Kurama inside him, he’s learn his way around everyone’s heart and gained their trust using all the strength and courage he possesses. He’s trained with many and gained great skills, he’s fought enemies stronger than him and won them over. His courage and will of fire knows no bound. However recent actions has brought him and Sasuke to their possible death against the notorious Madara Uchiha! Could his life end here?  Continue reading

Kakashi Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops

“Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops” Arc Video Preview

Kakashi Hatake’s back story will feature in Naruto Shippuden in the “Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops”. The arc will begin on the 6th of February and will feature the aftermath of what Obito did at the Battle of Kannabi Bridge.  We follow Kakashi’s journey as he enters the ANBU Black Ops as he punishes himself for what he promised and failed, which was to protect Rin. There is a video previewing the arc in which Kakashi enters a dark path in his life.  Continue reading