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Rin helps Obito and Kakashi

Obito’s Death! Sasuke Is Back – Naruto 686

Naruto 686 shows the retrieval of Sasuke to the current dimension as well as Obito’s Death as he saves both Kakashi and the others in a feet to go to spend some time with Rin. Kaguya launches her bones to which Obito uses Kamui on the one heading to Kakashi and takes the next as he crumbles telling Kakashi to live on.  Continue reading

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Naruto 685 Sakura and Sasuke header by ar-ua

Sasuke’s Sharingan Ability! Obito and Sakura – Naruto 685

Naruto 685 reveals Sasuke’s Sharingan abilities and how can use it, to which he has the ability to replace transport himself from one point another, replacing the subject he has chosen to transport to. As this goes on, Kaguya has been tricked, to which she goes on to fight the hundreds of Naruto clones while at the same time Obito and Sakura use up all of their chakra to obtain contact with Sasuke and save him.  Continue reading

Naruto 684 Naruto in Trouble by eternajehuty

Naruto’s Clones! Plan To Save Sasuke – Naruto 684

Naruto 684 gets underway to which Naruto pops out hundreds of his clones allowing him to use them to bash onto Kaguya all at once, this in turn allows for Obito to use Kaguya’s exit to allow him to transport himself to a different dimension. This in turn allows for them to trick Kaguya into thinking that she killed Naruto however it seemed that she hadn’t. The plan to save Sasuke has begun.  Continue reading

Obito and his despair by designerrenan

Obito’s Plan! Hagoromo and 4 Hokage’s – Naruto 683

Naruto 683 explores the revival of Obito once more as he wishes to help bring back Sasuke from the deserted world, while Hagoromo shows up to talk to the 4 Hokage’s who want to aid in defeating Kaguya. We see Sakura finally come into use as her power will aid in transporting Obito and Sasuke back and forth from the planet he’s in, while Kaguya tries to trap Naruto in the current.  Continue reading

Naruto gives Hinata Kurama's Chakra

Neji, Shikaku and Inoichi Dead! – Naruto Shippuden 364

Naruto Shippuden 364 kills off Neji, Shikaku and Inoichi as well as many other members located at the Head Quarters, from which Naruto learns that he has more than one life to take care of. Hinata tries to sacrifice herself to help Naruto, but Neji gets in the way to get hit by Obito’s wooden spike.  Continue reading

The Allied Shinobi Forces Jutsu

Allied Shinobi Forces Jutsu! Everyone Arrives – Naruto Shippuden 363

Naruto Shippuden 363 shows the form of the Ten Tails to which it’s one hell of a beast with a lot of power, by releasing numerous Bijuu Dama’s and not even getting tired it’s abilities cannot be compared. Everyone arrives to help just in time to which Naruto gets the much needed helped which is currently needed, they try and trap the Ten Tails and fight Madara and Obito at this moment however it seems that the Ten Tails’s form is once again changing.  Continue reading

Ten Tails Revived

Ten Tails Revived! Obito and Kakashi – Naruto Shippuden 362

Naruto Shippuden 362 returns to the current arc with no fillers as Kakashi and Obito keeps on talking about how everyone is trash however Naruto being the person who’s followed Obito’s will, on top of this the Ten Tail’s gets revived! With its awesome look and power, even two Bijuu Dama’s couldn’t do it to destroy the Ten Tail’s, it left no mark on it.  Continue reading

Naruto 676 Megen Tsukuyomi by deohvi header

Madara’s Third Eye! Infinite Tsukuyomi – Naruto 676

Naruto 676 gets exciting as Madara appears with a contained Obito with Zetsu under control, at the same time Sakura has feelings of whether Sasuke cares about her, while at the same time Madara opens his Third Eye! Madara, once he’s all healed up, he breaks his forehead guard and gets really high to which we finally see Madara initiate his Third Eye to enable his Infinite Tsukuyomi! Continue reading

Naruto Sasuke Sakura and Kakashi

Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura Pass! Team 7 Formed – Naruto Shippuden 361

Naruto Shippuden 361 shows Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura all pass their first training from Kakashi, to which they did so when they helped and fed Naruto while he was tied up. Hiruzen and Kakashi go around all their houses to see how it is first, with Naruto having the dirtiest house and Sasuke and Sakura having clean. Hiruzen also explains to Kakashi that Minato knew about his selfishness and wanted him to acknowledge both his comrades.  Continue reading

Naruto 675 Obito and Madara header by xscore

Madara’s Rinnegan! Team 7 Together – Naruto 675

Naruto 675 rolls out to show that Madara has infiltrated Obito’s universe and thus lead Obito to push Sakura back, to which Madara holds Obito explaining that he had also controlled Rin to build Obito’s darkness. At the same time we prepare for Madara’s arrival as Team 7 rejoin each other while Kakashi is somehow given an eye by Naruto.  Continue reading