Why Ichigo’s New Bankai will be EPIC! – Bleach 474

See Ichigo’s New Bankai Form HERE!

After this weeks Bleach 474 chapter, the last page to be exact. We saw that Ichigo is going to release he’s Bankai!

Looking as Ichigo got a new look for he’s Shikai, I would suggest that Ichigo will certainly get a new look for his Bankai Form. And if Hollow Ichigo is still alive, within Ichigo himself, then that would be a treat! Especially if Hollow Ichigo bursts out at the moment where Ichigo’s Release his Banka!

The image above is technically not a fan art of the up coming new Bankai form but just a fan art. This image’s name “ichigos combined forms” by bensuit. Currently it’s probably the closest thing to what Ichigo’s New Bankai might look like. Comment below on what you think the new Ichigo Bankai Look will look like.

Read next weeks Bleach 475 to see the Epic new Bankai Form,

Ichigo Kurosaki New Look and Sword!

This post is towards Ichigo’s New Look and Shinigami Powers! We can see that Ichigo’s New Look makes him looks a lot skinnier, although we still don’t know what different or new powers he has, apart from his Getsuga Tensho, his practice swing at Ginjo has proven that Ichigo has gained stronger! View this weeks manga here! Dont forget to Comment on this new look!

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