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Naruto and Hinata Fight Toghether – Naruto 615

naruto_615___naruto_and_hinata_by_kasukiii-d5pl7iv naruto_615_by_i_azu-d5pf2wi naruto_x_hinata_by_lord_nadjib-d5q2mu9 naruto_615_lets_go_hinata__by_i_azu-d5piv4x i_wont_let_go_of_your_hand___naruto_615_by_hallow1791-d5pjbfkNaruto goes into Bijuu Form with Hinata Hinata Slaps Naruto Killer Bee's Bijuu Dama against Ten Tails Bee and Ten Tail's large explosion Hinata and Naruto hold hands

Naruto 615 begins with a harsh ending as we notice the end of a great warrior, Neji! As Obito starts to get into Naruto’s head, we notice that Hinata quickly tries and succeed into snapping Naruto out of his words. We also follow this up as Naruto quickly holds Hinata’s hand and goes into his Bijuu Form!

Naruto 615 starts out as we notice Naruto still heart-broken by Neji’s death, at this moment Obito keeps on going about how he broke his promise to everyone, he had previously mentioned that we won’t let any of his friends die, He then tells him to look around which he does.

Naruto notices a large number of Shinobi’s dead at this point as he looks behind him, Obito keeps on getting into his head by telling to mention how he will protect his friends and making sure that none of them will die. Obito keeps on shouting this to Naruto, getting in Naruto’s head even more.

A few members around Naruto notice that Neji has died, Obito keeps on pushing Naruto telling him that this is going to continue, all his feeble words and principle are going to be proven wrong. This is what happens when you talk about hope and ideals, this is reality. Obito mentions that in this reality he has nothing, no mother or father, not even Jiraiya.

No one that has acknowledged Naruto will survive as they will all go down one by one. Kakashi knows exactly what Obito is going on about. Obito tells Naruto that what lies ahead is now just loneliness. Kakashi looks at Obito knowing that this is exactly what had happened to Obito. Madara tells himself that he sees Obito in himself as this is what Madara was like, this will force Naruto to give up as well as force a stop to the alliance.

Obito tells Naruto that there is no need to be in reality, then calls Naruto to join him, at this moment, Obito puts his hand out as though he wants to pull him up, at that point. We then notice someone’s hand, its surprisingly Hinata’s hand which goes to hit Naruto’s face. Naruto looks at Hinata in shock.

Hinata asks Naruto if he knew what Neji said before, that his life is not only one. His words and beliefs that he won’t his friends die is not a lie, it was because of those words that Neji was able to come this far. It’s not only Naruto that kept those feelings and words in his heart, that is how everybody lives and stays connected.

If everyone gave up on those words and thoughts, then Neji’s actions would have become pointless. That would been the real way to kill his friends thus they would not be comrades anymore. Thus Hinata asks for Naruto’s hand and for them to stand up together. Hinata reveals that always going a head and not going back on words is also her ninja way.

Naruto looks at Neji and remembers that Hinata is ready to die for him, that’s why his life is not in his hands. We then get to see Kurama also get involved as he mentions that he’s also there for Naruto. Naruto tells him that he knows and he doesn’t want to abandon his friends or the bonds he currently has.

Naruto mentions Neji’s name when Kurama tells him to stop blabbering or else he’ll batter him. Kurama mentions that both his father and mother did the same as what Neji did. They had sealed him away entrusting Naruto everything, both Minato and Kushina’s lives are connected from the time he was born.

Madara notices if Obito is still waiting for Naruto’s response as he’s still got his arm out. Obito gets pissed off and quickly starts to care for life less and less. Madara tells Obito not to be rash as the Ten Tails will get wounded. Obito tells Madara that he doesn’t care and the Ten Tails skin is strong.

The Ten Tails wraps itself with its own tails only leaving the mouth open. A large Bijuu Dama forms, every one starts to panic when Bee comes to help. Bee jumps from Sai’s bird and quickly transforms into his main form, he then creates a smaller Bijuu Dama right in front of the larger one. Bee uses his form in order to help him to push the larger one within the mouth of the Ten Tails.

Bee does this and hangs on to the other tails, giving him the ability to make sure that the Bijuu Dama explodes inside the Ten Tails. A large explosion occurs inside the Ten Tails, pushing both Bee and the Ten Tails apart. Naruto takes Hinata’s hands and holds it, as well as taking it away from his face. He thanks Hinata and tells her that his life is not only one, it’s thanks to her for telling him this.

Hinata realises how big and strong Naruto’s hands are. The Ten Tails has received some damage after his own Bijuu Dama. Naruto quickly powers up using Kurama’s powers. He mentions for both of them to lets go to beat it. At the same time Hinata thinks for Naruto to make her feel safe. She quickly says yes when Naruto 615 ends here.

A great and awesome chapter has just ended and it’s fantastic to see that Hinata has finally made a move, plus it’s awesome how both Hinata and Naruto are finally going to work together in order to beat them! Can’t wait for next weeks Naruto 616 as it could be awesome seeing both Hinata and Naruto fighting together!

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Death of a Genius – Neji Hyuga

r_i_p__neji_hyuuga__we_will_miss_you_by_nick_ian-d5okxkrA great defeat for the Naruto series as it seems like Neji Hyuga, part of the strongest family within Konoha, has been deemed to have died within the latest Naruto 614 chapter. This was a total surprise to many fans, especially the artist of this great image! He’s always been one of the more known friends of Naruto that we know most, that’s why most the fans are somewhat upset.

The artist mentions that it could have been worst, because the spike could have hit Hinata and ruin all the Naruto and Hinata believers out there. He goes on to mention that he wishes that Masashi would start killing off more characters, only to make the fans go berserk.

The image above was a little tribute to Neji which he made today, he was drawn as a ghost going to a higher place such as heaven. I don’t usually feature pencil sketches but art like this is always awesome, so I had to. Go and check the fantastic artist, Nick-Ian, who purely believes in Team Obito!

Neji’s Dying Moments – Naruto 614

naruto_614___neji_by_i_azu-d5okkou neji__s_dead_by_ar_ua-d5oi65c la_muerte_de_neji_by_thealm-d5oj9jc juubi_terror___naruto_614_by_hallow1791-d5okodb naruto_614___neji___by_tremblaxx_arts-d5okwjuNeji's sacrifice for Naruto and Hinata Ten Tails goes crazy Neji's dieing moments Neji and Hyuga's Hakkeshou Kaiten Neji nearly deadNaruto 614 shows us that even members like Neji, who are the leading members, are supposed to die to save their comrades. The author is likely to save no one during this war and it’s possible that Neji Hyuga will die during this war after he was struck my a large wooden spike while trying to save Hinata and Naruto!

Naruto 614 begins as everyone is shocked at the message which Shikaku gave to everyone during their last moments. Choji asks Shikamaru if he’s okay, while doing so, he tells him to say nothing more, he tells Ino to do the same. He just tells them to do as his old man told him to do. Naruto asks what happened to them.

Neji arrives to help Naruto, he tells him that he’s the key to this strategy, Naruto quickly asks Neji that he isn’t asking that, but in fact asking what happened to Shikaku and Inoichi. Neji is surprised that he doesn’t know what happened. From this point a large horde of people are flying everywhere behind Naruto. Hiashi quickly gets Neji to flank the right, at this point they both activate their Hakkeshou Kaiten which helps to disturb one of the Ten Tails.

Naruto quickly admires Neji being such a badass and a genius. People quickly find out that they deflected it. Hiashi quickly tells Naruto not to space out because people’s lives are on the line. If they were to lose this battle, it would mean total extermination for them!

Neji quickly tells Naruto that for their strategy to work, they would need Naruto’s strength, Hinata tells him that they’ll protect him. Hiashi tells Naruto not to worry because the Hyuga’s are Konoha’s strongest! Madara tells Obito that he was hoping to attack them before they could finish talking but he isn’t able to control the Ten Tail’s well enough.

Madara reveals that it should be fine until the Ten Tail’s transforms once more. Madara tells Obito that without being a Jinchuuriki, there is no other way to master the Ten Tail, he then reveals that without a living body, and not a Edo Tensei, he will not be able to take control of it.

Obito then talks telling Madara that he could just aim at the Alliance with a Bijuu Dama, being a Suicide, however since Obito is preciously needed by Madara, he isn’t likely to do so, it also means that Obito is needed for him to use the Rinne Tensei. Therefore Madara is at Obito’s Mercy.

Madara quickly tells Obito to quite with his attitude, Obito just reveals that he’s always had that attitude with him plus he has never though of Madara as an ally. Madara just agrees and asks Obito what he wants to do with them now, Obito tells Madara that he wants to cripple them with despair.

At this point, all the 10 Tails, with hands on the end go towards the skies to launch Wooden Element, Piercing Wood which launches a great deal of wooden sticks trying to kill everyone. Everyone tries to evade them when Kitsuchi tells everyone that he can make a Mountain, he just needs to mold more chakra.

It hits Neji’s head band, when Naruto ends one of his Rasen Shuriken which cuts most of the wooden sticks. There are large number of people being protected by large rocks and such, Naruto then sends two more Rasen Shuriken’s which exhausts him. Hinata tries to help and so does Hiashi with his Air Barrier Palm.

It deflects a Tail but it quickly points at Naruto and tries to attack  him when Hinata tries to help. Out of nowhere, we notice Neji put himself in the middle of the stick and Hinata and Naruto! He gets critically injured. Hiashi notices this, Kitshuchi enables his Earth Element Mountainous Earth!

Naruto calls for a medic when Neji starts to bleed from all places, he starts to talk to Naruto telling him that Hinata is willing to die for you him, therefore he should keep that in mind, this also means that his life is not his anymore. It also includes Neji’s too!

Naruto asks Neji why he would go so far for Naruto, even to sacrifice his life, Neji tells him that that he was called a Genius  At this point, Neji starts to understand the freedom of being able to choose his own death, the mark on his head starts to disappear.

We notice Hinata crying. Obito tells Naruto that he wouldn’t let him kill a single one of his comrades. At the same time, shouting Naruto’s name so he could get his attention. Naruto is seen with a few tear in his eyes while Hinata watches on, at this point, Neji’s life starts to fade away slowly when Naruto 614 ends here.

What a desperate move by Neji, it left him in his dying state, hopefully there is someone somewhere he could at least bring him back to life by saving him while he’s still dying. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 615. hopefully we don’t get to see the sad moments from Neji’s past!