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Kabuto's technique fails in front of Itachi and Sasuke

Izanami Activated! Kabuto Trapped – Naruto Shippuden 337

Naruto Shippuden 337 locks Kabuto in an infinite loop by which Kabuto keeps on repeating the exact things over and over, it seems like Kabuto will never escape this never-ending loop of the Izanami. Both Itachi and Sasuke stay calm while Kabuto gets angrier at the fact that he’s unable to understand whats going on, he thinks it’s a genjutsu but fails to understand Itachi’s words, which are mostly his ways out if he admits.  Continue reading

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Kabuto's Dragon Mode Face

Kabuto Yakushi’s Life Story – Naruto Shippuden 336

Naruto Shippuden 336 see’s the life of Kabuto, from the moment he was in the orphanage to the very moment he saw his mother once again. We see him being recruited by Danzo and the Foundation to which they guide him to being a really good spy. In the Stone village, we see him being the person who betrayed the village to which his own mother. He realises that she doesn’t notice him to which he then tries to heal her. He explains most of his story here.  Continue reading