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Five Kage’s Assembled! Naruto Finds Tobi – Naruto Shippuden 323

Five Kage's Assembled

Naruto Shippuden 323 get even better as the awesome Five Kage’s have assembled in one place and ready to go on against the awesome and powerful Madara! They also tell Naruto that this is no longer his fight, it’s in fact a fight for the future which will decide the the peace between everyone. As Naruto’s clone disappears, the real Naruto keeps on going until he reaches Tobi, who’s currently with other Jinchuuriki’s.

Naruto Shippuden 323 begins as Madara begins with his attack using his newfound power of his wood style to which it goes for an attack against Naruto and the others. Naruto doesn’t seem to have enough chakra left. Kurama speaks to Naruto telling him that he will lend him some power, because he doesn’t want to give Madara any of it. Naruto is shocked that he wants to do this.

Naruto runs of forward and begins by creating a large number of shadow clones and giant Rasengan’s which he uses in order to get rid of all of the wood, Madara se’s that Naruto is definitely special. Naruto has used all of his power and chakra which Kurama gave him. Onoki tells him that it’s enough and that he’s going to go on from now, as he’s got a worthy opponent to fight.

Gaara goes to help Naruto, Madara would like to try more jutsu’s but it seems that Onoki cannot fight. We go into the past in which Mu and Onoki are talking to Madara about an agreement they made with Hashirama which he didn’t agree with. Onoki talks about how war is an endless cycle, however Madara mentions that this is just life. Onoki mentions that pain helps for them to learn about what truly matters.

He also mentions that this war is different, before it was against each other, but now they’re fighting a greater evil and coming together and heading towards Peace. Madara would like to put everyone in his jutsu. Onoki nearly falls when Gaara helps him mentioning that he’ll help him also.

Back at the HQ, Mabui is told that she needs to use her Ethereal Transmission, however Mabui mentions that people cannot go through, only the previous has been able to go through. Tsunade mentions that she will use her chakra stored in her forehead. The flying Raijin will be used on someone else. Raikage also agrees to go and asks for two people transmission.

Naruto fails against his fight against Black Zetsu however Chojuro is able to attack flawlessly. He takes Black Zetsu down, Genma is told to use his flying Raijin jutsu, plus the real Madara is alive. Mabui uses her transmission technique. Mei is going to be transported when Tsunade gets to the battlefield. Chojuro tells Mei that she needs to take Madara down.

Tsunade and Raikage get there, they stop Madara and Mu’s attack. Furthermore, Mei arrives there too. The Five Kage’s have finally assembled, they all look epic and ready to go! Madara is happy that he gets more people to use his techniques on. Tsunade helps Gaara and Onoki while Raikage and Mei begins their battle against Madara. He uses his Susanoo to counterattack Mei’s lava and Raikage’s lightning strikes.

A few others are going after Mu. Tsunade is asked by Naruto that she can also heal him, she mentions that he’s no longer a part of this fight. The current battle is not to protect him but in fact for the future and it’s peace. Madara is impressed by Raikage and Mei. Madara begins his destruction, he attacks but Gaara’s sand and Onoki’s rock helps with the defence.

Onoki asks for everyone to listen to him while Gaara fights with him to distract while Onoki makes a plan. Everyone hears the plan and agrees, Mei is told to use her mist to stop Madara’s vision, Mu shows up while Raikage has Onoki on his back, he makes his speed quicker by making him lighter. Raikage appears and uses his weighted jutsu and makes Raikage’s jutsu even powerful.

Onoki explains to Naruto that at the start he didn’t care about anyone except his village, however fighting with everyone, he now knows that he wants to make peace with everyone, and to also defeat this great evil. He asks Naruto for the Kage’s to defeat Madara while he goes to defeat the other evil which is Tobi. They all tell him that they’ll win for sure! Naruto disappears. Real Naruto understands and quickly finds Masked Tobi to which he head butts! Naruto Shippuden 323 ends here.

A great episode and it’s just going awesome, Madara will now show his true power and what it truly means to be strong, and why he’s the second strongest shinobi ever. This will definitely be something in which the Kage’s will experience hard. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 324, titled “The Unbreakable Mask and The Shattered Bubble”, when Naruto and Tobi fight it out, also the Jinchuuriki’s will also fight Naruto and Bee.

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Madara Attacks! Susanoo and Wood Style – Naruto Shippuden 322

Madara's Sharingan

Naruto Shippuden 322 finally blows me away, the number of crazy things that happens is just off the hook. Madara gets in gear to show how to truly fight without holding back, plus shows his awesome Susanoo as well as his great power such as the two large meteors which even the Kage’s can’t handle. Madara is truly worth to be called a God. He’s literally on another level from the current shinobi’s now.

Naruto Shippuden 322 begins as the shadows covers the land over the battlefield. Naruto mentions that the Madara in front of them is the real one, and the masked one is a fake and is someone else. Onoki has no idea who they are. Madara see’s that the Shinobi’s in front of them are an allied force. He also mentions that Tobi must have something planned, that’s why he’s gone to all this trouble.

He asks who the animator is, Kabuto appears in Muu’s body introducing himself, saying that he’s with Tobi. He mentions that Madara’s Edo Tensei is special and that he’s been able to fix him up, being even better than his glory days. Madara asks if he knows anything about his glory days, Kabuto says no and that he wants him to show Kabuto. Gaara tries to attack but fails.

Madara lands on the battlefield mentioning that he’ll fight. Madara looks at everyone, they get ready and so does Madara. They start running at each other, shouting. Madara goes all out the first time showing his true greatness. He begins his attack and the Shinobi’s attacking him are quickly defeated, one by one, they’re beaten up to a pulp. Without the others being able to do anything. He can see everything using his Sharingan. Muu isn’t able to use his techniques.

Naruto is asked if he can use his Chakra mode instead of Gaara and Onoki going out. Madara is quickly taking out a lot of soldiers around him. Breaking their bones as well as stabbing their faces. He’s pushed back by Temari, but that doesn’t do anything. He gets in a stance and enables his Fire Style which spans a great wide area. The Shinobi’s enable their water which is barely holding. Steam is created when Madara jumps into action with a lot of fireballs behind him.

This way he keeps on attacking. He see’s Gaara’s technique being used. Gaara pushes him back, Naruto even uses his large Rasengan but Madara blocks it using his Susanoo. After using his Susanoo, he begins to take even more people out, using the chakra swords. Naruto is trying to get into his Sage Mode.

Gaara begins to stop the Susanoo but begins to fail as two more hands are formed. Naruto gets his Rasen Shuriken this time. Onoki makes Gaara’s sand lighter, Naruto goes. Gaara attacks Gaara from the bottom which begins Madara out of the Susanoo Shell. The Rasen Shuriken is thrown and Madara’s eyes changes.

At the HQ, they talk about what’s going on and how they can counter attack. Madara has been able to take out the Rasen Shuriken by just absorbing it using his Rinnegan. The Susanoo fades and Madara backs to the ledge. Kabuto mentions that he knew it all along. Kabuto mentions that he’s made his body better. He can’t even read the tablet of the Uchiha.

He mentions that he’s able to push the powers of the Gods. Madara unleashes his Susanoo. The Shinobi look up staring at a large rock, by which Madara has summoned. Onoki gets ready by telling everyone to run, while he fly’s up and makes the rock lighter by which he can stop it. He goes up and does so, Gaara begins his technique too by which he tries to hold the rock using his sand as hands. They both stop it, Madara looks at them mentioning how they’ll be able to stop the second one, Onoki is shocked and the second hits the first rendering Onoki’s efforts useless.

It all goes to hell hell as the destruction from these two rocks have ruined everything. The shock from the second spans out very far. Tsunade at the HQ mentions that she’s going to go in order to help with everything. Many people have vanished and only a few remain from all this. Naruto goes to Onoki by which he’s unconscious by all the damage. He’s seriously hurt. Muu and Madara return from the destruction of the rock.

Madara asks how much he knows about him. He knows that he doesn’t know everything, but that he still lived after their great fight with Hashirama, plus was able to take a part of Hashirama at that point. Kabuto mentions that there are still some people left like Gaara and Onoki. Madara checks something first, which makes Naruto’s belly hurt. Kurama is being summoned.

Kabuto mentions that Naruto is the Jinchuuriki, and that he’s part of Mito a long time ago. Kabuto mentions that they can always go for the real one, however Madara wants to try something. He quickly enables his Wood Style Deep Forest Emergence, which seems impossible. Naruto Shippuden 322 ends here.

What a crazy chapter, plus how are Naruto and the others ever going to survive from all this that’s going on. It’s going to be one hell of a fight by Naruto and the others. Hopefully the others can quickly appear to help during next week’s Naruto Shippuden 323, titled “The Five Kage Assemble”, when the Kage’s come to one to fight Madara.