Onoki Shot Down?! – Mu’s Possibly Sealed – Naruto Shippuden 300

Mizukage shoots Onoki possibly dead Mu is hit by Rasengan Onoki breaks clam back Mu seems to be Sealed Naruto attacks Mu Planet Rasengan NarutoNaruto Shippuden 300, celebrates 300 Shippuden episodes, with Naruto finally arriving at in the sand to help both Onoki and Gaara to defeat the other Kage’s, he starts to by helping them defeat Mu, but could he still be alive? The Mizukage is also seen giving hints to defeat him, until Onoki defeats his Clam Summoning and gets himself shot down by Mizukage’s Water Gun.

Naruto Shippuden 300 begins with the ninjas fighting the Raikage and Mizukage, they tell them about their weaknesses. Mizukage’s a Shadow Style user. thus is able to use genjutsu techniques. While the Raikage is a Lightning Style user whose weakness includes Earth Style and Wind Style. The Raikage tells all of them to follow him as they’re the only ones who could possibly defeat him.

The Mizukage brings out his Giant Clam, he mentions that if they stayed together  they wouldn’t be able to defeat them. Gaara is asked by the Mizukage what he’s plan is, Gaara replies that he’s going to leave them in charge there, Mizukage is pissed off since he isn’t being recognized.

His clam summoning sprays a gar in the air which seems to get everyone in that jutsu. He tells them that attacking them light that is useless. Onoki is faced by Mu who’s disappeared. Gaara goes towards My to help him, while the others Shinobi’s are trying to get the Mizukage, they seem to have failed, as he keeps telling them that it’s useless to attack him, they need to find the Clam and attack it first. It’s the thing that’s creating a mirage. The Shinobi’s have used their weapons on the mirage, so they try getting it all back.

He calls this awkward since they can’t keep themselves properly prepared. Mizukage tells them to attack but in fact once they do, their weapons all go through, the mirage disappears and the Mizukage is once again angry at them, telling them that they aren’t thinking, they need to find the real clam first. They all seem to give up, someone calls him a name, to which he then says sorry.

Onoki’s doubles seem to be attacked, Onoki is nearly attacked when Mu appears behind him, he’s told this, Mu tries to move away when his back is once again cracks. He falls to the ground when Gaara appears, he notices something unusual behind Mu, which is seems to be Naruto! Naruto appears with his Planet Rasengan!

It misses Mu by a little bit, he tells Gaara to help him make a jump, which he does. Mu tells him to quickly attack because his attack is much faster! He connects with the Rasengan! Mu’s body is flung down towards the rocks and sand. Onoki stops it and adds weight to his body, to which he won’t be able to move. Fortunately it helps Gaara seal him. As he goes to seal him, Mu mentions for them not to let their guard down as there might still be something. To me there might be something around them. Naruto mentions that they did good sealing him. Gaara shouts at Naruto asking why he’s there. Shikaku explains everything as they go to help the others.

Mizukage defeats all of them, he asks for them to keep on going and to seal him quickly! Naruto agrees to take on the Raikage, while Gaara and Onoki will go and take the Mizukage! The Shinobi’s keep on attacking but it doesn’t work, as it’s a mirage. Out of nowhere, the Mizukage goes on to start a jutsu, which pops out bubbles out of the ground, he mentions for them to play it seriously now because he has no control of their body.

He quickly goes for the attack when Gaara’s sand appears. The sand seems to melt, Mizukage asks what took him so long, Gaara’s attack, he’s forced to go down. The Shinobi’s are also attacked, this time the Mizukage’s attacks penetrate him. Most of the Shinobi’s are injured. It seems like the Mizukage’s finished them off!

Mizukage mentions that he’s much more stronger than Mu, Gaara seems to somewhat agree that he’s strong. Mizukage repeats that he needs to find the Giant Clam. Gaara is trying to figure out where his sand was, he finds out and tells Onoki to quickly attack, which he tries but has low chakra, he tries to use his Rock hands which doesn’t do any damage!

He then adds a large amount of damage to his hand to which it breaks the surface of the clam, he breaks it and it seems like Onoki’s shoulder and back have gone, he’s in trouble! Mizukage appears behind him, he tells him that he knew Onoki would be a Kage, he also calls Onoki an old man, his arm goes up to which he tells Onoki to move, he fires a water shot which goes right through Onoki! Could he have died? Naruto Shippuden 300 ends here!

What a fantastic 300th episode! Plus a great fight has happened, plus Onoki could have been badly injured! What could happen next? Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 301, titled “Paradox”, when Naruto goes up against the strong Raikage! Also what will happen of Onoki?

Nagato’s Farewell – Itachi’s Quest to Stop Edo Tensei – Naruto Shippuden 299

Itachi's Susanoo Itachi looks awesome Naruto's stupid moment Bijuu Dama Yasaka Beads Planetary Devestation by Nagato Bee shot to the head Killer Bee also captured by Nagato Nagato absorbs Naruto's Rasengan Jiraiya and Nagato look at Naruto Nagato stopped by Totsuka Blade Nagato looks up to the sky's Planetary Devestation Destroyed Rasen ShurikenNaruto Shippuden 299 brings another fantastic episode as well as an end and a beginning to their quest. Itachi is fully able to neutralize Nagato as well as seal him, Naruto is also told by Itachi that with great power comes great responsibility. We find out that Itachi’s mission is to bring Kabuto down as well as stop the Edo Tensei. Kabuto gets ready to bring out his trump card to show us someone that will definitely be ruthless in the war!

Naruto Shippuden 299 continues from last week’s episode as Naruto’s been captured and trying to escape. Nagato who’s fully under the Edo Tensei has captured Naruto and is trying to pull out Naruto’s Soul, he notices that he’s not seen this jutsu before. He counts that Nagato has many jutsu. Then uses his Rasengan, to which Nagato absorbs, he notices that he’s previously confirmed that he can absorb.

Nagato enables his Jigokudo which Naruto remembers as being his revive jutsu. Kabuto finds out that he can take out Naruto’s soul, hide his body and bring him to life later on with his control, all this without Tobi finding out. Nagato keeps on pulling while Naruto keeps on pulling also. He keeps on losing power at this point.

Bee keeps on getting closer to them when he’s above them, the animals notices him, and as he gets to attacking rage, Nagato captured and stops him without moving. He uses his body to stop him, Nagato’s arm changes into a gun type machine which gets closer to his face, it charges and gets closer to attacking. At this point, Itachi’s Susanoo appears and it cuts off Nagato’s arms. We notice that the animals eyes has been damaged by shuriken. Naruto and Bee are held by the Susanoo.

Naruto and Bee thank Itachi. Nagato gets up while his arms repair. Kabuto thinks of another plan to which he can use. He thinks about the justu which makes a small planet. When Nagato’s arm is repaired, he enables his Planetary Devastation Jutsu which destroys the ground and makes a small black whole type object which sucks a lot of the ground.

Naruto mentions that it’s a jutsu which cannot be gone against as they would die instantly. Itachi tells Naruto if it’s such a deadly jutsu, why didn’t it kill Naruto. He has one of those stupid Naruto moments. Bee laughs, Itachi tells them that to every jutsu there is always a negative aspect. He quickly comes up that they need to shoot at the middle point to destroy it.

Itachi quickly enables his Susanoo and uses his Yasaka Beads, Bee uses his Bijuu Dama and Naruto launches his Rasen Shuriken. It creates a large explosion to which destroys a lot of the landscape. Although Nagato is far enough to not get too damaged. Once the smoke disappears, we quickly notices that Nagato stands, at one point, he’s quickly attacked by Itachi’s Susanoo!

It bring Nagato back, the smoke clears and he’s able to see them. He says that he’s sorry for doing all this. Itachi notices that he’s back, he tells him that it’s the Totsuka Blade. We go to a past moment when Orochimaru appeared, and was attacked and sealed away, however he escaped during Sasuke and Itachi’s fight. The sword is helpful when sealing away things.

Nagato looks at Naruto telling him that he’s the third and final novel of the collection, the first being Jiraiya, the second being Nagato himself, who was a failure and the third being Naruto when he’ll be able to finish the books with such a spectacle! He also mentions that he’ll return to Jiraiya’s side to watch how Naruto’s life plays out.

Naruto notices Jiraiya and Nagato being him who seems to be smiling at Naruto. Naruto gives him a thumb up, at this point, he’s being sucked in to which he says farewell. Kabuto notices that Itachi was able to defeat him without doing much, he played it out very well and tricked him. He mentions that it’s the perfect time to being out his special reserve!

Itachi tells Bee and Naruto that he leaves Tobi to them while he’ll take care of Kabuto and his Edo Tensei, he’s got an idea to stopping the Edo Tensei. Naruto tells him that he’ll stop him, he makes a clone when his Chakra Mode fails, Itachi goes on to tell him that he’s strong but he must notice that if he doesn’t trust other, he’ll end up just like Tobi, he needs to trust others like he’s done with others. He’s shown his power to get approval from his friends, but he also needs to trust them. Naruto remembers all the close friends he’s got in the village.

Itachi burns the crow telling Naruto that he doesn’t want anybody else to use his eyes because its way to powerful! Bee also tells Naruto that Bee asked him to take care of Naruto. as Itachi nearly departs, he tells Bee to take care of Naruto when he leaves. Naruto quickly goes into his Chakra Mode and is quickly ready to go when Naruto Shippuden 299 ends here!

A great episode but the ending was a little dragged on, although can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 300, titled “The Mizukage, the Giant Clam, and the Mirage”, episode when we see the Kage’s go on an all out war on the others, they even go as far as to attack and bring out their Summoning, Onoki, Naruto and Gaara are having a hard time attacking them!