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Who Got Married in Naruto?

When Naruto ended, we got a sneak peak at the future of Naruto, especially seeing who most of the characters we love got married to. Some of which even had kids who now go to the Ninja School same as their parents went too. The ninjas we know and love are now all grown up, some got promoted while others now just enjoy their times being in peace. Here are a list of which character got married. Continue reading Who Got Married in Naruto?

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A New Beginning – Naruto and Hinata

A New Beginning by Artistari-chanNaruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga. It’s a new year and both of them will certainly get a little showtime within the anime. After they reach the battlefield to help Naruto against Obito and Madara, we’ll see a few new beginnings to which it’ll be settled that both Hinata and Naruto will forever end up together. It’s a new year and Naruto Shippuden is probably ready for this relationship.  Continue reading A New Beginning – Naruto and Hinata

10 Couples Likely To End Up Together – Naruto, Bleach and Fairy Tail

Which couples do you think are most likely to end up together within Naruto, Bleach and Fairy Tail? There are endless possibilities, therefore here are my thoughts on who I think will end up together as a couple. If you think differently, please comment and tell me which other couples should end up together.

naruto and hinata by unhaiNaruto and Hinata, possibly the most obvious couple within Naruto. From the very start, a shy girl likes an outstanding boy who doesn’t even know she’s alive. We start with both of these because it’s possibly the fan favourite and I’m sure that you’ll agree that they’re a good couple. Even in the latest manga’s Neji gives him his blessing that he should be Hinata since she’s always thinking about him. Hinata, in class, outside class and everywhere else has always been looking for Naruto, and when he’s around her voice changes into something that explains that she lives him. So what do you think? They should obviously be together right? [Image: unhai]

Sasuke_e_Sakura_by_DenebFlareSasuke and Sakura, yes, it’s has to be mentioned, even though it’s one of those relationships where it’s never going to happen, there is still a chance which I personally think will happen right at the end. That is after they’re either killed or something bad happens, nevertheless, I think it might happen. [Image: DenebFlare]

Shikamaru_and_Temari_by_sharingandevilShikamaru and Temari, not the biggest couple on the anime but one that is most likely to happen. I’m guessing that it’s not far from the now and that after the war, it’s most likely to be one that will happen. The war is most likely to bring a lot of couples together such as Shikamaru and Temari due to the fact that death will make them realize that life is short and that they should spend it with the person they most love. [Image: sharingandevil]

Ino_x_Sai_Kiss_by_GlaySai and Ino, I know what you’re thinking! What!! Since Shikamaru has already been snatched up, there are a few left such as Choji, Shiba and Kiba. However, Sai to Ino seems something which is most likely to happen, over the anime and manga, she’s obviously had somewhat bad interactions with the others, except when Sai showed up. She quickly asked who the new guy is in a more of a flirtatious way. Sai not having a lot of feelings didn’t pick up on it and thus didn’t make a move. Therefore I believe that as Sai learns more about feelings he will also learn to love Ino, therefore I believe that they are most likely to end up together. Yes, that makes no sense, but it’s just how I feel. [Image: Glay]

ichigo_and_orihime_by_girlunknown-d2xwktpIchigo and Orihime, another easily guessable couple from Bleach. Personally, I feel that Ichigo and Orihime will always be more of a likeliness over Ichigo and Rukia. Orihime has even confessed over Ichigo while he’s sleeping during the Arrancar Arc. She said her goodbyes, at the same time she confesses her strong and deep love for Ichigo. Furthermore, Ichigo’s always been there for her, when times are bad he’s always been there to save her with all his strength. [Image: girlUnknown]

Bleach renji rukia by washu-mRenji and Rukia, since Rukia and Ichigo can’t happen, the next best thing is for her to get with Renji. They’ve been friends from the very start, when she was still a child. She was also taken up by the Ulquiorra family which helped her. Renji and her are perfect. They know everything about each other and know their best thing and faults. So what do you think about them? [Image: Washu-M]

Bleach_OTP3__SPOILER_V2__Final_by_DakotaAngieUrahara and Yoruichi, they’ve spent so much time in the Human World that something would have had to happen. Especially since they’ve been alone for such a long time. They are one of those couples where you’d expect them to be together but there is no sign of them doing anything. Both are effectively spy life so you’d expect them to be able to hide that they’re together. [Image: CarnivorousCaribou]

fairy_tail__natsu_and_lisanna_by_odysseix-d46slc3Natsu and Lisanna, I guess you weren’t expecting this were you? I prefer Natsu not being with Lucy at the end. I like the story which was built when Natsu and Lisanna were together when they were young, thus I’d like them to be together. I’m okay with Natsu messing about with Lucy as he wishes and I know that Lucy may have some feelings for him but, no! [Image: Odysseix]

gray_x_juvia_by_misslimetiger-d5mc9pxGray and Juvia, are possibly the best couple within Fairy Tail. They met in a battlefield when Juvia instantly fell in love with Gray. After joining Fairy Tail, she chased him down. I’m certain that Juvia and Gray are most likely to happen, ever since they have similar powers, as well as fighting together against others such as Lyon, who also liked Juvia. Juvia loves Gray, does Gray love her back? [Image: MissLimeTiger]

erza_and_jellal_by_quantia13-d5d8hbsJellal and Erza, a couple which seems to be forbidden by both people involved. One belonging to the light while the other was born in the dark. Erza from her young age started having feelings for Jellal, he also had a few until he completely changed into something both did not saw coming. He became a dictator and made everyone work, even Erza. It was as though all his feelings were wiped. They cannot be together now, but what about the future? [Image: Quantia13]

So who’s been you’re favourite couple so far? Do you agree with what I’ve said? If yes, please tell me. If you hate the combinations and can’t stand what I’ve said. Please do tell me using the comment section below! Hopefully you’ll have a few opinions of the combinations of couples above.

You Will Love Me! – Hinata and Naruto

naruhina_by_i_azu-d61wyzqEver been forced into the relationship by the other half? Well Naruto’s definitely feelings the pressure after his forever love Hinata gets up close and personal into his grill to which she gives him the eye. Naruto’s probably pissed his pants at this point, well isn’t that usually a good thing. If you don’t know about this, this is Hinata from a different dimension created by Tobi during the latest Naruto: Road to Ninja movie.

Incredible artwork from the amazing i-azu, she’s done a fantastic job of creating such an amazing piece of artwork that she deserves a lot more attention. Thus you should definitively go and check her work out.

Naruto and Hinata Fight Toghether – Naruto 615

naruto_615___naruto_and_hinata_by_kasukiii-d5pl7iv naruto_615_by_i_azu-d5pf2wi naruto_x_hinata_by_lord_nadjib-d5q2mu9 naruto_615_lets_go_hinata__by_i_azu-d5piv4x i_wont_let_go_of_your_hand___naruto_615_by_hallow1791-d5pjbfkNaruto goes into Bijuu Form with Hinata Hinata Slaps Naruto Killer Bee's Bijuu Dama against Ten Tails Bee and Ten Tail's large explosion Hinata and Naruto hold hands

Naruto 615 begins with a harsh ending as we notice the end of a great warrior, Neji! As Obito starts to get into Naruto’s head, we notice that Hinata quickly tries and succeed into snapping Naruto out of his words. We also follow this up as Naruto quickly holds Hinata’s hand and goes into his Bijuu Form!

Naruto 615 starts out as we notice Naruto still heart-broken by Neji’s death, at this moment Obito keeps on going about how he broke his promise to everyone, he had previously mentioned that we won’t let any of his friends die, He then tells him to look around which he does.

Naruto notices a large number of Shinobi’s dead at this point as he looks behind him, Obito keeps on getting into his head by telling to mention how he will protect his friends and making sure that none of them will die. Obito keeps on shouting this to Naruto, getting in Naruto’s head even more.

A few members around Naruto notice that Neji has died, Obito keeps on pushing Naruto telling him that this is going to continue, all his feeble words and principle are going to be proven wrong. This is what happens when you talk about hope and ideals, this is reality. Obito mentions that in this reality he has nothing, no mother or father, not even Jiraiya.

No one that has acknowledged Naruto will survive as they will all go down one by one. Kakashi knows exactly what Obito is going on about. Obito tells Naruto that what lies ahead is now just loneliness. Kakashi looks at Obito knowing that this is exactly what had happened to Obito. Madara tells himself that he sees Obito in himself as this is what Madara was like, this will force Naruto to give up as well as force a stop to the alliance.

Obito tells Naruto that there is no need to be in reality, then calls Naruto to join him, at this moment, Obito puts his hand out as though he wants to pull him up, at that point. We then notice someone’s hand, its surprisingly Hinata’s hand which goes to hit Naruto’s face. Naruto looks at Hinata in shock.

Hinata asks Naruto if he knew what Neji said before, that his life is not only one. His words and beliefs that he won’t his friends die is not a lie, it was because of those words that Neji was able to come this far. It’s not only Naruto that kept those feelings and words in his heart, that is how everybody lives and stays connected.

If everyone gave up on those words and thoughts, then Neji’s actions would have become pointless. That would been the real way to kill his friends thus they would not be comrades anymore. Thus Hinata asks for Naruto’s hand and for them to stand up together. Hinata reveals that always going a head and not going back on words is also her ninja way.

Naruto looks at Neji and remembers that Hinata is ready to die for him, that’s why his life is not in his hands. We then get to see Kurama also get involved as he mentions that he’s also there for Naruto. Naruto tells him that he knows and he doesn’t want to abandon his friends or the bonds he currently has.

Naruto mentions Neji’s name when Kurama tells him to stop blabbering or else he’ll batter him. Kurama mentions that both his father and mother did the same as what Neji did. They had sealed him away entrusting Naruto everything, both Minato and Kushina’s lives are connected from the time he was born.

Madara notices if Obito is still waiting for Naruto’s response as he’s still got his arm out. Obito gets pissed off and quickly starts to care for life less and less. Madara tells Obito not to be rash as the Ten Tails will get wounded. Obito tells Madara that he doesn’t care and the Ten Tails skin is strong.

The Ten Tails wraps itself with its own tails only leaving the mouth open. A large Bijuu Dama forms, every one starts to panic when Bee comes to help. Bee jumps from Sai’s bird and quickly transforms into his main form, he then creates a smaller Bijuu Dama right in front of the larger one. Bee uses his form in order to help him to push the larger one within the mouth of the Ten Tails.

Bee does this and hangs on to the other tails, giving him the ability to make sure that the Bijuu Dama explodes inside the Ten Tails. A large explosion occurs inside the Ten Tails, pushing both Bee and the Ten Tails apart. Naruto takes Hinata’s hands and holds it, as well as taking it away from his face. He thanks Hinata and tells her that his life is not only one, it’s thanks to her for telling him this.

Hinata realises how big and strong Naruto’s hands are. The Ten Tails has received some damage after his own Bijuu Dama. Naruto quickly powers up using Kurama’s powers. He mentions for both of them to lets go to beat it. At the same time Hinata thinks for Naruto to make her feel safe. She quickly says yes when Naruto 615 ends here.

A great and awesome chapter has just ended and it’s fantastic to see that Hinata has finally made a move, plus it’s awesome how both Hinata and Naruto are finally going to work together in order to beat them! Can’t wait for next weeks Naruto 616 as it could be awesome seeing both Hinata and Naruto fighting together!

In The Nude – Hinata Hyuga

You may be surprised at how awesome and beautiful the image of Hinata Hyuga above is. It may not fully look like the Hinata we know in the anime and manga of Naruto, but it’s one heck of a great portrait of her, she may not be seen nude here but the image suggests she is, so we’ll with it. Although this image shows her more innocent and caring side, she’s also seen as strong-willed just like Naruto.

You might have thought that you’d actually see a nude Hinata, well sorry to disappoint you but the artist may have named this image as she did because of the fact that Hinata is a pure soul with nothing to hide, she knows she loves Naruto with all her heart, all she needs is the courage to tell him, thus giving the impression that she can do almost anything!

The fantastic image was drawn and fantastically colored in by Gavryll. Go and check her fantastic artwork of many other different anime’s.

I Love You, Hinata – Naruto

A crystal clear image of the moment when Hinata finally finds out that Naruto loves him. The moment is probably in Konoha in a large piece of green land with a small wonderful waterfall. Hinata has always loved Naruto from the very start, but Naruto had never realized it, but as Naruto grew up he cared for her more and more, proved during the fight with Pain.

I hope that both Naruto and Hinata end up together in the end, it would be a good start for a wonderful relationship, what do you think, do you think they’ll end up together?

The image was drawn by Neee-san, she’s got some other awesome Naruto Fan Art which you should surely check, she’s definitely got some awesome skills.